How to Find the Top Cricket Betting Sites in 2019

We've created this page that's dedicated to the best cricket betting sites with one goal in mind. That goal is to help folks find the ideal place for them to make their cricket wagers. If you're currently looking for your cricket betting home, then you've come to the right place.

In the sections below, we're going to provide you with loads of information that will assist you in locating the site that's the perfect fit for you. We'll kick things off with a list of our top recommended sites. Next, we'll give you color on the intense selection process that goes into our choices. After that, we'll discuss popular cricket bets along with providing you tons of additional resources where you can learn more about sports betting. Finally, we wrap it all up with some FAQs at the end.

For those of you ready to jump in right now to start betting on cricket action online, then the list below is where you should get started. Here, we've gathered up a list of the absolute best crickets sports betting sites in the industry. We've done loads of research and analysis to bring you only the best of the best. To learn more about what makes these sites so impressive, check out the next section, where we'll talk about why we selected these sites.

RankUS Betting SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
#1BetNowBetNow50% up to $1,000
#2MyBookieMyBookie50% up to $1,000
#3XbetXbet100% up to $300
#4SportsBetting.agSportsBetting.ag50% up to $1,000
#5BetOnlineBetOnline50% up to $1,000

If you're not ready to pick a site, then keep reading below. On the rest of this page, we've got loads of useful information and resources to help you learn more about cricket betting sites and sports betting in general. Once you're ready to find the online sportsbook that's best for you, you can come back to this section to check out our top picks above. Up next, we'll show you everything that we consider when picking our suggested sites.

Why These Sites?

If this is your first time on the site, we understand if you're a bit skeptical as to why you should trust our picks as opposed to those on another site. We get it. In this section, we'll help you see everything that goes into our selection process. Once you review this section, you'll have a firm understanding of why the sites above genuinely are the best of the best.

Something that you should know is that we've not taken money from any of the sites above to feature them on our list. This is worth pointing out, as some review websites out there will accept cash in exchange for glowing recommendations and reviews. However, we never take money in exchange for list placement so that we can remain independent and only bring you the real top sites out there. Spots on our list have to be earned and cannot be bought!

Here, we have ten critical aspects that we review on every site we're considering for a recommendation. We've created the infographic below to showcase these ten criteria to you at a high level. We've also included some more detailed information below about each one of the things that we look for. You can click on the infographic to jump to a section with more detail about one of our criteria.

Coverage of Cricket Wagers

What's the point of calling a site one of the best cricket betting sites if it doesn't have a great selection of cricket bets? That's why we've searched high and low to identify the online sportsbooks that have the broadest coverage of cricket wagers anywhere. If you choose to work with one of our top picks above, you'll be able to do all of your cricket betting in one place thanks to their massive assortment of cricket wagers from leagues around the world.

Competitive Lines

It's important to us that you're able to get the best bang for your buck when you place your bets online. While many people assume that all things are equal for lines across different sportsbooks, that's not the case. That's why we've taken the time to make sure that our top picks all bring you competitive lines. As you check out the sites that made our top picks, you'll find that they all have super competitive lines on their wagers for cricket betting.

Safety and Security

We take your safety and security as a top priority. That's why every one of our suggested sites above is one of the best in class in the industry when it comes to these two topics. With your hard-earned dollars and personal data on the line, we wouldn't suggest any sites that we don't trust to be ultra secure. If you end up selecting one of our recommended websites, you can bet with the confidence that your data and money are secure.

Reputation and History

If you're a seasoned online sports bettor, then you're probably aware that not all online sportsbooks have the best reputation and history. However, if you're new, it can be tough to know which sites fall into this category without spending tons of time doing your own research. Luckily, we've stepped up and scrubbed the sites ourselves so that you don't have to. All of the websites in our list of top cricket betting sites have a tip-top reputation in the sports betting industry. We're so confident in these sites that these are the same sites that many of us on staff utilize for our personal sports betting.

Banking Options

Another critical area for us when it comes to sports betting sites is the size of their banking options. Before you can place a real money wager on any online sportsbook, you first need to move funds onto your account on that website. To accomplish this, you'll have to use their available deposit banking methods to move your money. Our goal was only to bring you sites that have vast banking options for deposits so that you can quickly move your money into your sports betting account. This will help you be able to begin placing wagers faster than at sites with limited banking methods.

While we were investigating banking methods, we also took the time to check out the withdrawal methods. Just like with the deposit side of things, we're all for sites that have a multitude of withdrawal banking options. For our suggested sites above, you'll find a broad assortment of withdrawal options so that you'll be able to quickly move your funds off of the betting site when you're ready.

Ease of Use

Many times in sports betting, the timing of your wager is critical. In some cases, you're trying to get a bet in before things shift in the market. Because of this, you'll want to know that the site you end up using for your sports betting is easy to use. By doing this, you'll know that you can quickly find the bets you want to make and wager them without getting lost and confused on a site that's not laid out well. As you check out our recommended sites above, you'll see just how easy these sites are to use. If you decide to wager on any of these sites, we don't expect that you'll ever have an issue navigating the site, which will allow you to get in and quickly get your betting business done without hassles.

Bonuses and Promotions

If you like free money, then you'll want to pay close attention here. For those of you that are new to online sports betting, one of the biggest things you should know is that most online sportsbooks offer the potential for you to score some serious bonus cash through different promotions. We're talking thousands of dollars here in some cases! However, not all sites offer loads of good promotions. Luckily, we've scoured the landscape to bring you the sports betting sites that have some of the best bonus offer lineups that we've ever come across.

Withdrawal Speeds

While there are many online sportsbooks out there that pay out withdrawal requests quickly, there are many more that take their time. Since we don't like to wait for our money, it's important to us that we identify sites that have some of the fastest payout speeds in the industry. Therefore, all of our sites recommended above have quick withdrawal speeds so that you won't end up waiting forever to get your funds.

Quality Customer Service

We consider quality customer service to be a good insurance policy. While we hope that you never need to use it, the chances are that you will have an issue or question come up at some point that will require you to use it. When that happens, you'll want to know that you've got a good team there to help you, as opposed to one that's tough to reach and just not supportive. For each one of the sites recommended above, we've tested out their customer service support ourselves to make sure that they provide some of the best support we've ever come across. Should you choose to wager on one of these sites, we're 100% confident that you'll be well taken care of when you need it most.

Mobile Compatibility

One other area that we always check out is the mobile compatibility for any site that we're considering for a recommendation. This area is critical to us, as we want to make sure that you can quickly place wagers on your tablet or smartphone if that's how you'd like to place your bets. For many of us on staff here, it's the way that we place our wagers thanks to the convenience of how fast and easy it is. If you choose one of our suggested sites above, you'll be working on a website that has one of the most mobile-friendly sites in the industry.

Popular Cricket Bets

Cricket Paddle and Ball

In this section, we're going to provide you with an overview of the most popular cricket bets in the market. For beginners, this portion of the page will help give you a preview of some of the betting options that you'll have at your fingertips when you begin your cricket betting career. If you're a seasoned cricket bettor, then we're guessing that you've yet to try all of these different types of wagers before. For you, use this section to learn about new bet types that you might want to utilize in your cricket betting strategy.

Match Winner Bets

Up first, we'll kick things off with the most popular of all cricket wagers: the match winner bet. This wager is so popular since it is easy to understand and execute. For this bet, you just need to decide which of the two teams you think will win the match. If you select correctly, then you'll win your wager.

Series Winner Bets

If you're interested in betting on more than just a single match of cricket, then you might consider placing a series winner bet. Here, you'll choose which team you think will be victorious at the end of an entire series. As with the match winner bet, if you select the winning side, you'll win your bet.

Outright Winner Bets

For those of you looking to take winner bets to another level higher than match or series betting, then check out the outright winner bets. With this wager, you'll make a bet about which team you think will win an overall cricket tournament. Here, you'll have to decide which side you think will win it all before the tournament begins. Since this wager has many team options, it can be a more risky bet to place, so be sure to keep that in mind before placing this type of wager.

Tied Match Bets

It's not uncommon for a cricket match to end in a tie. What's nice is that you can bet on this if you think that it is likely that a match will finish in a tie. With this type of bet, you'll simply bet with a yes or no if you expect that it will end in a tie. If you're right, you'll win the bet!

Draw No Bet Wager

If you think there's a good chance that the match will end in a draw, yet you still want to bet on the team you think could win, then you should consider placing a draw no bet wager. Here, you'll pick which team you think will win the match. However, if the match does end up being tied, then you'll get your wager back. This bet essentially provides you insurance that if the match ends in a tie, then you'll get your stake back. Keep in mind that if you place a standard match winner bet, and the game ends in a tie, you'll lose your stake.

Top Batsman Bet

With this bet, you'll have to decide which player you think will score the most amount of runs in a set time period. Often, you'll be betting on an inning, match, or series timeframe. You're free to choose any player from either side when making this bet. If you're able to pick the right player, then you'll win this wager.

Top Bowler Bet

Similar to the top batsman bet, you can also bet on the player that you think will take the most wickets during a set period of time. When you place a top bowler bet, you'll choose a player from either team that you think will complete this feat in either an inning, match, or series.

Man of the Match Bet

At the end of every cricket match, one player is named the Man of the Match. With this bet, you'll choose before the game which player you think will win this honor. If you decide correctly, then you'll end up winning your bet.

To Win the Toss Bet

Before every game of cricket, there's a coin toss to determine how the game starts. With this simple wager, you'll choose which team you think will win the toss. Should you pick correctly, you'll find yourself a winner.

In-Play Bets (Live Betting)

As is more and more common with most sports these days, the game of cricket has an excellent in-play betting market. Here, you're able to place wagers on live action while the game is happening. Instead of betting before the match or series, you'll be able to wager as it happens. Using this type of bet can be a great way to get you more into the action.

Additional Resources

We wanted to make sure that we provided you with all of the resources that you need to do your sports betting. If you're looking to learn more about sports betting, then this section is where you want to be. Below, we've got links to some of our dedicated pages that will aid you in upping your knowledge on sports betting. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned sports bettor or if you're brand new to doing it; there's something below that can help you learn more.

Beginner's Guides to Sports Betting

For those of you that are new to sports betting, you don't want to miss the two pages below. We've created these pages just for folks that are new to the world of sports betting. Using these pages, you'll be able to gain a solid understanding of all of the critical things that you need to know so that you can begin betting on sports quickly. Just click on the links below to start learning about sports betting today.

Beginner's Guide
Sports Betting Essentials

Once you've got a good understanding of the basics, then your next stop should be our page on sports betting essentials. It's here that we'll take you deeper into sports betting strategies and knowledge. This page is also an excellent resource for more advanced sports bettors that already know the basics. Be sure to check this page out to see how it can help you elevate your sports betting game to new levels.

Sports Betting Essentials
Odds Converter

Another great resource that we have here is our proprietary odds converter. We've built this tool out to assist you whenever you come across an odds format that's not in the form that you prefer. Using our odds converter, you can convert odds into the kind that you prefer most. By doing this, you'll be sure that you always understand the odds for any wager that you're considering to make. To use our free odds converter tool, click on the link below.

Odds Converter
Alternative Sports Betting Sites

You may be looking to do betting on more than just cricket action. If that's the case, then be sure to check out our pages below dedicated to different types of alternative sports betting websites. Here, we have links to our pages for the best all-around sites (for gambling on all kinds of sports), the best websites for use from mobile devices, and the best websites for betting on in-play action. Click on the link for the one that you'd like to learn more about and see all of the suggestions that we have for you.


Hopefully, you're now in a spot where you feel confident that you can locate the online sportsbook that is best for all of your cricket betting needs. Since we've provided so many resources and tools on this page, consider bookmarking it so that you can come back to it later if you didn't absorb it all. Also, if this is your first time on our site, be sure to check out the main menu to see everything else that we have to offer. Our website is packed with helpful information relating to online sports betting and online casino gaming. We appreciate you reading our page, and we wish you good luck in your future sports betting adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we conclude things, we didn't want to leave you without some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear about cricket betting sites. Below, you'll see some FAQs on the topic. If you're still missing some answers after checking out the information above, hopefully these will help you find what you're looking for.

Can I bet on cricket leagues from around the world on these sports betting sites?
Yes! One of the benefits of using a sports betting website is that you'll have access to cricket leagues from all around the globe. Unlike some brick-and-mortar sportsbooks that may only offer action on local leagues, these online sportsbooks have a considerable variety of leagues from all over. By using one of these sites, you should be able to place all of your cricket wagers in one easy location.
Am I able to wager on live cricket action?
Absolutely! If you're interested in betting on in-play cricket action, that's an option at many online sportsbooks. With live action betting, you can place wagers while the match is underway. Unlike traditional sports betting that has to take place before the match begins, live betting can take place during it. For many folks, in-play betting takes their sports betting excitement to new levels since it can be much more dynamic to bet as the action happens. If you've not tried live betting before, consider trying it out to see how you like it.
Do I need to use more than one cricket betting site?
Ultimately, that decision is up to you. If you're up for using this strategy, we always suggest it. However, be sure to keep in mind that this is not a requirement by any means.

The reason that you might consider using more than one cricket betting site is that it will allow you to shop the lines on your wagers. The reason that this matters is because lines across different sports betting sites are not always equal. By using this method, you'll be able to find yourself the best deal on your wager so that you'll make the most potential profit when you correctly pick a bet.

Employing this strategy is effortless. First, you'll want to make sure that you have an account on at least two different sports betting sites. Then, once you have a wager in mind, simply check the line on that wager at all of the sites you utilize. Finally, you'd place your bet on the sportsbook that offers you the best bang for your buck.

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