Miss Red Slot Machine

Miss Red Slot

When the Miss Red slot machine was released by industry leader International Game Technology (IGT) in 2011, even the renowned slot designer couldn't have known how the game's innovative features would transform the video slot template.

Today, Miss Red machines can be found in casinos around the world. The game is also playable over the internet via online casinos like Bet365, BetVictor, Paddy Power, Party Casino, and William Hill, through the IGT Interactive brand.

Miss Red is a game built around several quirky gameplay additions which combine to make winners a more frequent sight. Any symbol in the game can transform into a wild symbol, given the right circumstances, and winning combinations can be landed anywhere on the reels, rather than from left to right only. Add in an interactive bonus game feature, free spins, and an extremely clever theme, and Miss Red is clearly one of the stars among IGT's deep stable of slot titles.

At first glance, the title character of Miss Red appears to be nothing more than a generic cartoon woman clad in alluring red garb. But a second look reveals a shocker: this isn't any red wearing woman, it's Little Red Riding Hood herself.

We all remember the protagonist from childhood fairy tales, who is beset by a Big Bad Wolf as she travels through the forest to her granny's home. The story, told in various forms in Europe dating back to the 10th century, famously has the sweet girl naively tell the wolf where she is heading. The wolf distracts her with a flower picking diversion, heads up the path to granny's house, and eats her alive - before donning her clothes in an attempt to trick Little Red Riding Hood. Fortunately for schoolchildren everywhere, a friendly woodsman intervenes at the last moment and manages to save the day.

In this game, Little Red Riding Hood is all grown up, and she's back to show that wolf who's boss. IGT updates the classic fairy tale in fun fashion, so all of the main characters return, including granny, the huntsman, and of course, the Big Bad Wolf.

The game's title screen immediately sets the updated tone, with Miss Red herself walking down the same path as before, while a menacing wolf stalks her from the background.

The background screen during the actual game follows through on this woodland theme, featuring a grassy foreground, vines lining the border of the reels, and flowers completing the fairy tale vibe.

The reels themselves is where Miss Red really shines, as IGT has ditched the usual array of card rank symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A in lieu of a full array of themed symbols. You'll be spinning familiar icons of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale like the purple flowers, the strawberries, the pinecone, the mushrooms, the squirrel, the rabbit, the woodsman, the granny, the Big Bad Wolf, Miss Red herself, and the Miss Red Bonus symbol. Additionally, in a process that will be described in detail during the next section, the Miss Red and Big Bad Wolf symbols can transform and merge into a new symbol called the Wolf / Little Red symbol.

To augment the detailed and finely animated visual elements that make Miss Red's gameplay pop off the screen, IGT has also included a whimsical soundtrack to enhance the ambiance. You'll hear string instruments like the lute playing softly in the background, with occasional increases in tempo to signify the oncoming danger of the wolf prowling for its prey.

For veteran slot players who have seen it all, Miss Red by IGT represents a true rarity in a creative theme that doesn't simply rehash old ideas, but updates them for a new day. When you throw in the game's modernized features, high payout frequency, bonus games, and other goodies, Miss Red really is a superior offering that slot fans should seek out.

Miss Red
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Gameplay Features and Mechanics

Miss Red makes use of IGT's patented MultiWay Xtra pay line system, so you'll be playing a five reel game with a whopping 1,024 pay lines activated on every spin.

Each reel holds four symbol spaces, putting 20 symbol spaces in play.

The crux of the MultiWay Xtra payline scheme is actually quite simple, as winning combinations can be started from any reel. Most slot machines mandate that winners start from the left most reel and move to the right, so something like X X X X Y would trigger a payout, but Y X X X X would not.

But with the MultiWay Xtra feature in play, you can land winners going from left to right X X X X Y, right to left Y X X X X, or even in the middle Y X X X Y.

As the game's Rules section states, "MultiWay Xtra wins pay for the same symbol in any position in adjacent columns," so as long as you line up matching symbols on any adjacent reel, you'll earn a reward. Another way to win using the game's 1,024 pay lines is by landing matching symbols in any position along adjacent reels, so something like the following arrangement would trigger a winner with four matching symbols in four adjacent reels:

  • X Y Z Y Z
  • Y X Z Y Z
  • Y Z X Y Z
  • Y Z Y X Z
  • Y Z Y Z Y

With the MultiWay Xtra function, IGT ensures that Miss Red offers a dynamic gameplay experience, one in which most spins will wind up generating multiple winners.

And to make things easier, IGT has removed the option to toggle between pay line selections, so every time you spin, you'll have the full 1,024 pay lines under the MultiWay Xtra feature activated. This comes at a cost of 45 coins per spin.

This game uses the usual spectrum of coin denominations found on IGT games, so you can opt for basic penny play, or bump the action up to $0.02, $0.03, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.25, $0.30, $0.50, $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, or $20.

In each case though, you'll be putting 45 coins at risk on each spin, so the minimum cost to cover for penny players is $0.45, while nickel players would be wagering $2.25 per spin. And if you're a high roller, the maximum cost to cover per spin tops out at $900.

Aside from the MultiWay Xtra feature, Miss Red relies on the tried and true formula pioneered by IGT slots, so you'll find wild symbols, free spins, and bonus games. Progressive jackpot hunters will have to look elsewhere, however, because Miss Red is not linked to any progressive networks. To compensate for that fact, IGT made Miss Red a low volatility game that pays out often and keeps players in their seats.

You can review a full set of game specifications for Miss Red slot below:

  •          Wilds: Yes
  •          Free Spins: Yes
  •          Multiplier: No
  •          Bonus Game: Yes
  •          Progressive: No
  •          Return to Player: 92.00%  - 96.16%

Without a progressive jackpot to chase, you'll be spinning for a top payout of 150 credits, awarded for landing five of the granny symbols anywhere on adjacent reels. If you can land four of the granny symbols you'll earn 75 credits, and three of them are good for a reward of 10 credits.

These payouts are quite small for top pays on any slot, especially given IGT usually attaches a jackpot of 1,000 credits to its slot titles. But as we've mentioned, Miss Red is designed with several features that accelerate payouts and lead to the steady formation of winning combinations. So while you won't be winning huge sums all at once, you'll see those 150 credit payouts hit your bankroll much more often than a 1,000 credit jackpot on other machines.

The next most lucrative symbol in Miss Red is the huntsman, who offers payouts of 125 / 75 / 10 for landing five, four, or three, respectively.

From there, you'll earn 50 credits for landing five of the Miss Red portrait symbols, and 40 credits for five of the Big Bad Wolf symbols. Both the rabbit symbol and the squirrel symbol pay out 25 credits for landing five, while the mushrooms, the pinecone, the strawberries, and the purple flowers symbols all pay out 15 credits for a five pack.

Once again, this pay table tilts toward the lower end of the industry standard, but as you'll soon discover, Miss Red more than makes up for smaller payouts by making sure you'll see them hit on seemingly every spin.

You may have noticed by now that we never mentioned which symbol serves as the wild symbol in this game. That's because two symbols in the game can be transformed into a wild symbol, at different times, given the correct circumstances.

One of the coolest features found in Miss Red is IGT's "End2End" Expanding Symbol. In this game, both the Miss Red portrait symbol and the Big Bad Wolf symbol act as Expanding Symbols.

The concept of Expanding Symbols is quite simple really: whenever two Big Bad Wolf symbols "bracket" any other symbol along a row, those symbols caught in between will be turned into Big Bad Wolf Symbols as well. Imagine "X" signifying a Big Bad Wolf symbol, and examine the following row on the reels:

  • X Y Z Y X

In this case, the three random symbols stuck in between the two Big Bad Wolf symbols would be transformed into matching Big Bad Wolf symbols - effectively expanding the symbol to cover more than two spaces.

This also works with the Miss Red portrait symbol, so whenever two of those bracket other symbols, they'll transform to match the Miss Red portrait symbol and expand it across the row.

But what about the wild symbols? Here's where Miss Red really gets interesting.

Whenever it's a Miss Red symbol stuck between two Big Bad Wolf symbols, or vice versa, these will transform into a new hybrid symbol called the Wolf / Little Red symbol. Any of these hybrid Wolf / Little Red symbols you can create will serve as wild symbols, replacing both the regular Big Bad Wolf symbol and the regular Miss Red portrait symbol to help you land winning combinations.

You'll also see a symbol that shows granny's house, along with the words "Miss Red," but this doesn't appear to do anything at first. When the granny's house symbol shows up, it doesn't trigger winning combinations, so what's the point?

In actuality, this granny's house symbol only appears on the second, third, and fourth reels AKA the middle reels, and it serves as Miss Red's Bonus symbol. Landing one or two of them on the screen won't do a thing, but landing three in any position on the middle reels offers the key to entering Miss Red's free spins bonus game.

Triggering the Bonus Round

The free spins bonus game, triggered by landing three grannies' house Bonus symbols on the middle reels, offers another departure from the IGT norm.

Instead of simply awarding you a preset number of free spins, Miss Red's bonus game - called "Granny's Bonus Game" - ask players to make a guess. You'll see five baskets containing fruit or flowers, and your task is simply to touch the screen and select the basket you prefer.

Each basket contains a select number of free spins between 5 and 15, so a good guess will have you enjoying 15 free spins before you spend the next cent.

Even better, the Granny's Bonus Game can be retriggered by landing three of the granny's house Bonus symbols on the middle reels again. In this way, a single free spins bonus round can be extended over and over again, up to 280 consecutive free spins.

When you consider the bevy of Expanding Symbols, which help to scatter the screen with high paying symbols and even wild symbols, any free spins you can snag are likely to bring back big winnings. Miss Red offers lower payouts than most games, but when you're spinning on the house, every free spin offers a chance to rack up more and more of those small wins.


Between the game's cleverly designed theme, IGT's willingness to break the mold and move towards modern features, and a player friendly low volatility level, Miss Red is a certified hit. Veteran slot players will appreciate how the game doesn't feel like any others out there, and beginners are invariably drawn to the machines that seem to be paying out more often than most. You won't score massive, life changing wins on this machine, but you'll usually be able to stretch out a limited bankroll for hours of enjoyment, all while collecting small wins on a steady basis.



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