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Treasure Tomb Slots

Treasure Tomb is an Egyptian treasure hunting game developed by 1x2 Gaming for online play.

Although not technically an online slot machine, this game has several elements that make it similar to one.

Treasure Tomb follows Hollywood film franchises like The Mummy and Indiana Jones, where treasure hunters overcome deadly obstacles to plunder relics from ancient tombs.

Of course, much of what's presented in these films - including rolling boulders, snake filled pits, and the mummy's curse - are regarded as myths. The most common methods used to hinder grave robbers include secret passages, fake passages, and heavy stone blocks guarding tombs.

But some booby traps, including a few found in Treasure Tomb, are based on factual events. These include:

  • Poisonous Powders

    Dr. Zahi Hawass, who's like a real life Indiana Jones, found poison alchemical powder coating the sarcophagus coffin of the Bahariya Oasis tomb in 2001. Hawass and his team had to evacuate and come back with hazmat suits to continue their expedition.

  • Razor Sharp Wires

    Strung at neck level in tombs, these wires are particularly hard to see in dark tomb passageways.

  • Automatic Crossbows

    This comes from Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang's tomb, which still contains pressurized crossbows that are coated with chromate, a poisonous preservative.

  • False Floors

    Amenhotep III's tomb not only has a false wall, but also a false floor in front of the wall. The fall is 20 feet, or 6 meters, and anybody who fell would need friends and equipment to be saved.

  • Falling Rocks

    Used in tombs all over the world, strategically placed rocks can fall on top of unsuspecting grave robbers when they tried to open a tomb.

Treasure Tomb is a mashup of these traps - a few fictionalized ones - designed to thwart your path towards the mummy's coffin.

Is it worth braving this peril filled journey in search of the mummy's treasure? Find out as we look at Treasure Tomb's atmosphere, music, booby traps, pay table, graphics, special features, and slots style betting options.

We'll also cover how Treasure Tomb compares to a couple of other games by 1x2 Gaming.

Treasure Tomb
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Treasure Tomb Overview


This game takes place in a well maintained tomb, where you'll see the mummy's sarcophagus in the center of the room.

Above the coffin is an eerie, gold head with green eyes. Any time that you successfully move towards the tomb, the gold head drops money into the casket.

You'll also see pillars, stone idols, and torches on the sides of the room. Everything presented in the room combines to create a spooky, yet well designed atmosphere.


The most important aspect of the tomb is the 7x6 grid in the center of the floor. This is where your adventurer moves to reach the tomb.

Every space that you successfully move forward, sideways, or backwards adds to your prize total. The goal is to advance all 7 spaces forward, where you'll collect the Eyes of the Idol.

The main reason to move sideways or backwards is if you see a less dangerous space that'll increase your total prize. We don't recommend doing this, but the option is there.

Every time that you choose a space, you'll either earn a payout or be killed by a trap - there's no in between.

You can choose to collect your prize and start the round over at any point. If your character dies, you'll lose everything you've collected in the round.

The right hand corner of the screen shows the odds by how much your prize will be multiplied by, and the higher multipliers come with more risks. This creates a risk reward element that adds more strategy to the game.

Booby Traps and Animations

Treasure Tomb has four different booby traps that will kill the adventurer and end your round. The traps include:

  • Pharaoh Mummy

    Still dressed in its pharaoh garb, this mummy rises from the coffin and shoots the adventurer with a large green laser emanating from its head.

  • Spider

    The spider drops on top of the man, covers him in a web, and then carries him up to the ceiling.

  • Tribesman

    Tribal music plays, a tribesman appears in a puff of smoke, and then he shoots the man with a poisonous dart.

  • Falling Rocks

    Rocks fall from the ceiling and crush the adventurer.

Music and Sound Effects

Treasure Tomb's music straddles the line between an adventure tune and Jeopardy! jingle. The music does a nice job of reflecting the intense decisions that you must make every time you move a space.

You'll also hear mysterious groans in the distance, which are reminiscent of High Priest Imhotep being resurrected in The Mummy. The groans add a supernatural effect to what's already a chilling game.

Sound effects that you'll hear include: gold dropping from the idol's mouth, steps when the man walks, the spider shooting a web, tribal music when the dart shooter appears, rocks falling, a laser sound when the mummy shoots its ray, and the adventurer yelling when he dies.


Treasure Tomb doesn't have stunning 3D graphics and a background that'll blow you away. But most of the objects and enemies are designed well enough that you'll know what they are.

The mummy, tribesman, adventurer, and everything in the background feature solid graphics. The spider and rocks look iffy, but are at least presentable.

The idol doesn't look very good, and it's hard to tell what's falling out of its mouth after successful turns. Upon close inspection, the objects look like gold coins.

Treasure Tomb Odds and Payouts

As mentioned in the overview, the size of your payouts and risk are tied together. Below you can see the payouts, and remember that your chances of losing increase along with the prize:  

Red - 5x payout, based on your triggering bet.

Purple - 3x payout.

Yellow - 2x payout.

Green - 1.5x payout.

Blue - 1.25 payout.

Prize Progression

Treasure Tomb makes it easy to figure out your prospective payout by hovering over any lit up tile. You'll see the possible payout in the grey box above the idol's head, meaning you don't have to do any math.

Your potential prize increases as you keep moving spaces, and here's a step by step example of this:

  • You bet $0.10 and successfully move to a purple square (3x) to win $0.30.
  • Since you currently have a $0.30 profit, your next move to a purple tile would now be worth $0.90, or 3 x 0.30.
  • If you attempt another move to purple, your potential profit is worth $2.70.

This progression of prizes isn't affected by whether you move forward, sideways, or backward.

And again, you can collect your profit and start over after any successful turn.

Treasure Tomb Special Features & Strategy

Unlike a traditional slot machine, Treasure Tomb doesn't have free spins or a second screen bonus round. But you will get a bonus for reaching the coffin, which is explained below.

Eyes of the Idol

When you reach the seventh and final square, the idol's green eyes will fall into the coffin. This gives you a 10% bonus on your entire winnings for the round.

You then have the option of either quitting and collecting your winnings & 10% bonus, or trying to make it back to the original starting square.

If you choose the latter, you can still quit at any time and collect your winnings & bonus.

During the trip back, you can't step on any of the spaces used to reach the coffin since they'll be blotted out.

Strategy for Reaching the Coffin

The available tile colors that you can step on are lit up in bold colors. But you can also faintly see colors for the entire 7x6 grid.

This allows you to look across the grid and plot out your moves before starting towards the coffin.

Here's an example: you see that the left side of the screen only has three blue tiles, but the right side has six. Given that the blue tiles offer better odds of survival, you'd choose the right side to give yourself the best possible chance of reaching the end.

As discussed above, Treasure Tomb gives you the option to travel back to the start after obtaining the Eyes of the Idol. But considering that there's no bonus for doing so, and some of the spaces are blotted out, we recommend collecting the bonus and starting a new round.

Betting Options

At the beginning of every round, you're prompted to choose a bet size between $0.10 and $100.00.

This is much like betting on an online slot machine with fixed pay lines, where you can only choose the total bet. The only difference is that you have to confirm your bet size before starting every turn.

Other Options

You can check your betting history with the circular arrow button at the bottom of the screen. But note that you can only use this option when playing for real money.

You can also change the graphics quality to low or high. Low quality is good for players who have a slow smartphone or PC and want the game to run smoother.

Sound volume can be changed with either the speaker button in the lower left hand corner, or the hash marks button on the right side. The hash marks button gives you greater control over the volume.

Win Frequency

The win frequency of Treasure Tomb changes based on the color of tiles you pick. We found that if you mostly choose blue, green, and yellow spaces, then your win frequency will be high.

When picking the blue tiles at every chance, you have a good opportunity to advance at least 2 3 spaces on average.

Sometimes you'll run into the occasional drought where you die several times in a row. But overall, Treasure Tomb has much higher win frequency than the average online slot machine.

Return to Player RTP

RTP for Treasure Tomb is 94.80%, which is below average when compared to online slots.

We played this game for around 300 350 turns and reached the 10% bonus multiple times. We also increased our bankroll by a few dollars by the time our session ended.

Nevertheless, the average player doesn't have a great chance to win based on the RTP. But the win frequency is high enough that you'll at least stretch your bankroll by choosing the low odds tiles.

Game Rules

You access the game rules with the question mark in the lower right hand corner. Here are the main rules you'll find:

  • A random number generator is used to determine whether your turn will be successful or unsuccessful.
  • The probability of winning depends upon the odds of the tile you choose.
  • Hover over any lit up space to determine what your prize value will be.
  • You can collect winnings at any time.
  • You receive a 10% bonus for successful moving forward 7 spaces and reaching the idol.

Comparison to Other Games by 1x2 Gaming

Although typically known for their online slot machines, 1x2 Gaming has made some sports games that come in different formats. Two of these games are Darts 180 and Touchdown, which we'll compare to Treasure Tomb below.

Darts 180

Like the title suggests, this game features a dartboard where the goal is to land darts as close to the center as possible.

To do this, you simply push the green arrow at the bottom of the screen. This launches three darts at the board in succession.

Darts score 50 points when landing in the red center, and 25 points when landing in the green center. Other tosses that hit the board are worth the respective value of the section where the darts land.

The higher your score, the higher the multiplier payout will be on your triggering bet.

Here's an example: you score 70, which comes with a 2x multiplier. If you wagered $1 in this case, you'd win a $2 payout.

The upside of Darts 180 is that it's a simple game that does a good job of simulating real darts action. The downside is that it doesn't give you nearly the control seen in Treasure Tomb.

In the latter, you get to select the squares where you move and the odds you'll face. In Darts 180, you click a green button and lady luck does the rest.


This is a simulated football game that works like real sports betting.

You'll be shown teams on the betting board along with their handicaps. Here's an example: San Francisco +4.5 vs. Seattle 4.5.

You're given one minute to make your picks, if any, and you click Bet Now to confirm your wager. After placing bets, you'll be taken to a football field where generic game pictures are shown.

The last part of the action takes you to box scores, which fill out quarter by quarter until the final scores are determined. You'll be paid accordingly if you've placed any successful bets.

What's fun about Touchdown is that it takes you through a full season week by week if you play long enough. And while this isn't exactly like real football betting, it adds a nice touch to simulated wagering.

Like Treasure Tomb, this game also gives you control over the outcome since you pick the teams to bet on.


If you're looking for a breather from slot machines, but still want to risk money, then Treasure Tomb is a good choice.

We really like the theme, which embodies the deadly pyramid traps from both real life accounts and Hollywood movies. Some of the traps don't fit the Egyptian theme - i.e. the tribesman and giant spider - but most players won't care about these inaccuracies.

Another good element to this game is that you have so much freedom over where you travel on the board. You're initially given six choices in the first row, and you have anywhere from 3 8 choices as you progress towards the tomb.

One more thing to like about Treasure Tomb is the atmosphere, which puts you in the eerie scenario of a treasure hunter trying to avoid deadly traps.

The one complaint we have is that some of the objects like the idol and spider don't look great. But this is a minor drawback to what's otherwise a fun game.

Overall, we see Treasure Tomb as having the potential to entertain you for an hour or more. At the very least, this game is worth trying to see if you like the atmosphere and format.
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