MMA Over and Under Bets

MMA Over and Under Bets

If you've ever heard of over/under bets before, these are going to seem fairly similar. In a basketball game, you would typically bet on if the number of points scored by both teams was over or under a certain amount. This would be the same for football as well as most other sports. Combat sports, like MMA, are a bit different, though. There aren't really points or things like that you can add up, but you're actually betting on the length of the fight. Yes, we know there are points awarded for winning rounds, but those don't work with this type of bet.

In MMA, you are betting on how long the fight lasts. The easiest way to understand this would be an example. Here's an over/under bet you might see.

  • Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson | 2.5 Rounds
    • If you took the under, you would win if the fight ended before the 2.5-minute mark of the second round.
    • If you took the over, you would win if the fight ended after the 2.5-minute mark of the second round.

It does not matter who wins the fight or how they win; it just matters WHEN it ends. This creates some new ways that you can leverage your predictions of how you think a fight is going to go. Have you ever been getting ready for a fight and thought to yourself, "There is no way this fight makes it out of the first round with these two beasts." Well, now you can bet on that knowledge without worrying about who is actually going to finish the other.

When to Use This Bet

Over/under bets are great when you have a strong idea of how the fight is going to go. Sometimes this bet is placed in conjunction with picking a winner and sometimes it is not. If you think a fighter is going to come out and destroy the other guy in the first round, you can bet that fighter to win and take the under. You'd be seeing a great payday if you're right

The most common lines that you will see are the following:

  • Over Under 1.5 Rounds
  • Over Under 2.5 Rounds
  • Over Under 3.5 Rounds

Over/Under 1.5 rounds is common when you have two extremely aggressive fighters that are going to be coming out swinging for the fences. You'll see this more often with heavyweight fighters as they're much more likely to finish things quickly with their superior knockout power.

Over/Under 2.5 rounds is the most common that you're going to see. As most fights outside of Championship events are 3 rounds, you're basically betting if the fight is going to have a stoppage or go the distance. If you think that the fight is going to go to the judges, bet the over. If you think someone is going to finish it before the last 2.5 minutes, bet the under.

Over/Under 3.5 rounds is the most common that you will see in Championship fights that are scheduled for five rounds. Again, this all comes down to how you think the fight is going to go down. Remember, that in a lot of Championship fights the fighters start out slowly in the first round and feel each other out. This means that if you bet the under, it's a bit less time that they'll actually be going at it.

The bottom line with this bet is that it gives you added flexibility in betting when you think you know how the fight will go, not just who is going to win.

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