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Mazooma slots are online and mobile-capable slot machines produced by Mazooma Interactive Games. MIG, as the company calls itself, has been garnering more attention lately, thanks to their acquisition by Novomatic, Mazooma has been in the machine game design business since 1997. Like many online gambling game design houses, Mazooma started out as a provider of land-based games before re-focusing on the Web-based and mobile markets in the first decade of the 2000s.

MIG's focus is now firmly on creating online and mobile gambling content, mostly in the United Kingdom, but increasingly in international markets as well. Mazooma has a strong presence in the popular UK Bingo market, though they've yet to expand those holdings outside of England, Scotland, and Wales.

Though the majority of MIG slot machines are five reel slots with twenty pay lines, they do occasionally create an interesting bonus game or other machine feature. The company's biggest innovation in the world of online slot design has been the Community Concept. This system allows up to 40 players to participate simultaneously in special game bonus rounds. The more players who participate, the larger the potential jackpots, with top prizes hovering around $250,000. We'll discuss this feature more in the game reviews further down the page.

About Mazooma

You won't read much about Mazooma – they're not one of the biggest, flashiest, or best-known names in the online slot design business. Now that they're technically part of the Novomatic Group, you're even less likely to see people talk specifically about MIG slots. But they've been in the business for nearly twenty years, and their titles are now available at dozens of online casinos, including the placement of most of their small slot library at big name sites like the following.

  • William Hill
  • 888 Games
  • Betfair
  • Paddy Power
  • Unibet
  • Ladbrokes
  • Betsson
  • BetVictor

Mazooma Slot Machines

The current lineup of Web-based and mobile-capable Mazooma slot machines is small. According to their website, their entire portfolio includes just twenty-one games. The main reason for the small library is that MIG technically re-launched in 2010 as an entirely new company, throwing out most of their old game designs to focus on the new online market. With the guiding hand of Novomatic working in the background, we're sure that Mazooma will be releasing several new titles a year for the next few years, to shore up and establish their (admittedly-small) online library.

Below is a guide to seven of MIG's most-popular and most-hosted online and mobile slot games:

Haul of Hades Slot Game From Mazooma Haul of Hades

Haul of Hades is a five reel and twenty pay line slot based on the Greek myth of Hades. Featuring imagery of the river Styx, characters from the ancient Greek underworld, and other mythical figures, Haul of Hades is a rare visual delight from the Novomatic Group. Between the animated lightning strikes and menacing bats flying around, the atmosphere is complete. Typical of Mazooma and Novomatic games, Haul of Hades' biggest jackpot is worth just $2,000. Haul of Hades includes the standard Novomatic-style gamble feature, which allows players to double their winnings by guessing the color of the next card from a virtual deck. Haul of Hades lacks bonus rounds, though the wild and scatter symbols appear frequently enough to warrant mention as a special feature.

Jingle Jackpot Slot Game From Mazooma Jingle Jackpot

Jingle Jackpot is a five reel and ten pay line holiday-themed slot by Mazooma/Novomatic. Christmas-themed slots are surprisingly popular. When you've been reviewing slot games for more than a decade like we have, you've seen and played your fair share. But Jingle Jackpot is a standout game, because it includes a progressive jackpot, frequent wins thanks to the inclusion of several special symbols, and it has a more complex soundtrack than most of these games, playing a rotation of a half-dozen different traditional Christmas tunes. The game's top fixed prize is worth $5,000, but the progressive jackpot often drifts up into the millions of credits, with the top payout of all-time being a little more than $60,000 around Christmas 2014.

Shooting Stars Slot Game From Mazooma Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars was originally a land-based Mazooma game, but exists now only as an online and mobile-compatible slot machine. The theme is deep space, without much of a plot, but with beautiful graphics and animations. You'll fly past exotic suns, ringed alien planets, and special expanding star wild symbols and audio effects. The end-result is a game without much replay value, but with a lot going for it in other areas. Okay, so the top payout is a disappointing $2,500 – that's just how Mazooma/Novomatic games are. Don't overlook the value of simplicity. Shooting Stars uses just eight game symbols, so the pay table is a cinch, and game play is beautifully-mindless. The massive betting range (between $0.04 and $10 per spin) means that players with all bankroll sizes can play. Space games are always popular, and Shooting Stars is an example of why. Even the otherwise-simplistic playing card reel symbols are drawn as celestial bodies and animated to orbit and sparkle against the deep black background. That's what this game is all about – not bonus rounds and progressive jackpots, but pretty images and simple game play.

Frogs Fairy Tale Slot Game From Mazooma Frogs Fairy Tale

Frogs Fairy Tale is a novelty game starring a fantastic frog and a weird enchanted forest. The basic story follows the classic Princess and the Frog plot, though a progressive jackpot is thrown in to increase replay value and draw in online slot fans obsessed with those ever-increasing top prizes. This five reel and twenty pay line slot is typical of Mazooma design, including their famous Gamble Feature, a progressive jackpot that hovers in the millions of credits, and both a wild and scatter symbol. Frogs Fairy Tale is one of Mazooma's more intricate games in terms of plot, animation, and effects, though the low top payout ($2,500) takes away from the company's attempt to produce a slot that's highly-replayable.

Dragon's Wild Fire Slot Game From Mazooma Dragon's Wild Fire

Dragon's Wild Fire is a Far East-themed slot game. From the yin-yang symbol in the game's title to the Asian-style dragon and gorgeous red pagoda in the background, Dragon's Wild Fire makes its theme known right from the start. Dragon's Wild Fire is an odd game from Mazooma, since it includes seven bonus games, and is otherwise heavily-featured. Where most Mazooma slots are satisfied with a single wild and scatter symbol, Dragon's Wild Fire includes multiple versions of both as well as a frequently-triggered set of seven different bonus games. Like many of the more-heavily featured MIG slots, Dragon's Wild Fire allows a wide range of bets, from $0.02 to $10 per spin. That progressive top prize? It hovers in the neighborhood of 5,000,000 credits, though the record payout was just over 6 million sometime in 2015.

Cops n Robbers Slot Game From Mazooma Cops n Robbers

Cops n Robbers is one of Mazooma's best-known titles, originally a land-based game popular across the UK. The game is now available exclusively online and on several mobile-compatible platforms. The theme, which should be obvious from the name, is the classic contest between police and thieves. This is a five reel slot with twenty pay lines, three bonus rounds that pay instant credit prizes and free spins, and a max prize of $4,000, which you can double to $8,000 by means of MIG's standard Gamble Feature. The bonus rounds have you in the role of the robber, as you crack safes, steal cash, and escape on foot. It's one of Mazooma's most complete slot games, with an engaging plot, lucrative bonus rounds, and a cult-like following among online and mobile slot gamblers.

Diamonds of Fortune Slot Game From Mazooma Diamonds of Fortune

Diamonds of Fortune is Mazooma's most-lucrative slot, at least in terms of the game's fixed prizes. The highest fixed jackpot on Mazooma's Diamonds of Fortune is worth $5,000, which you can double to $10,000 either by means of lining up a specific number of scatter symbols or by taking advantage of Mazooma's standard Gamble Feature. Though one of the big knocks on MIG/Novomatic is that their slots pay out relatively-small top prizes, Diamonds of Fortune is an exception. The game doesn't have any real theme, except for the fact that all the symbols and animations are related to precious gemstones and metals. This sort of game is often really popular at online casinos, for its simplicity and the fact that it promises big paydays. The same is true of Diamonds of Fortune, which is one of MIG's most popular (and also most boring) slot releases.


You may never have heard of Mazooma before you clicked on this page – and that's okay. The folks behind MIG's online games aren't particularly attention-starved. It's difficult to find even a list of names of their management. Since their acquisition by Novomatic, we expect this sort of secrecy to continue. Novomatic snatched up Mazooma because of their ability to translate land-based titles into popular mobile and Web-capable slots. Hopefully over the next few years they'll continue to research innovations and produce solid video slot games from online casinos all over the world.

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