Candy Shop Slot Machine

Candy Shop Slot Machine

Candy Shop is 777igt's version of a sweet filled game that appeals to the kid in everyone.

Who doesn't love candy?

We know we do and that's the main reason we started to play the game. In the end all the features this game had to offer kept us coming back for more.

The graphics are not really up to par in our opinion. The whole game is a little underwhelming as a whole. The one thing it does have going for it is the special features that all 777igt games have come to be known for. These features include jackpots, bonus game, and free spins.

The games first impression is not the best but once you get to play the game you find yourself enjoying it more and more. Below we go in depth into the game to find the best and worst parts. When we're done we hope you'll want to play the game and try your luck at winning one of the three jackpots up for grabs.

Candy Shop
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Candy Shop Slot Machines Overview

Atmosphere / Background

The game seems a little dark when you first get it loaded. The background resembles the front of a candy store with the blue and white striped awning. The building the reels are set in is made from red brick and on either side of the reels are shelves that are home to operation buttons.

Above the reels you see the three ribbons that represent the different jackpots that are up for grabs. At the bottom of the screen you see the two groups of balloons that add to the candy shop theme. The candy piled up around the bottom works well as it bounces with the music.

The reels are framed in by the awning at the top and by what almost looks like perforation lines on each side and down the middle. Each symbol falls into the reels in its own square that has a border of squiggly lines.

Music and Sound Effects

The music and sound effects on this game are a perfect match for this theme. The theme is meant to be an upbeat one and that's exactly what the soundtrack does. The music that's associated with this game is a carnival themed track that makes you feel like a kid who just found the best shop in town.

The reels have the regular spin sound effect that you hear in all the slot games on the market. You hear chimes when you get a win on the reels. These are pretty much the only sound affects you hear in the game other than the announcer that announces your big wins and special feature wins.


The animations found in this game aren't just limited to wins like in most of the other games by this designer. You see animation in all aspects of the game from the background, to the reels, and in the special features.

The first animations you see are in the background of the game. There isn't just one either as you have animation all over the place. On either side of the reels the piles of candy jump up and down, the lights that are on the outside of the building flicker, and the spinning candies on the corners of the ribbons around the jackpots.

Each of the symbols has their own animations that we don't see until they are part of a win. Some spins, while others disappear and reappear in their square. When you trigger a special feature a huge announcement is flashed across the screen to let you and everyone else know what you've won.

The last but not the least of the animations comes in the bonus game. When you get there you get to make two choices to build your candy haul. The game is set up where you click on a button and watch the candy fall from the top to make piles for you to be awarded.

These extra features add visual appeal to the game and help build the happy feeling that should be associated with any game that's centered on candy.

Candy Shop Pay Table and Graphics

Symbols and payouts for Candy Shop are as follows:

Gingerbread House

This beautiful gingerbread house is covered in icing and delicious looking candy is the symbol that will trigger the mega jackpot. To trigger a mega jackpot win you have to get 5 of these symbols anywhere on the reels all at the same time.

Santa Clause

Santa Clause makes an appearance in this game as the symbol that triggers the second largest jackpot also known as the minor jackpot. When you see 5 Santa's on the reels you know it's time to celebrate a huge win.

Candy Snowman

This yummy take on the traditional Christmas character represents the last of the jackpot symbols. He will trigger the smallest of the jackpots when he appears 5 times on the reels.

Multicolored Spiral Candy

The multicolored candy piece is the wild for this game. It subs for all symbols except the scatter, bonus, free spin, or those linked to jackpot wins. If you get 5 of these symbols you will receive a payout for 150 times your original wager.

Stack of Gum Drops

The gum drops are the scatter symbol for the game. This symbol will add a multiplier to you original wager. It pays 5 times for a combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 100 times for a combination of 5.

Heart Shape Box of Chocolate

This box of chocolaty goodness is ready to help make you some money.  It triggers free spins when you get three or more on the reels during a single spin. You will get 5 free spins for a combination of 3, 10 for a combination of 4, and 15 for a combination of 5.


This symbol looks like its floating in the air ready to take you to the next screen. This is the bonus symbol for the game and will trigger the bonus game when you get 3 or more of him on the reels anywhere.

Three Toy Men

This symbol pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 40 times for a combination of 4, and 200 times for a combination of 5.

Candy Decorations on a Stage

This symbol pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 40 times for a combination of 4, and 150 times for a combination of 5.


The star pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 120 times for a combination of 5.


The A stands for the Ace in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 100 times for a combination of 5.


The K stands for the king in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 25 times for a combination of 4, and 80 times for a combination of 5.


The Q stands for the queen in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 25 times for a combination of 4, and 60 times for a combination of 5.


The J stands for the jack in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 20 times for a combination of 4, and 50 times for a combination of 5.


The 10 stands for the 10 in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 20 times for a combination of 4, and 50 times for a combination of 5.

Symbol Graphics

The symbols that were chosen for the game are a little less than theme oriented. Yes candy is represented fairly well in other parts of the game such as the bonus game and the background, but it doesn't seem to be a real big part of the game itself.

Most of the symbols found in the game are more along the lines of a game that should be focused around the Christmas holiday rather than the candy shop theme. Once you get past the strangeness of the symbol selection you can see that all of them are well drawn and work well together to build a hunger inducing game.

Candy Shop Slot Extra Feature

Candy Shop is just another of 777igt's loaded down games that has so many special features that you just don't want to stop playing. This game has three jackpots that join all the normal features like wilds, free spins, and bonus features found in this game.

The jackpots come in three different sizes. You have the Mega jackpot which is of course the biggest pay out possible in the game. Get 5 of the yummy gingerbread house symbols to trigger the win and watch the money come rolling in.

The second jackpot you can win is the Minor jackpot. To trigger this win you have to get Santa to show up on the reels 5 times. This jackpot won't have as big a payout as the Mega but it will still be higher than any payout the game has to offer.

The last jackpot is aptly naming the Mini jackpot. This jackpot can be won when you get 5 of the candy snowman symbols on the reels at the same time. The pay out here is significantly smaller than the other two but $30,000 is nothing to shake your head at.

The wild for this game is a multicolored spiral candy piece. It subs for all of the regular symbols in the game. Just like most other wild symbols it won't sub for the scatter, bonus, free spin, or any of the jackpot symbols.

The free spins feature for this game is represented by a heart shape box of chocolate that kind of stands out in a game full of Christmas symbolization. If you get 3 or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels you trigger the free spins. You receive an allotted amount of spins based on the number of symbols on the reels. You'll be awarded between 5 and 15 free spins.

The bonus game is another special feature that can be found in the game. When you get 3 or more of the balloon symbols you get taken to a new screen. When you arrive at the new screen you see five different buttons with a shoot up above it.

You get two tries to build up the biggest win possible. All you have to do is pick the right buttons and you can make huge bucks during this game. Once you've made your selections your winnings are totaled together and deposited into your balance while you're being taken back to the regular game screen.

With all these special features you'll want to keep playing to see just how many times you can trigger one of these great features.

Betting Options

Candy Shop offers you 15 pay lines. This game doesn't offer a fixed pay line set up so with the 15 lines that are available you can determine how many you want to play each spin. You can make this choice by increasing or decreasing your amount in increments of 5 for a minimum of 5 lines to the max of 15.

Like all other games that have unfixed pay lines we recommend you play all of the lines with each spin. When you play all of the pay lines you increase your chance of getting winning combinations. Since there isn't a sure fire way to know exactly which pay lines win the most or even which line will win next there really is no reason not to play all that is available to you.

This game offers you the ability to change the value of your bet after each spin. The range of betting is set from .01 to $2.50 per coin being used.

These betting options allow for anyone who has a sweet tooth to come and get their sugar fix. Even the most conservative gamblers will find this game to be just right for them.

Return to Player RTP

The Return to Player for this game is undefined. From our experience we found that when we played that the lower paying symbols hit regularly and as long as you have a good enough wager placed you can get a decent pay out. We did find it a little harder to trigger the special features on this game than some of the others we've played.

This game won't make you a millionaire overnight but it gives you reasonable wins over the course of play. As long as you keep your head on you should be able to walk away better than when you started from time to time.

Game Rules

Candy Shop game rules are in line with most other 5 reel slot machines. Below are the main rules:

  • Most wins are formed from right to left, beginning with the leftmost reel.
  • If two or more wins are formed in the same line, only the highest payout is awarded.
  • Any misuse or malfunction will abort the game and everything will be reset to default.
  • The wild card cannot start free spins; you must get three or more free spin symbols to receive free spins.
  • Scatter symbols trigger a multiplier when you get three or more of them anywhere on the reels.
  • Bonus game will be triggered when three or more bonus symbols appear anywhere on the reels.
  • The wild subs for all symbols except the scatter, free spin, jackpot, and bonus symbols.
  • The wild symbol also has a payout amount when you get 5 of them on the reels.
  • Jackpots can only be won when the designated symbol is found on the reels 5 times.


Some say that there's a kid in everyone who just loves candy and this game is just what that inner child is looking for. The candy shop is a game that even with its faults still offers a great game experience for anyone who gives it a try.

The symbols for the game, though not theme oriented, still get the job done. The game should've included more symbols that were actual candy. We think that would've been a better choice than the Christmas and Valentine symbols that were chosen. The only real candy you see in the game is the wild symbol and the chocolate bar that you use to view the pay table. Other than these two the pieces you gather during the bonus game are the only ones you find in the game.

The Valentine Chocolate box gives free spins which allows you to get more wins without having to use your money to spin the reels. The scatter symbol will multiply your winnings on any spin when you get three or more of them anywhere on the reels.

Then you have the bonus which has a great mini game attached to it. It's always great to get a game that has a bonus that you can't lose at and this game is one of those. No matter which button you push you win something. Eeven if you happen to choose the one without any candy you still get awarded a prize.

With all of these special features added to a theme that brings out the kid in everyone you won't want to miss out on this game. Let Candy Shop be where you get your sugar fix and have a chance to win while you're doing it.
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