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Aristocrat Leisure Limited is one of the two largest manufacturers and designers of slot machines in the world. They've been releasing games since the early 1950s, and their refusal to settle for the status quo has led to numerous industry awards, legions of devoted fans, and a staggering number of cash payouts.

No matter where you travel in the word, there's a good chance that you'll come across one of their products. So we start this page with a look at how where their global presence stretches too. We then cover their American presence in detail. This includes a list of states where they aren't operational due to legal restrictions, and information on several of their most popular games found in American casinos. We've explained how their offerings vary in different regions too.

Also on this page is some background information on the company, including a list of the current Board of Directors, and details on the mobile versions of their games.

Number of Games

Aristocrat's Global Presence

According to their official site, Aristocrat has a significant presence in each of the following regions.


Following the 1999 purchase of ALI Gaming Solutions, Aristocrat Africa came into existence. In less than two decades, they've grown to capture the largest share of the South African video market.


Based in Las Vegas, Aristocrat Technologies Inc. is responsible for designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling games to the North American and Latin American market.

Australia and New Zealand

This makes sense considering that Aristocrat is an Australian company, and their global headquarters are located in the Sydney suburb of North Ryde. They've been traded on the Australian Stock Exchange since 1996.

Asia Pacific

Based in Macau, this branch of the company is responsible for creating new games for the Asian market, as well as dealing with casinos and customers from Japan to Macau.


Aristocrat Online provides new content and old favorites to online and mobile players. Aristocrat Lotteries supplies interactive video terminals for operators.


Based in the New Delhi suburb of Noida since 2010, the Indian Development Centre focuses on research and development to provide land-based and online games to customers around the world.

U.S. States without Aristocrat Slots

If you're a slots fan living in or visiting the United States, you'll find plenty of land-based locations to enjoy the latest releases from Aristocrat. There are some regions, however, that restrict various forms of gambling, so you'll need to look elsewhere if you find yourself in one of the following states (according to data provided by the official Aristocrat U.S. homepage):

  • Hawaii
  • Washington
  • Utah
  • Texas
  • Nebraska
  • Montana
  • Kentucky
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Rhode Island
  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont

Aristocrat Slots for American Players

If you find yourself inside an American casino, there's a good chance that one or more Aristocrat slots are within walking distance. In order to make your search easier, we've put together this list of some of the titles available to U.S. gamblers.

Ted Slot Game From Aristocrat Ted

The 2012 comedy introduced us to a talking teddy bear who's rude and crude, and the slot adaption manages to capture its irreverent charm while offering up a number of ways to walk away with cash. The title character makes an appearance about every 14 spins, and his arrival includes additional bonus symbols, wild reels, multipliers, and free credits. The base game has six features to enjoy, and they're packed with clips and quotes from the film. Thanks to nine bonus games and the spinning Wonder Wheels, you'll also have a good chance at winning one of the progressive jackpots.

Game of Thrones Slot Game From Amaya Game of Thrones

While this adaptation doesn't contain the graphic violence and gratuitous nudity that the HBO series is known for, it still manages to entertain thanks to dramatic music, epic battle scenes, and, of course, dragons. Travel north into Winterfell for a chance to win free spins and watch the reels grow to 134 paylines. Choose a dragon egg to receive a bonus multiplier on subsequent spins. Fight the Battle of Blackwater Bay to unlock free games on a new set of reels. In addition to clips and characters from the show, the player is given the chance to walk away with a progressive jackpot that would make even a Lannister jealous.

A Christmas Story Slot Game From Amaya A Christmas Story

This slot is an adaption of the 1983 holiday classic about cute little Ralphie and his quest to get a Red Ryder air rifle for Christmas. Aristocrat has done a wonderful job of transforming the film into game form, and an almost dizzying array of elements from the movie have been included. Watch Ralphie's dad contend with the furnace or weather an assault from the Bumpus hounds. Meanwhile, our young hero gets dressed up in a pink bunny suit, takes on Black Bart and his marauders, and even gets his mouth washed out with soap. Each of these elements includes some new way to win, including wilds, expanding reels, free spins, and multiple progressive jackpots.

Britney Spears Slot Game From Amaya Britney Spears

The blonde songstress has been entertaining listeners for over 15 years, and now she's brought her concert to the casino floor. As you attempt to win a single site progressive jackpot that's worth at least $10,000, the Grammy-winning performer will strut her stuff in video clips and sing hits such as "Toxic," "Hit Me Baby One More Time," and "Oops I Did It Again." In addition to two base game features, the game includes four bonus features such as "Toxic Picks" and the "Baby One More Time" wheel bonus.

Batman Classic TV Series Slot Game From Amaya Batman Classic

In the 1960s, Adam West and Burt Ward made a splash in the corny TV sendup of the comics featuring Batman and Robin. Now their brand of campy fun has come to the casino floor, thanks to a 25-payline slot with a maximum wager of 250 credits. Enjoy clips from the show and the memorable theme music, all while contending with comical villains such as Riddler, Catwoman, and Joker. Denominations range from a penny to five cents, and this entitles you to a dedicated wheel, bonus wheel, and even a series of thrilling mini-games. Kapow!

Superman the Movie Slot Game From Amaya Superman the Movie

Based on the 1978 Christopher Reeve superhero movie, this game allows players to wager up to 250 credits in denominations of one, two, or five cents. Images of Gene Hackman (Lex Luthor) and Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) flank Reeve about the main screen, and these are interspersed with a trio of "wonder wheels" that can be activated for greater winnings. Wild symbols can turn up at any time, and the five progressive jackpots offer payouts that are out of this world. As an added touch, each seat is emblazoned with Superman's cape, so you'll look like a costumed crimefighter when you're sitting down to play.

The Big Bang Theory Slot Game From Amaya The Big Bang Theory

Based on the popular TV show about a bunch of nerds and one really hot blonde, The Big Bang Theory features all your favorite characters from Penny to Raj. No matter what the time or wager, there's always a chance of triggering one of ten mystery bonuses. A series of big bonus wheels always seem to be spinning, and there are unique features like the Friendship Paradigm, the Large Hofstadter Collision, Koothrappali Scavenger Vortex, and Mystic Warlords of Ka'a.

The Walking Dead Slot Game From Amaya The Walking Dead

Named Casino Product of the Year in 2014 by the Global Gaming Award, this slot is based on the hit AMC show about a zombie apocalypse and those who must contend with both the living and the dead to survive. Includes three base game features, reel growth, wild symbols, three bonus features, all your favorite characters, and lots and lots of zombies.

The Rolling Stones Slot Game From Amaya The Rolling Stones

If you enjoy classic rock 'n roll, then you'll be tapping your foot the whole time this game is underway. Featuring the legendary British band, the game calls on players to sit in an immersive iChair and witness the sights and sounds of Mick Jagger and company. Four interactive bonus features include Steel Wheels, World Tour Picks, Band Member Bonus, and Start Me Up free games. The game doesn't include all of their many hits, but it does have enough to make this one of the most rockin' games on the casino floor.

Can De Paris Slot Game From Amaya Can De Paris

Set in Paris and featuring just a touch of naughtiness, this game features expanding reels than can increase the screen up to 500 paylines. Win multiple jackpots during the same feature with three bonus features, and the four-level progressive allows players to win a series of impressive cash prizes. My favorite is the Can Can High Kick Bonus, in which beautiful dancing girls appear, kick the reel area to greater heights, and change one to four reels into wilds in the process.

Tarzan of the Apes Slot Game From Amaya Tarzan of the Apes

Feel the excitement and danger of the jungle in this innovative game from Aristocrat. Two base game features include the Stampede Remix and Tarzan Wild Swing. The Tarzan Wheel Bonus offers a chance to win progressives, credits, or two additional features. Watch Tarzan battle gorillas or leopards on his quest to find a city of gold, and, of course, you'll be able to hear his famous jungle yell.

Tarzan and Jane Slot Game From Amaya Tarzan and Jane

Tarzan and Jane – Love is in the air in this sequel to Tarzan of the Apes, and you'll have a chance at a $100,000 top prize just for risking 150 credits. Players get to oversee two sets of reels, one named for Tarzan and the other for Jane Porter. Eight bonus features are guaranteed to hit at a higher-than-average frequency, and there are also two bonus wheels, a four-level progressive, and an exciting wild play feature.

Superman Slot Game From Amaya Superman

Superman – The Man of Steel takes on Lex Luthor in this story ripped straight from the pages of the comics. Recognizable elements such as kryptonite and Lois Lane show up on the reels, and the size of your wager can range from 50 to 2500 credits. If you choose the maximum level of risk, the game features Lex Luthor as the main character and offers a top payout of $2.5 million. In addition, there are expanding wilds, free games, and expanding reels.

Dragons on the Lake Slot Game From Amaya Dragons on the Lake

Dragons on the Lake – Created with a definite Chinese theme, this slot challenges players to head out on the lake to compete in a race. You'll be piloting a craft that looks like a dragon, and capturing flags along the way allows you to move up to a higher level of progressive jackpot. Get three dragon symbols on the base game to trigger a special feature, and players even have the ability to choose the number of free games (which determines the volatility level).

Let's Make a Deal Slot Game From Amaya Let's Make a Deal

Based on the hit CBS game show hosted by Wayne Brady, this slot delivers the same action without all the annoying commercials. Seats feature surround sound and rumbling effects during specific times of the game, and there's a base jackpot worth $250,000. Thanks to the five-level progressive, however, the winnings can go even higher. Base games include "Wild Wayne Bonus" and "Wild Box Multiplier," and there are a total of eight to enjoy.

Buffalo Stampede Slot Game From Amaya Buffalo Stampede

Buffalo Stampede – Part of the Buffalo game series, this five-reel slot improves on the original by offering a two-level progressive jackpot, expanding reels, free games, and an innovative betting structure. The video scenes featuring a massive herd of stampeding bison are especially impressive.

Aristocrat in the Asia Pacific Market

While some slot machine companies offer the same games across the world, Aristocrat long ago figured out that customer preferences tend to differ by nation. That's why their catalogue is always expanding, and games found in one corner of the globe may be substantially differ from another locale. As an example, take a look at a few of the popular titles available for the Asia Pacific market:

  • 50 Dragons Deluxe
  • Fortune King Deluxe
  • 5 Koi Legends
  • King's Dynasty
  • Jade Mountain
  • White Tiger

While all the games offered in this part of the world aren't patterned around Asian beliefs and legends, they do play a significant role. This is just further evidence of Aristocrat's commitment to meeting customer needs and being savvy enough to recognize cultural differences.

About Aristocrat

Based in Australia, Aristocrat Leisure Limited is the second largest manufacturer of slot machines on the planet (behind IGT). They are licensed to distribute their slots in over 200 jurisdictions, and they have offices in Australia, Japan, Russia, South Africa, and the United States.

The company got started in the slot machine business in 1953, when founder Len Ainsworth and his employees unveiled their first game. Aristocrat has produced hundreds of games since that time, and the Ainsworth family continues to maintain a close financial relationship with the company.

One of the most notable innovations of Aristocrat is the Reel Power system. In games using this unique style of play, customers can choose to buy entire reels instead of just single paylines. They also have a popular series of progressives, and as many as 256 machines can be linked together to create massive payouts and instant millionaires.

The current Board of Directors for the company includes the following individuals:

Aristocrat Leisure Logo Ian D. Blackburne

A veteran of the petroleum industry with over 25 years of experience as a research scientist, Mr. Blackburne serves as the Chairman of the Board. He has served as the director for multiple companies, including Symbion Health Limited and CSR Limited.

Aristocrat Leisure Logo Jamie R. Odell

The CEO and Managing Director of Aristocrat, Mr. Odell has been affiliated with Aristocrat since 2009. Prior to that, he was the Director of Foster's in the Asia Pacific and Australian region.

Aristocrat Leisure Logo David C.P. Banks

The former Director of the Australian Gaming Council and President of the Australasian Casinos Association, Mr. Banks has over 25 years of experience in the gaming, entertainment, and industrial industries.

Aristocrat Leisure Logo Roger A. Davis

Chairman of the Bank of Queensland, Mr. Davis has also served as a senior executive for Citicorp in the U.S. and Japan, as well as the Director for Argo Investments, Ardent Leisure, and Trust Company Limited.

Aristocrat Leisure Logo Rosalind Dubs

Appointed to the board in 2009, Ms. Dubs has held executive positions with the University of Technology in Sydney, Thales ATM SA, Airservices Australia, and the Australian National University.

Aristocrat Leisure Logo Stephen W. Morro

Mr. Morro has over 25 years of experience in the gaming industry, including two decades with rival firm IGT. One of the few people in the industry with experience as a regulator, supplier, and operator.

Aristocrat Leisure Logo Kathleen Conlon

A member of the board since 2014, Ms. Conlon has over two decade's worth of experience in professional management consulting.

Free Aristocrat Games for Mobile Users

While Aristocrat slots could already be found in online and land-based casinos, an app known as Heart of Vegas also allows mobile gamers to get in on the action. First released on Facebook in 2013, it has since become available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and any device operated by Android.

This app initially featured 11 of the most popular Aristocrat games found in casinos around the globe, and numerous other titles are expected to be added in the future. Some of the original games included the following.

  • More Chilli
  • Dolphin Treasure
  • Queen of the Nile
  • Big Red
  • Miss Kitty
  • Where's the Gold?
  • 50 Dragons
  • More Hearts
  • 50 Lions
  • Sun & Moon

The app is free to download, but players can purchase a number of in-app products. For example, a package of an additional 150,000 coins costs $2.99, while one-million coins costs $9.99.

Heart of Vegas was developed by Aristocrat's mobile gaming subsidiary, Product Madness, which has been recognized as one of the premium social slots operators by the eGaming Review North American Awards. Players receive two-million free coins when they begin, and additional credits can be obtained through hourly bonuses and the daily wheel.

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