Naval Battle Slot Machine

Naval Battle Slot

Developed and designed by 777igt, the interactive division of leading slot machine manufacturer International Game Technology (IGT), the Naval Battle online slot is a five reel, 50 payline game.

Although the title may evoke images of "Battleship" - the classic board game of naval warfare based on World War II's epic oceanic conflicts - Naval Battle by 777igt actually harkens back to an earlier era. Think massive wooden schooners, Spanish galleons, and sailors scrapping over treasure chests on the high seas.

Accordingly, the designers have leaned heavily on a certain aesthetic, with thick ropes, antique cannons, and wooden wheels adorning the screen. A dark and somber melody suggests the songs which echoed over the waters before two opposing ships collided in combat. Overall, the game's design manages to transport players from their computer screen to an aquatic adventure.

This page was written to provide players with a clear map, one which will guide you along the way as you navigate the waters of Naval Battle slot gameplay. You'll learn about the game's distinctive vibe and atmosphere, the musical stylings and sound effects used to enhance the experience, 777igt's world class animations and graphics, full pay table information, and a thorough rundown of the bonus features, betting options, and game rules.

Naval Battle
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Naval Battle Slot Machines Overview

Atmosphere / Background

The overall ambience created by Naval Battle is one of foreboding, which is a bit of a departure from the typically fun filled and light designs favored by online slot players.

Dark thunderclouds loom in the background, while the tempestuous waters below are roiled by crashing waves.

Several wooden ships, with white sails flying skyward, can be seen engaged in a fevered skirmish on the seas.

Oddly, the game's title is nowhere to be found on the main screen. As for the various boxes used to display game information like credit count, current win, pay lines activated, and bet per line, Naval Battle opts for either treasure chest or scroll graphics in a clever presentation.

Music and Sound Effects

When it comes to the musical stylings offered by Naval Battle, the designers at 777igt went in a bold direction to be sure.

The first notes you'll hear upon loading up the game are deep basslines that sound something like you'd hear during a military march. Picture a particularly dark scene on a TV show like Game of Thrones - such as the climactic "Red Wedding" scene - and imagine the music you'd hear in the background. That seems to be the direction for Naval Battle's musical soundtrack.

As you get a few spins under your belt, the tune does manage to pick up a bit, seemingly spurring you onward into the titular battle. While playing, it's easy to imagine how the simple sound of a drumbeat could serve to encourage men to face their fears and enter the fray.

Another nice acoustic touch comes when the reels are spinning, as the sound effect here is designed to mimic the clicking of a rope being lowered through a pulley. Every ship of this era needed to hoist massive sails skyward in order to traverse the seas at high speeds, so this rough kind of "clicking" sound was likely to be an everyday part of the seafaring life.

When you score a particularly large prize, you'll hear the distinctive 777igt voice announcing congratulations. Other sound effects in Naval Battle are standard 777igt fare, however, which tends to weaken the overall atmosphere. When you hear the Super Mario esque chime of coins being moved into your account, the divergence between the dreary on screen vibe and what you're hearing can be a bit jarring.


The onscreen animations in Naval Battle are quite cool, but if you're an experienced 777igt online slot enthusiast, you've probably seen them all before.

Those coins we mentioned in the preceding passage represent your winnings from the previous spin, so you'll see gold coins bounce from the reels and into your "Credits" scroll. Those gold coins will also start to stack up and form towers after the larger wins.

Now that I think about it, this graphic would probably work best as a treasure chest, seeing as how it holds gold coins, but I'll leave decisions like that to the design experts.

Other animations to watch for include the purple lightning like line which zaps through the reels to connect winning combinations. And when you have one of the Wild red book symbols along a winning payline, a special animation will circle it in what appears to be a purple globe reading "Wild."

You'll also see the black cannon symbol firing, the wooden barrel symbol explode, and the three armored knights symbol show flashing blue eyes - so on any given spin Naval Battle treats players to a visual feast for the eyes.

Naval Battle Pay Table and Graphics

Below are the 15 symbols in this game along with their respective payouts:

Life Preserver Mega Jackpot

The highest of the three jackpot tiers found in Naval Battle can only be triggered by landing five of the life preserver mega jackpot symbols on the screen.

Papers and Magnifying Glass Minor Jackpot

Same goes for the second jackpot tier, which can be won when you hit five of the papers and magnifying glass minor jackpot symbols.

Captain's Wheel Mini Jackpot

Landing five of the captain's wheel mini jackpot symbol will unlock the game's smallest jackpot amount.

Red Book Wild

This old style book clad in a red cover, with what looks to be a map or a drawing of a ship poking out of the pages, serves as the wild symbol for Naval Battle. That means it can substitute for all other symbols in the game (except for the treasure chest scatter, three armored knights, and black cannon bonus symbols) to help form winning combinations. Additionally, when you happen to line up five of the red book wild symbols, you'll earn a payout of 150 coins.

Treasure Chest Scatter

The game's scatter symbol is appropriate, as the treasure chest chock full of gold coins will apply various multipliers to your main bet when you line up enough of them. Three of the treasure chest scatters on screen applies a 5x multiplier, four of them will up the ante to 30x, and scoring all five will produce a 100x multiplier to create massive wins.

Three Armored Knights Free Spins

The key to unlocking a free spins bonus round in Naval Battle is held by a trio of heavily armored knights. This symbol will show flashing blue eyes when it hits the screen, and you'll earn five free spins for lining up three of them. Make it four and you'll pocket 10 free spins, while landing five produces a bonus of 15 free spins.

Black Cannon Bonus

In a cool addition to the normal slot gameplay, Naval Battle also includes a skill based bonus game centered on shooting enemy warships with your cannon. In order to enter the bonus game, however, you'll need to line up three of the black cannon bonus symbols. Remember, you'll see the black cannon bonus symbol appear on all five reels throughout the game, but they only trigger the bonus game when you line up three of them on the third, fourth, and fifth reels.

Religious Painting

This knockoff of the Mona Lisa offers a reward of 12 coins when you line up three, 40 coins for landing four, and 200 coins when you snag all five.

Looking Glass

The looking glass symbol pays out 12 coins for three, 40 coins for four, and 150 coins when all five reels are hit.

Wooden Barrel

When you see three of the wooden barrel symbols on screen, you'll earn 12 coins. Snag four of them for a 30-coin infusion, and land five to pocket 120 coins.


Moving on to the basic card rank symbols, the A offers the highest payouts at 10 coins for three, 30 coins for four, and 100 coins for five.


The K symbols is next up on the pay table, distributing payouts of 10 coins when you land three, 25 coins with four onscreen, and 80 coins for a five pack.


When you land three of the Q symbol your payout will be 10 coins, while the ante is upped to 25 coins for four, and 60 coins for five.


Payouts for the J symbol drop to 10 coins for three, 20 coins for four, and 50 coins for five.


The 10 symbol uses the same 10 / 20 / 50 pay scheme as the J symbol.

Symbol Graphics

Leaving aside the generic card rank symbols (10, J, Q, K, and A), the developers at 777igt have done their usual great work on designing Naval Battle's reel symbol graphics.

Each of the themed symbols is well crafted and finely detailed, with small accents included to complete the image. The religious painting symbol has a paintbrush laying nearby, the treasure chest symbol has intricate gold handles on the side, and the looking glass symbol is attached to a small globe.

All in all, it seems as though the graphics designer spent some time studying actual artifacts found from this era in history, rather than making things up as they went along. The result is a complete depiction that works well together, giving players little flourishes to notice as the game progresses.

Naval Battle Slot Bonus Features

Following the standard template for 777igt online slots, Naval Battle is built around a familiar set of features. You'll be playing for free spins, a side screen bonus round which incorporates skill elements, and the usual three-tiered jackpot system consisting of Mega, Minor, and Mini prizes.

Take a look below for a detailed description of these three main gameplay features:

Free Spins

To grab yourself some precious free spins - the lifeblood for any slot player - your task is to line up at least three of the armored knight symbols.

If you can get three of them on the screen, you'll be awarded five free spins. Four of the armored knight symbols are worth 10 free spins, and you can spin 15 times for free when you land five of them.

You'll notice a small box to the right hand side of the game screen which will display your current free spin count. That meter will deplete by one after each free spin, so you'll know full well when you're about to return to normal gameplay.

Unfortunately, the Naval Battle free spins feature doesn't include any additional prize multipliers, graphics, or sounds to change up the pace.

Bonus Round

The side screen bonus round in Naval Battle is quite cool, but you'll need to line up three of the black cannon bonus symbols to get there. And remember, those black cannon bonus symbols must appear on the third, fourth, and fifth reels only in order to trigger the bonus round.

But when you do, you'll be treated to an experience not unlike a video game. The screen will show various enemy warships sliding across the waters, and your job is to sink them with well-placed cannon shots.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to enter the bonus round during my trial run, and the game's Rules section doesn't offer a clear rundown of the prizes on offer for sinking ships. So I'll leave that quest up to you...

3 Jackpots

The familiar three-tiered jackpot system favored by most 777igt online slots returns in Naval Battle.

That means you'll be spinning for a chance to win either the Mega, Minor, or Mini Jackpots on each and every spin.

At the time I wrote this page, the Mega Jackpot offered by Naval Battle sat at a massive $1,277,405 and counting. Anytime you have a chance to win more than a million bucks playing low stakes slots, you're doing alright in my view.

As for the Minor Jackpot, you'd pocket $643,702 if you won it today.

And despite the name, even the Mini Jackpot is quite sizable at $425,801.

In fact, each of these three jackpot kitties is on par with the major progressive jackpot networks in play at brick and mortar casinos.

Say what you will about 777igt, but this company knows what it's doing when it comes to offering the best in big time jackpots.

Betting Options

For this 50 payline game, you can adjust the amount of pay lines activated in increments of 10. In other words, you can begin at the 10 payline mark, and increase that to 20, 30, 40, or the full 50 pay lines.

Obviously, sound strategy for slot machines like Naval Battle dictates that you activate the maximum number of pay lines, because doing so gives you the full complement of winning combinations to work with.

In terms of the coin denominations, or "bet per line" in 777igt parlance, you can toggle between the following bet sizes: $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $0.70, $0.90, and $1.20.

With a maximum bet per line of $1.20, pressing the "Bet Max" button will automatically bump your action to the full 50 pay lines at $1.20 per payline, for a total bet of 60 coins.

Other Options

For the speed-freaks out there who are looking to get in as many spins per hour as possible, 777igt has you covered with a special "Stop" feature.

After pressing the "Spin" button to get the reels moving, you'd normally wait a few seconds for them to line up and create a result. But that "Spin" button changes to a "Stop" button immediately after the reels start moving, so you can simply click it again to land the reels in their final resting place.

Don't worry, the reels are still programmed to line up in a completely random way, so you're not really manipulating how they land. Instead, this "Stop" feature gives you the chance to shave seconds off of each spin, making for a much more frenetic gameplay experience.

Taking that idea even further, Naval Battle also comes equipped with an "Auto Spin" button. Clicking this button once will bring up six small circles labeled 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and Infinity. From there, simply decide how many automatic spins you'd like to see, click the appropriate number circle, and sit back.

The game will then run through your preferred number of spins automatically, so you can get up, make a sandwich, and return to see how you did.

Finally, if you prefer to play in silence, a handy sound button can be clicked to toggle between mute and audio modes.

Win Frequency

For a 50 payline virtual slot machine like Naval Battle, this game offers players a medium win frequency.

Small payouts are generated quite often - at a rate of one in every three spins during my own trial of 300 or so spins - thanks to the wild and scatter symbols that seem to appear more than you'd expect.

Of course, these smaller wins simply serve to keep your bankroll even as the session progresses, and the real goal is to earn free spins. Fortunately, I was able to accumulate a few of the five and 10 free spin allotments, but I never could trigger that elusive 15 free spin reward.

In any case, having the chance to spin without spending a cent is always a treat for slot fans, and Naval Battle makes it pretty easy to at least add five freebies to your count on occasion.

As for the side screen bonus game and its target shooting skill element, I was only able to get there once over my 300-spin trial. The game was quite fun, however, as it brought me back to the old days of shooting screens in "Duck Hunt," "Galaga," and the like.

Overall, I managed to scrape together a decent profit of $7.60 over the course of nearly 300 spins, while betting the maximum 50 pay lines for $0.05 each. That put me at $2.50 per spin, so I could've easily lost $7.60 (or much more), so I'll be happy with my modest haul and call it a day.

Game Rules

The main rules for Naval Battle are listed below:

  • Winning combinations are formed from left to right along the reels, provided they occur on an activated payline among the game's 50 unique pay lines.
  • The exceptions to this "left to right" rule is the black cannon bonus symbol and three armored knights free spin symbol, which can trigger payouts from anywhere on the reels.
  • The game's three jackpots (Mega, Minor, and Mini) can only be won when you land five of the same required symbols along an activated payline. (This is why playing all 50 pay lines is so important, because you could miss out on a million dollar payday if your perfect combination happens to fall on an inactive payline).
  • All payouts are determined by multiplying line stake you had in place before the triggering spin. In other words, when you bet $1 per line and trigger a 100 coin reward, your payout will be $100.00 - or $1 x 100.
  • Anytime you earn free spins, those will be played using the same coin size and number of pay lines as you had in place before the triggering spin.


Naval Battle is a well-designed online slot following the standard template established by 777igt's successful product line.

And while the game could've probably been better suited as a true "Battleship" recreation - trading out the old world wooden ships for the hulking steel giants of World War II - the 19th century theme actually grew on me as I played. There's just something about the idea of picking up stakes, signing on as a sailor, and travelling the high seas alongside crew and captain that evokes the true spirit of adventure.

Considering that Naval Battle touches on all of 777igt's most popular features, from the free spin allotments to a skill based side screen bonus game, along with wild, scatter, and other interactive symbols, this game is exactly what it should be. Nothing more, and nothing less.

You may grow weary of the dark and gloomy soundtrack, but that's what the mute button is for, and aside from that small complaint, Naval Battle definitely receives my recommendation.

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