Best Online Slot Websites

The best slot sites are the ones that combine entertainment with the possibility of hitting a big jackpot. It might seem like you could just sign up for an account at the first search listing in Bing or Google and be off to the races, but that's a big mistake.

Your best bet is to find a guide to the top slot sites that you can trust. This will help you avoid scams. We recommend the following websites:

RankUS Online CasinoSign Up BonusGet Started
#1Cherry GoldCherry Gold200% up to $10,000
#2Vegas Casino OnlineVegas Casino Online100% up to $11,000
#3Golden Lion CasinoGolden Lion Casino300% up to $3,000
#4Las Vegas USALas Vegas USA200% up to $5,000

We have a more ambitious goal for this guide of the best slot machine sites than to just offer you a list of recommendations, though. In fact, you should expect more than that from any guide.

You'll find the justifications and criteria for our rankings on the rest of this page. We didn't just put together a random list of the "top" slot machine websites. We considered several factors, and you should understand all these when deciding where to play.

What Makes a Slot Site the Best

When we say that we're going to provide information about what makes a slot site the best, we're talking about the factors that we consider when ranking slots sites. It's about more than having the best games with the best graphics (although, that's a factor).

We want to account for other factors which are just as important to a slot machine gambler but aren't as readily apparent. Below, we've listed the factors that make a slot site the best.

High Payouts

Probably the most important consideration for evaluating a casino for this list of best slot sites online is payback percentage (or return to player). Some players worry about this too much, but others don't even consider it. We've tried to list the online casinos with the best slots in order of payback percentage.

What does that mean?

It's just the statistical average payout divided by the amount of money you've wagered on the machine. A slots game with a payback percentage of 96% will win 4% of your aggregate wagers in the long run, while a slots game with a payback percentage of 95% will win 6% of your aggregate wagers in the long run.

When you're looking at an average of 600 spins per hour, you're talking about putting at least $150 into action per hour, so the difference between 4% and 6% adds up.

Keep in mind, too, that the payback percentages advertised for various online slot sites are estimates based on all their games over time. Some slots games at these online casinos might have a payback percentage of 95%, while others might have a payback percentage of 75%.

If you're intrigued by this concept, it's easy to enough to track your wagers and how much money you've lost. With enough spins in your database, you can start to estimate the payback percentages for the games yourself. Just keep in mind that in the short run, your actual payback will be at the whim of short-term variance.

Of course, we don't have access to the algorithms behind the games.  We base our rankings of payback percentages on anecdotal evidence and our own play at these sites.

Slot Machine Showing 777 Winner and Casino Chips

The best payout percentage we've seen for a slot machine game is the Cosmic Quest slot game at Café Casino. If that's your most important criterion, you should sign up there and play Cosmic Quest for yourself.

Variety of Games

The casino sites with the best slots also usually have the best variety of games to choose from. If all the games are similar in presentation, you'll get bored fast. This means different games with different themes and payback structures make for the best player experience.

Sometimes, you might be in the mood for a game with three reels and a single payline and traditional symbols like cherries, bars, and plums. Other times you might prefer a five-reel game with 25 paylines and multiple bonus features. You might even be looking for a game with a progressive jackpot.

Each of these types of games has its pros and cons. A three-reel, single payline game usually has a higher payback percentage than the other types of games available, but the top jackpot is usually limited to about 1000 coins. The games with more reels and more paylines are more exciting and have bigger prizes, but over enough time, you tend to lose more money.

The games with the lowest payback percentage are the progressive slots, but players who love those games don't care about the statistical payback percentage. They want a shot at a jackpot that could change the quality of their lives.

We've chosen this list of slot sites because they offer each of these experiences.

If you're looking for the site with the most slots games, try Bovada Casino. They offer over 500 different slot machine games from multiple software providers. You can also play poker with other real players and bet on sports there if you need a break from the one-armed bandits.

Mobile Compatibility

At one time, everyone interested in the sites with the best slots focused entirely on playing these games from their desktop computer. Eventually, laptop computers got strong enough to use, too. Mobile compatibility wasn't an issue until recently.

But now that it's an issue, it's essential for most slots players. After all, how many people do you know that strictly use a flip phone and only access the internet from their laptop or desktop computer?

The level of graphics and sound effects provided by these games as part of a mobile user experience are a major criterion we used to develop this list of recommendations. We understand that most of our players are interested in playing mobile slots.

Ignition Casino offers the best mobile compatible slots. We recommend trying Ignition if you're planning to play from your mobile device most of the time.

Bonus Offers

It's impossible to create a list of the best online slot sites without considering who has the best bonus offers. If you're not familiar with how an online slots casino bonus offer works, it's simple:

To incentivize signups, online casinos offer free money when you make your first account. They add this money to your account as a percentage of your first deposit. You then must make a minimum number of wagers before cashing out your winnings.

Please Note:

The biggest signup bonus you'll find is at Sloto Cash. They offer a 200% signup bonus of up to $7777 on your first five deposits. To take full advantage of this bonus, you only need to deposit $3889 over five deposits. When you do, you'll get the $7777 bonus added to your account, which means you'll have a total bankroll to play with of $11,667.

You can chase jackpots for a long time with a bankroll like that. And if that's not enough, Sloto Cash also offers new players 300 free spins. Café Casino offers a great bonus offer, too. Deposit $1000, and you'll get a 500% bonus of $5000 added to your account. This means you'll have a total bankroll of $6000 to play with.

Of course, you can't cash that money out unless and until you meet the wagering requirements. One of the requirements for being listed here is that the casino in question has reasonable wagering requirements.

With the bonus offer at Sloto Cash, you're required to wager 60x your deposit bonus. With the bonus offer at Café Casino, you're required to wager 35x your deposit bonus.

If you have the bankroll to afford it, we recommend taking advantage of both offers. Get as much free money to play with as you can.

Tournament Availability

It's hard to list a company on a list of top online slots sites if it doesn't offer slots tournaments. And if you're not familiar with how online slots tournaments work, you're missing out.

Here's What You Need to Know:

The site has a starting time for the tournament. You usually pay an entry fee, although some slots tournaments are free. Everyone who pays the entry fee gets the same number of credits to play with. You use those credits to spin the reels. Your goal is to have the largest number of credits at the end of the tourney. It's important to remember that these credits are only useful in the context of the tournament. They're like Monopoly money. They're just used to keep score.

The best way to win one of these tournaments is to make as many spins as possible so that you can book as many wins as possible. Of course, there's no more skill involved in a slot machine tournament than there is in playing online slots for regular money.

Online slots tournaments are generally special events or promotions offered periodically by the top casino sites. Sometimes they even offer free entries into freeroll slots tournaments where you can win real money. Your entry is comped based on the amount of play you've brought the site over time.

The top slot sites for online tournaments are listed above including Sloto Cash and Of those Sloto Cash offers more tournaments more often and with lower entry fees.


The top online slots sites use multiple reliable software providers. A decade ago, most of these kinds of sites only offered games from a single software provider, but now, most offer multiple games through multiple platforms. This provides players with a bigger variety of games to choose from.

Our favorite site based on software is Bovada, although is a close second. Both sites offer slot machine games through RTG, Rival, and Spinomenal software packages. RTG provides both sites with slot machine games like The Three Stooges and Cleopatra's Gold.

We've already talked about what big fans we are of Cosmic Quest slots, which is one of the top-tier games offered by Rival licensees. Midway Madness is another fun game from Rival that's available at these casinos.

Our favorite games from Spinomenal include Demi Gods II and Lemur Does Vegas, both of which offer unique experiences unavailable in traditional land-based casinos.

Cleopatra Slot Machine Logo

But any of the sites on our top online slots casinos list offer multiple games from multiple high-quality software providers. You won't find a loser in the bunch.

Country Considerations

The best slot sites online offer service to the widest range of countries. It's hard for us to list a slots site here if they don't accept real money players from the United States, for example.

We won't get into details of the legal situations in various countries. In fact, these recommended sites aren't available to all players in all countries (or even jurisdictions within countries).

You should always check your local laws before playing on these online slot sites for real money. We're convinced that in most jurisdictions, your legal risk is negligible, but that doesn't mean its nonexistent. We disclaim any liability based on decisions you've made. We assume you're an adult of decision-making age who has done their due diligence before deciding where to play.

Suffice it to say that most of the top slot sites listed here operate from the assumption that the gambling is taking place in THEIR jurisdiction not yours. Since they're licensed and regulated there, no laws are being broken.

Other properties operate from different assumptions, but if they have a large number of countries that they disallow play from, we disqualify them from our list.

All of the properties on our list of best slot sites accept players from most countries - even the United States, which is the country that seems to get singled out for discrimination among online casinos more than anyone else.

Customer Service Considerations

Anyone doing research into which top slot sites deserve to be ranked "the best" would be negligent if they didn't spend time researching customer service complaints on the various player forums on the internet. Not only should customer service operate during reasonable hours (preferably 24/7), but they should also offer multiple avenues for ing them.

Some of our visitors prefer to talk on the phone, while others prefer to send an email and get a response via email in a timely manner. Some of our visitors probably prefer live chat support.

We've tried to be sensitive to these preferences when putting together this list. The online casinos with the best slots on this list have minimal legitimate complaints made against them in the most popular player forums on the internet.

Licensing and Regulation

One of the first things we look for when evaluating for the best slot site is where they're licensed and regulated. Most online casinos are licensed and regulated somewhere, but some jurisdictions provide more oversight than others.

Obviously, the jurisdictions which provide more oversight provide a safer experience than the jurisdictions providing less oversight.

And naturally, we eliminate any site from consideration from our list if it doesn't prominently display information about where it's licensed and regulated.

Here's a list of jurisdictions which commonly license and regulate slots sites online, we've ranked them from best to worst, in terms of oversight and saftey

  • 1Kahnawake
  • 2Antigua and Barbuda
  • 3Curacao N.V.
  • 4First Cagayan Philippines
  • 5Costa Rica

Most of the sites that made our list are licensed in Kahnawake, but at least one is licensed in Curacao. Some even more restrictive jurisdictions often restrict real money players from the United States, so we've leaned toward listing the sites with licenses from jurisdictions that allow play from most (or all) foreign countries.

Online Casinos With the Best Slots

Above are the five online casinos with the best slots.

We've included some observations about what each of these sites bring to the table and what qualifies them for this list below.

Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino caters only to slots players from the United States and Australia, but their selection of games is unrivaled. They offer slot machine games powered by their proprietary software, as well as offering games from Rival, RTG, Revolver Gaming, and Spinomenal software.

If you're one of those slot machine players who also enjoy poker, you can play real poker with other players there. Their customer service is second to none, and they have a wide variety of deposit and payout options. The gambling age at Ignition Casino is 18+, making it friendlier for younger gamblers than some of the other top online slot sites.

Bovada Casino

Most people associate the Bovada brand with sports betting, but they offer one of the most robust casino platforms on the web. Bovada serves a broader worldwide audience than Ignition Casino, having customer support and websites in the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

They also use proprietary software for some of their slots games, as well as offering the most popular slots games from RTG, Rival, and Spinomenal. Bovada is also completely mobile-friendly.

Café Casino

Café Casino is known for being friendly and welcoming to players from the United States. They offer one of the best signup bonuses for slot machine players, and they also feature games from a variety of software providers, including Betsoft, RTG, Revolver, and Rival.

Café Casino, like Ignition, operates primarily in the United States. If you're a player using Bitcoin to gamble with, this is one of your best options.

Sloto Cash

Sloto Cash Casino offers a wide variety of mobile-friendly slots games using both RTG and BiG software. Slot sites like Sloto cash are avaliable in English and serve mostly a United States-based market, although Sloto Cash does not accept real money players from states with restrictive gambling laws like Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, and Washington.

If you're looking for the biggest signup bonus, you won't find a better offer than the $7777 in free money at Sloto Cash. specializes in slots and related games like bingo games and lottery games, especially scratch and win games. Most of the games are powered by RTG and Rival, but also has some of its own proprietary slot machine games on offer. is mobile-friendly and caters to a United States audience. also accepts players from China.


That's our detailed look at the best slot sites online. Whether your goal is to while away some time or win a big jackpot, the top slot sites on this list should fill your needs with minimum customer service hassle and a maximum of payouts.

Don't sign up for just any casino site. Insist on only playing at the top slot sites online, like the ones listed at the top of the page. You work hard for your money, and you shouldn't gamble with it at shady operations or casino sites with a minimal variety of games.

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