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Ratings Breakdown


The Pinnacle Casino excelled in a lot of areas, but fell flat on their faces in others. Our overall ranking is actually an average of three different rankings we wanted to give the site. If you're a sports bettor, you're going to give this site a 4/5. You'll most likely love their well-organized interface and user-friendly setup. If you're a slots player, you're probably going to give the site a 3.5/5 as it has decent options, but nothing special to write home about. If you're a casino or table games player, you're probably giving the sites a 2.5/5 as they lack a ton of options, and only have the bare minimum.

All of these scores are drug further down by the lack of any meaningful player promotions, which we'll address several times later. The saving grace for the site is the fact it has been in business for almost two decades (big trust factor) and the deposit and withdrawal options. They have a ton of different options that have low or no fees and allow you to get your money fast.

Game Variety

The game variety option at Pinnacle Casino slowly slid downward as you moved from sports betting to slots to casino games. For sports bettors, the game variety and betting options were great. For slots players, the game variety and options were good. For casino game players, the game variety and options were subpar. This site is a big win for sports bettors, but a bit of a miss for slots and casino game players. Ideally, if you're predominantly a sports better who likes to dabble in the other games occasionally, you might love this site.


While the site may have slipped in other categories, their finance department gets the gold star. They have so many different options for depositing and withdrawing, including market-specific options as well. All players get one free withdrawal a month, which should be more than plenty especially seeing that you can take off up to 50k with Skrill in one withdrawal transaction. Additional withdrawals do have fees, but they are much lower than almost all other sites in the industry.


This may be one of the first <2 star ratings we've given on anything that the casino didn't just forget. Honestly, this casino might have been better off if they just went with no promotions. All they have is a 0.3% rakeback program for casino games only, and that excludes blackjack and craps. There are zero deposit bonuses and zero promotions for the sportsbook players. There's no nice way to put this; this was a complete bust.

Customer Service

This is always the easiest ranking for us to give as it relies on quality and quantity of the options. While we weren't immediately able to identify quality, we were able to see that quantity was well below par. There was no phone support, no live chat support, and no email support. All they had available was a hard to find form located in the footer menu of the site.

User Interface


Another home run for Pinnacle Casino was their user interface and overall site layout. Everything (except for the support link) was easy to find and located in the correct spots. While this sounds like it should be the easiest thing for a site to get right, it actually proves to be the most challenging in the industry. This is why we really want to reiterate what a big deal this is.

While we knocked the site hard in a few other spots, we still have high hopes for them in the future because of how great their layout and interface are. They've got the hard stuff figured out; if they can just make some easy changes to some of the other areas, they could be an out of this world site.

We always get excited when we get the chance to review one of the big time players in the online sports betting and casino industry. Pinnacle Casino, an extension of the acclaimed Pinnacle Sportsbook, has been on the market serving customers since 1998. With nearly two decades under their belt, it's safe to say that we had some pretty high hopes and even higher expectations for the online casino.

While reputation and longevity in the industry are important, they aren't everything. We've run into casinos in the past from major players that failed to live up to our expectations. Frankly, we've seen some from major players that were borderline terrible. For that reason, we don't give the big names a free pass. We put them under the same scrutiny and arduous review process that we use with the smaller names and brand new casinos.

If you're not familiar with our reviews and our process, there are a few things we want to make sure we make clear before we get started. Our reviews are 100% the honest, and sometimes brutal, truth about what we think about an online casino. We NEVER allow online casinos to pay for a good review, and we NEVER allow anyone or anything to influence our reviews other than the quality of the site.

Sometimes we may seem as though we're being a little harsh, but we have high expectations, and would rather err on the side of caution rather than recommend a site that we shouldn't. We know that amazing quality does exist out there, and for that reason, we hold every site to the highest standards. You can trust that our reviews will contain everything you need to know about an online casino whether that is good, bad, or ugly.

With the logistics out of the way, let's dive into the Pinnacle Casino and see if they can live up to the prestigious name they have backing them.


When you come to the homepage of the Pinnacle website, it immediately drops you onto the sports betting tab. This is a pretty clear indicator that the sportsbook is the bread and butter of their operation. At a quick glance, they looked to offer bets on a lot of different sports as well as some really fun novelty type bets that we will touch on in a moment.

One of our biggest fears with sites that offer a lot of sports betting variety is the organization of the site. Way too many sites that offer a lot of options don't organize things well. This usually results in a big mess and a headache for you, the bettor. Thankfully, Pinnacle does not fall into that category. The layout and arrangement of the bets are clean, and show a lot of planning and well thought out attention to detail.

You'll find all of the main sports categories alphabetized on the left-hand side of the screen that expands into drops downs with all leagues and organizations currently with live bets. Clicking on any of the leagues will bring up the individual bet's offered in the center panel of the screen. Odds are originally presented as decimal odds, but can be changed into American odds by selecting a drop-down from the top of the screen. Fractional odds do not appear to be available as an option.

While flipping through some of the different options, we noticed a few things that we really liked. When we clicked on baseball bets, not only did they have the teams listed that were playing, but they had the pitchers conveniently listed there as well. If you've ever bet baseball, you know just how important this information is, and it's great to see it so readily available.

Pinnacle also had all the different bet types arranged in separate tabs across the top of the screen. This layout format was extremely user-friendly, and made it very easy to locate any bet you were looking for.


The site also offered esports betting on TONS of different upcoming matches, which was great to see. As esports explodes in popularity, what we used to value as a bonus, we now value as a necessity. Sites must have esports betting in their sportsbook or else they'll be losing more than style points with us.

You may be wondering why esports is the only aspect of the sportsbook that's in its own section. We did this to point out the fact that on the site, esports has its own completely dedicated tab and section as well. Not only are you going to find a ton of matches to bet on, but you're also going to see upcoming schedules, betting help and strategy guides and articles and news about the happening in esports. Frankly, if you're an esports fan or bettor, this is where you need to be going because the dedicated area is 1337 h4x0r.

It is also worth mentioning that Pinnacle's esports division earned itself quite a bit of silverware. They have been crowned as the best esports operators for several years in a row now, cementing their position as one of the world's leading esports betting websites.

A lot of hard work and dedication went into making Pinnacle the best place for all things esports. A constantly growing number of available esports markets is just the icing on the cake. Pinnacle can also boast with a vast number of special esports bets too. Needless to say, all these factors played a key role in Pinnacle becoming the esports powerhouse it is today. And it's no wonder EGR Awards noticed that and crowned their dedication.

At the last time we checked, offered games included:

  • Starcraft 2
  • Dota 2
  • LoL
  • Hearthstone
  • Overwatch
  • CSGO
  • Rocket League
  • King of Glory
  • Rainbow Six

In addition to the esports betting, Pinnacle offers entertainment prop bets which are way too much fun. Yes, they rarely are going to be profitable bets and are more just for novelty, but who doesn't like betting on Shark Week or Game of Thrones. We aren't kidding. At the time we last checked the site, you could bet on whether or not Michael Phelps would win or lose against a great white shark in a race during Shark Week on tv? Sometimes we wish we were making this stuff up.

Overall, the sportsbook hits on all cylinders. We actually spent significant time trying to find something we could ding them for to improve upon, but came up empty. The sportsbook section of Pinnacle is a home run.

The main sports categories that bets are offered on are listed below. Within these categories, there are tons of different leagues and organizations that will fluctuate based upon what is currently in season.

With everything that has been said above, it is only logical to conclude with a list of available bets on the most popular esports markets:

  • Match Winner
  • Outright Winner
  • Region of the Winner
  • Map Winner
  • 1st to 5 Rounds
  • Pistol Round
  • Handicap Bets

In addition to all these types of bets, Pinnacle goes out of their way during the biggest esports events and delivers a vast number of game-specific specials for their beloved users. Since that list goes on and on, perhaps it would be better to check our Esports special bets article to find out more.

Game Selection

We have to be brutally honest here. Anytime we see a site with such a strong sportsbook, we automatically assume their slots and casino offerings are going to be a weak attempt to "just put something up". Again, we're wrong. Pinnacle Casino has done a nice job flushing out their slots section of the website.

Game selection is good, but not great, as they have just over 50 games offered. While none of the games are branded, the games still look to be of high quality with great graphics. We're not totally sure how they have the games arranged, as they aren't ordered alphabetically or in any other sort of pattern we could figure out.

While this is definitely an area for improvement, it's not a huge deal with only around 50 games. If they were rocking a selection of several hundred, this would be a nightmare. Hopefully, if Pinnacle Casino ever expands their game selection, they also include a few ways to organize the games and maybe even a search function. For now, though, it's not that big of a deal, but we're still perfectionists and quite demanding.

Slots Slots

Slot games offered include the following. Though they aren't alphabetized on the site, we have done it here for you for your convenience.

  • Arabian Oasis
  • Arctic Bear
  • Bank Robbery
  • Barnyard Bucks
  • Big Game Safari
  • Big Top Circus
  • Caribbean Paradise
  • Cash Garden
  • Champions
  • ChessMate
  • Cinema Classics
  • Construction
  • Critters
  • Dancin' Zombies
  • Diamond Diggin
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Forest Fairies
  • Fortunate Saloon
  • Fruity Fortune Plus
  • Gem Stones
  • Glamour World
  • Goblin Hideout
  • Golden Legacy
  • Golf'n Monkeys
  • Goool
  • Happy Hour
  • Jackbot Slots
  • Lost Ruins Treasure
  • Lucky Mermaid Slots
  • Lucky Pets
  • Mardigras Slots
  • Matsuri
  • Mayan Secret
  • Merry Christmas
  • Moby Dick
  • Mr Caribbean
  • Nordic Quest
  • Pharaoh's Lost Treasure
  • Precious Stones
  • RocknRolls
  • SlapShot
  • Slot and Pepper
  • Slot Boss
  • Slot Wheels
  • Space Bucks
  • Sportfishing
  • Sweets and Spins
  • The Purrfect Match
  • Tiki Land
  • Tropical Aquarium
  • Vintage Toy Room
  • Wild Birthday Blast
Table GamesCasino Games

The casino games selection at Pinnacle Casino is conveniently broken up into four separate tabs - Video Poker, Table Games, Card Games, and Bingo and Keno. The selection of games was fairly limited which wasn't ideally what we were hoping to see. The best way to describe the selection is that it would be perfect for a sports bettor or slots player that likes to dabble in casino games, but would not be ideal for a player who is predominantly a casino games player. Though the selection was lacking, the quality of the games was good.

Video Poker Video Poker

Pinnacle Casino had nine different video poker games for players to choose from. These included the following:

  • Aces & Eights
  • Deuces Wild
  • Deuces Wild 25 Lines
  • Double Bonus
  • Double Double Bonus
  • Jacks or Better
  • Jacks or Better 25 Lines
  • Jokers Wild
  • Jokers Wild 25 Lines
Table GamesTable Games

The table games section was lacking with only three selections, though this may be a bit misleading because most sites mix the card games and table games together in one category. We don't want to knock them too hard for trying to be more organized, but the selection was a lot smaller than we'd ideally hope for. We've listed the game selections below:

  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Roulette Single Zero
  • Card Games

Within the Card Games section of the Pinnacle Casino, there were five different game options. Three of these were blackjack variations (which is nice to see). Games included are listed below.

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack Multihand
  • Blackjack Single Deck
  • Blackjack Singlehand
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Bingo and Keno

The Bingo and Keno section was the most appropriately labeled section of the bunch. It had bingo…and keno. There was only one variation of each game as well, so we will spare you the listing below.

Banking Options

Pinnacle Casino had a ton of different deposit and withdrawal options for players all over the world. What was cool to see was that they had the major options as well as some specific dedicated options targeted at different markets in the world.

Players get one free cashout per month, and then are required to pay fees on any additional cashouts. The good news is that the fees for these are significantly lower than you normally see in the industry, and by a mile. It's rare that we'll say that fees are a positive, but the low amount on these drops them into that category. For example, you can take out up to €50,000 on Skrill (Moneybookers) for €12. You also could just use that as your one free cashout per month, and you'd receive up to €50,000 in minutes for free.

Deposit limits were also significantly higher (with some unlimited with no max) than we see at a lot of sites online. This means the site caters to and is equipped to handle big volume sports bettors or high rollers in the casino. While some of the deposit options list fees, Pinnacle says they will absorb these by crediting the fee cost to your account after the transaction is processed.

Asian Bank Transfer

Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: KRW50,000 / Per Transaction€ KRW9,000,000

Min/Max Withdrawal: KRW50,000 / Per Transaction€ KRW9,000,000

Withdrawal Fee: KRW20,000

Bank Transfer

Deposit Fee: Covered by Pinnacle if over a certain amount

Min/Max Deposit:€10 / No maximum

Min/Max Withdrawal: €20 / No maximum

Withdrawal Fee: €20

China Banking

Deposits: Not Available

Min/Max Withdrawal: €100 / Per transaction €50,000

Withdrawal Fee: Variable

China Debit Card

Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: €100 / Per Transaction €49,999

Withdrawals: Not Available


Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit:€ €20 / €500 Month:€ €2,000

Min/Max Withdrawal: €100 / €2,500

Withdrawal Fee: €12


Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: $100 / $3,000

Min/Max Withdrawal: $12 / $1,500 24 hours: € $3,000

Withdrawal Fee: $15


Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: €10 / Based on account limits at payment provider

Min/Max Withdrawal: €10 / Based on account limits at payment provider

Withdrawal Fee: €12


Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: €20 / €5,000 Month: €€50,000

Min/Max Withdrawal: €15 / € €3,000 Maximum transactions per 24 hours: 10

Withdrawal Fee: €12


Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: €100 / €50,000

Withdrawals: Not Available

Fast Banking

Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: €100 / €20,000 24 hours: €150,000

Withdrawals: Not Available


Deposit Fee: Variable by location

Min/Max Deposit: €50 / Based on account limits at payment provider Transaction: € €1,500

Min/Max Withdrawal: €50 / € €20,000

Withdrawal Fee: €12


Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: $10 / $2,500 Month: € $12,500

Min/Max Withdrawal: $12 / € $20,000 24 hours: € $20,000

Withdrawal Fee: $18

Instant Banking

Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: €50 / Based on account limits at payment provider

Min/Max Withdrawal: €50 / 24 hours: € €9,000

Withdrawal Fee: €12

Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: €10 / €10,000

Withdrawals: Not Available


Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: €10 /€ €37,500

Min/Max Withdrawal: €10 / €37,500

Withdrawal Fee: € €12

PaySafe Card

Deposit Fee: 3.45%

Min/Max Deposit: €25 / €250

Min/Max Withdrawal: €12 / €25

Withdrawal Fee: € €1,000

QiWi Wallet

Deposit Fee: 2%

Min/Max Deposit: €10 / €250

Min/Max Withdrawal: € €10 / €180

Withdrawal Fee: €12


Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: €10 / Based on account limits at payment provider

Min/Max Withdrawal: €10 / €€50,000

Withdrawal Fee: €12


Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: €10 / 24 hours:€ €500

Withdrawals: Not Available

Trustly Bank Transfer

Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: €10 / 24 hours: €€50,000

Min/Max Withdrawal: €10 / 24 hours: €50,000

Withdrawal Fee: €12


Deposit Fee: Pinnacle absorbs these fees.

Min/Max Deposit: €10 / €19,000

Min/Max Withdrawal: €12 / €19,000

Withdrawal Fee: €12


Deposit Fee: Free

Min/Max Deposit: €100 / €3,000 24 hours: €10,000 Week: €70,000 Month: €300,000

Withdrawals: Not Available

Bonus Promotions

To be as friendly as we can be, the bonuses at Pinnacle Casino were weak. There were no deposit bonuses, no sportsbook promotions, and only one promotion for the casino that had limitations. While we respect keeping it simple in most areas of the review process, the bonus and promotions area is somewhere we want to see creativity, or at least robust, simple promotions.

The one promotion they had was 0.3% cashback on bets in the casino. This excludes Craps and Blackjack. Basically, if you bet $100 on a game, you will get $0.03 in bonus money credited to your account. Yes, this will add up over time, but definitely slowly. There are no "upper levels" you can get to or anything you can do to increase this percentage.

One of the biggest perks to playing online is the ability to take advantage of the awesome promotions available. This is definitely a big letdown.

Customer Service

We were really surprised with the fact that Pinnacle only had one option when it came to customer service. We'd expect such a big player in the industry to be on top of customer service, delivering every option available. Unfortunately, all they have is a form. There was no phone number, live chat, or even email address to .

To be fair, it's possible that they have amazing customer service and crush the form, but we'd really like to see a lot of different options we can choose from. In addition, the form was a bit difficult to find. It's down in the footer of the site and not really anywhere else helpful.

The Pinnacle Casino review was an interesting one for us, and it gets more interesting in rendering our final conclusion. If you're a sports bettor, the Pinnacle Casino is going to be a win for you. They have one of the best laid out user interfaces and have tons of great options and interesting bets for you to choose from.

If you're a slots player or casino game player, though, the story is a little different. While the game quality is great and the selection is above par, the lack of bonuses and promotions outside of a very low cashback percentage is upsetting. Personally, we'd play somewhere that has a bit more to offer, unless you see games you really love here.

The bottom line is: a win for sports bettors and most likely a miss for slots and casino players.

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