UK Sports Betting Sites

UK Sports Betting Sites

If you live in The United Kingdom and you're looking to wager on a sports betting site, the good news is that you've got an easy path ahead. Unlike many other countries out there with unclear or tough online gambling laws, the UK has made online gambling legal. Because online gambling is legal in the UK, residents from the United Kingdom will find a massive selection of sports betting sites ready to take their money.

If you're new to UK sports betting sites or just online gambling in general, we're here to be a trusted resource guide for you. Below, you'll find a list of our most trusted UK sports betting sites along with tons of other information to help get you started on your online sports betting journey.

Most Legit UK Sports Betting Sites

RankUK Betting SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
#1BetNowBetNow50% up to $1,000
#2MyBookieMyBookie50% up to $1,000
#3XbetXbet100% up to $300
#4SportsBetting.agSportsBetting.ag50% up to $1,000
#5BetOnlineBetOnline50% up to $1,000

Over the years, we've come across many different UK sports betting sites. One truth is that all UK sports betting sites are NOT created equal. Mixed in with all of the good eggs are some unfortunate bad eggs that are risky for you to wager your hard earned money on. To help get you started on the right foot, we've compiled our list of our most trusted UK sports betting sites above. Each of these sites has undergone a thorough review to make sure that it meets our strict standards. If you're ready to get started now, be sure to check out our most of most trusted UK sports betting sites.

Are you new to online sports betting or just looking to learn more? Keep reading below. We've stuffed this page to the brim full of helpful information and tips to help guide you in the right direction.

If you live in the UK, you have one of the largest selections of online betting sites willing to take you as a customer. This can create a double-edged sword. It is a great thing that you have so many options available to you; however, you must be able to sort through the bunch and find a site or two that you can trust and are most comfortable wagering your money on. If you're unsure where to start, keep on reading for more guidance.

Why Bet Online?

We get this question often. Many people over the year have asked us why they should consider betting online versus going to a local sportsbook in person. We're huge fans of betting online due to the available bonuses and promotions, the wide variety of choices, and the sheer convenience of betting online. Below, we'll go into further detail on each one of these reasons that we're big fans of betting online.


Can you think of anything easier than betting on sports from the comfort of your own home? Yeah, neither can we! That's the beauty of using UK sports betting sites. You're able to do it from just about anywhere as long as you have a device connected to the internet. Be it you iPad, cell phone, or laptop, you can hop on most of these UK sports betting sites and wager away.

Unlike traditional casinos and sportsbooks that you have actually to travel to, sports betting sites allow you the ability to wager when you want and where you want. By not having to travel to these physical sportsbooks or casinos, you won't waste any gas or time getting there. The sheer convenience of being able to bet when you want and where you want on UK sports betting sites is one of our favorite reasons why we like to bet online.


As you begin to poke around into UK sports betting sites, you'll quickly realize that most of them offer an absolutely massive selection of sports that you can wager on. In fact, most UK sports betting sites offer much more sports than your average physical sportsbook or casino. In addition to a wider variety of sports that you can bet on, most UK sports betting sites also offer a broader selection of types of bets available on those sports.

Our general guidance is that more variety is always a good thing. If you're a more advanced bettor, you'll need this broad selection. Even if you're a most basic bettor at this point, finding a site with a huge variety of options will allow you room to grow in your betting career.

Bonuses and Promotions

Something that you'll frequently find on UK sports betting sites but not within physical sportsbooks or casinos is a large offering of bonuses and promotions. It is not uncommon to find option many different promotional and bonus offering on each UK sports betting site. These bonuses and promotions are used by the UK sports betting site as a way to attract and retain customers.

While the bonuses and promotions vary from site to site, the common theme is that they all offer you ways to earn potential free cash. If you're new to any UK sports betting site, pay special attention to any new client offers that they have at that time. Most often, you'll find sign up bonuses or initial deposit matches. Whatever you do, make sure to maximize your potential for free cash by paying attention to whatever bonuses and promotions are offered by a UK sports betting site.

Is It Legal?

Online gambling is legal in The United Kingdom. Unlike many parts of the world, The United Kingdom has clearly defined laws and regulations pertaining to gambling online. In contrast, The United States has not fully defined the topic which leaves players with a rather murky water scenario.

In 2005, The UK passed The Gambling Act of 2005. This piece of legislation clearly defined the do's and don'ts relating to online gambling. The Gambling Act of 2005 created the UK Gambling Commission which is the body that now oversees online gambling for the UK. In order for a site to offer their games and sports bets to UK clientele, they must undergo an approval and licensing process by the UK Gambling Commission.

If you live in the UK, you're all set from a legality standpoint to gamble online. What's nice is that since the UK has taken the time to lay out the legalities of gambling online clearly, you can focus your efforts on finding a quality site to gamble on. Check out our list above of most trusted UK sports betting sites to jump into betting online today.

Important UK Sports Betting Sites Criteria

We've developed a list of key criteria for UK sports betting sites based on our years of experience in this industry. Below, you'll be able to see what it is that we look for when we're checking out a new sports betting site. This list of criteria are the main things that we dig deep into when we're reviewing a site. As you begin your search for your UK sports betting site, be sure to keep each of these important criteria in mind.

Quality Customer Service

While there are many UK sports betting sites available, not all of them offer quality customer service. It is important for you to find a UK sports betting site that offers good customer service so that you have it if and when you ever need it. Without quality customer service, you may struggle to find help when you need it most down the road.

Be sure to investigate how a site's customer service team is able to be ed. If they only offer a single point of such as just email, we'd suggest you keep looking. Ideally, you'll want to locate a UK sports betting site that offers you at least three different options. We're huge fans of sites that offer phone, email, and live chat options.

While we hope that you'll never have a major issue on any UK sports betting site, you will be able to rest easier if you know that you have them if you need them. Quality customer service is good insurance to have for the potential that you hit some snags down the road. Without it, you might struggle to find a fast and good resolution to your issue.

Bonuses and Promotions

UK sports betting sites are notorious for offering different bonuses and promotions that can allow you the ability to earn some extra cash. If you're anything like us, you too like free money! The great thing about UK sports betting sites is that is often pretty easy to earn some free cash through bonuses and promotions.

If you're new to a UK sports betting site, be sure to investigate what types of signup bonuses or initial deposit matches that they offer. These types of bonuses for new clients often offer the best value when it comes to UK sports betting sites. Typically, you can get some free cash just for signing up or for making your initial deposit.

Bonuses and promotions can vary greatly between UK sports betting sites. As you're doing your homework on these sites, be sure to check out what types of bonuses and promotions they offer their clients. By shopping around for bonuses and promotions, you'll be able to extrapolate the most value out of your sports betting.

Competitive Lines

No one likes leaving money on the table. This is especially true when it comes to betting on sports. With such variation between UK sports betting sites on the lines that they offer, it is important that you find a UK sports betting site that offers competitive lines.

If you end up on a site with lines that are not competitive with the industry, you're potentially leaving money on the table. With less competitive lines, you're getting less value on your winnings than you would have elsewhere. In an effort to not leave money on the table, be sure to shop the lines at any potential UK sports betting site to make sure that they are competitive.

Variety of Sports and Bets

When searching for your UK sports betting site home, be sure to investigate the variety offered. Variety applies to both how many sports and events they cover along with how many different types of bets they offer on those sports and events. Overall, the more variety that a site offers, the better it is for you.

Even if you're requirements for sport and betting types are rather basic at this time, finding a site with a UK sports betting site with tons of variety will allow you the ability to grow more in the future if you'd like to do so. If you end up on a UK sports betting site with limited options, you may later have to start your search all over again to find a new UK sports betting home. By finding a UK sports betting site now with a wide variety of sports and bet types, you should have plenty of runway for growth in the future.

User Interface

You'll want to locate a site that offers you a user interface that you're comfortable using. UK sports betting sites can vary greatly with how they look and function. As we're all a bit different in how we use sites, some might be good fits for one person but not the next.

As you're doing your homework on potential UK sports betting sites, see how you feel when test driving each one. If you're struggling to find these or get around easily, you'll probably want to check out some other potential sites. However, if locate a site that is easy for you to understand and navigate, you might have found a great fit for you in terms of user interface.

Banking Options

UK sports betting sites often offer different deposit and withdrawal options. With so much variance, you'll need to find a UK sports betting site that offers you the banking options that you prefer and desire. The great thing is that with a ton of UK sports betting sites, you should not have an issue finding one that offers you what you need.

In general, most UK sports betting sites will almost all take basic banking options such a debit and credit cards and well as bank wires. Many UK sports betting sites will also take options such as Skrill and Neteller. We've seen some UK sports betting sites that offer over 20 different types of banking options.

Ultimately, the preference and decision are yours. Along with the banking options offered, be sure to investigate the associated fees that the sports betting site charges. Fees can vary greatly across deposit methods and sports betting sites. You'll want to make sure that you fully understand all applicable fees before moving funds onto any given UK sports betting site.

Staying Safe

Many first timers often ask us how they can stay safe when betting on sports online. While there isn't a single answer to that question, we've compiled a short list of top tips below. These tips have been gathered from our years of experience in this industry. Be sure to always keep these tips in mind throughout your online betting career as they don't just apply to newcomers.

Top Tips to Stay Safe Betting Online:

  • You're in charge. You're using YOUR money, so you call the shots.
  • Do homework. The more informed you are, the better experience you should have betting online.
  • Never keep more cash in your online betting account than is needed.
  • If something doesn't feel right about a site, move on to another one. You have plenty of options.
  • Keep up with industry trends and headlines so that you know what's going on.

Sports Betting Site Tip

One of our top tips for folks looking to use UK sports betting sites is for them to sign up for at least a couple of sites. Ideally, we'd suggest that you sign up with at least two or three different sites. Signing up for UK sports betting sites is free so it doesn't cost you any extra to sign up on more than one.

But why, you ask? By signing up on more than one site, you're able to shop the available lines on your wagers. If all UK sports betting sites offered the same lines, this would be a waste of time. However, lines can and do vary widely between different UK sports betting sites. We always suggest that you shop lines on at least two different sites so that you can get the best value and potential return on your money!


Below, we've compiled a short list of frequently asked questions that we receive relating to UK sports betting sites:

Is online sports betting safe?

In general, it can be. In order to increase the likelihood that you stay safe, you'll want to do your research to make sure that you end up on a quality UK sports betting site that can be trusted. To get started, check out our list of trusted UK sports betting sites at the top of this page. Also, check out our important criteria for analyzing UK sports betting sites. By doing some research upfront, you'll be able to decrease the chances that you have an unsafe online betting experience.

I'm new to online sports betting. Where do you suggest I start?

We always suggest that you start by doing some homework first. You should gain an understanding of UK sports betting sites and what to expect and look out for. Check out tips like the ones on this page as well as checking out detailed site reviews like the ones that we offer on this website. We've included the link below to our reviews page so that you can jump right to those if you'd like.

How can I move money onto and off of these online sportsbooks?

Most UK sports betting sites offer up a good selection of banking options to move your money onto and off of their websites. Banking options to vary between many of the UK sports betting sites. Therefore, you'll need to understand what your needs are for banking options and then seek out a UK sports betting site that offers what you're looking for.

Overall, you should find that most UK sports betting sites offer many options to choose from. You'll usually find the basics such as credit and debit card as well as sites that accept bank wires. Many of the UK sports betting sites also offer other banking options such as Bitcoin, Skrill, and PayPal. At the end of the day, your job is to find a UK sports betting site that offers what you're looking for regarding banking options.

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