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While Free Spin is decent overall, if you want a site with a wider variety of both games and banking options, we recommend Casumo Casino.

Founded in 2004, Free Spin Casino is not a newcomer in the online casino space. At 14 years in business, they've got lots more time in this industry than many other online casinos out there, as the vast majority of online casinos were founded within the last five year or so.

Free Spin Casino is licensed by the Caribbean island of Curacao. This isn't much of a surprise to me, as many online casinos choose to gain their license from Caribbean island governments thanks to their more generous online gaming laws. Other hotbeds for online gaming licenses tend to be South America and Europe.

Banking Methods

Ratings Breakdown


As a whole, I've rated Free Spin Casino at 4.0 out of 5.0. While they have some notable highlights, such as their 24/7 customer service support and their lineup of slot games, they also have many areas that could be improved. By adding in more banking options along with increasing their selection of casino games, Free Spin Casino could step up their game and become an even better online casino.

Game Variety

The game variety at Free Spin Casino is a bit lacking in some areas. While they have some excellent coverage of slot machines and video poker, the table games and other casino games leave me wanting for more. Also missing from their lineup was any form of live dealer casino games. Hopefully, they'll step up and add more games to their list in the near future.


Currently, Free Spin Casino only provides their clients with three different banking options. While the choices that they offer are popular ones, their list is still much shorter than most online casinos. To help give their clients more options, Free Spin Casino needs to add in other popular payment options such as PayPal and Skrill.


At Free Spin Casino, you'll find a good selection of bonus options that should allow you lots of chances to earn bonus cash. They provide excellent coverage for new and current clients alike. However, Free Spin Casino could offer a slightly more extensive set of bonus options in the future to help give their clients even more ways to earn bonus cash.

Customer Service

Free Spin Casino has things dialed in when it comes to customer service. I can't find anything to fault them on in this area. I'm highly pleased with their 24/7 support and their multiple options that even include live chat.

User Interface

I found the user interface at Free Spin Casino to be very good overall. Using it, I was able to quickly find the games that I was searching for. At no point did I struggle to move about the site.

Based on the length of time they've been in business, I was excited to check out Free Spin Casino. With over 14 years of experience, I had some high expectations of what I should see from them. I set off to complete a full review of their site to see how far they've come over all of these years.

In my complete review of Free Spin Casino, I'll take a look under the hood to see everything that they have to offer. Luckily, since I've not been paid by the casino to write a glowing review, that leaves me the ability to tell it to you like it is. I'll leave no stone unturned as I tell you things that I like and things that I'm not a fan of. My goal is to help you have the best online gaming experience possible by providing you with an honest and complete review of Free Spin Casino.


If you're into playing slots online, take some time to see what Free Spin Casino has to offer. In their online casino, I found over 90 different slot games. I was quite impressed with the number of games that they provided, as it is more than many other online casinos out there.

One thing that I liked about their slots selection was that Free Spin Casino offered many different types of slot games. In my time on the site, I located progressive slots, bonus round slots, and reel slots in three, five, and six variants. By offering such a solid mix of slot game types, it helps give their clients a good set of options to select from.

I noticed that the majority of their slot games were generic named games. I did manage to locate just one name brand game in the mix, which was a Three Stooges slot game. Overall, I'm a huge fan of online casinos that offer name brand games, as they tend to provide clients with a better gaming experience than their generic counterparts. Luckily, I didn't come across too many knock-off games on their site, but there were a handful including "Eternal Love" which is a knock-off of the Twilight movie series.

As I mentioned above, Free Spin Casino does offer some progressive slot games. To my disappointment, however, the size of the jackpots was quite small. On average, many of the progressive slots had a pot of $3,000 or less. Compared to many other online casinos, these jackpots are quite small. I'd like to see them step up the size of their progressive jackpots in the future so that they can be more competitive with other online casinos.

The organization of the slot games was well thought out. Using the primary top bar navigation, you can select from a drop down and choose the type of slot machine game you'd like to play. There, you're able to select from options such as three-reel, six-reel, and progressive slots. Once you make your choice, Free Spin Casino will only show you the slots that fit that selection. I like this set up, since so many other online casinos just lump all slot machines together leaving the client to figure out what type each one is.

From a graphics standpoint, Free Spin Casino's slots are pretty middle of the road. Although there is nothing wrong with being average, I'd still like to see them aim higher in the future.

Please Note
If they can add in some 3D slots and other slot games with better graphics in the future, it will help them create a better gaming experience for their clients.

Unfortunately, you can't test drive any of the slot machine games without an account. This was a pretty big disappointment, as I like the ability to test drive things before going through the whole signup process on the site. Another downer is the fact that Free Spin Casino doesn't even offer people that have signed up the ability to test drive games in a free version. Moving forward, I'd highly suggest that they consider allowing people to test drive things for free and without an account so that folks can get an idea of what to expect from their online casino.

If you're into playing slots from your mobile device, you'll be glad to know that Free Spin Casino has made all of their slot games mobile-friendly. I'll go into more detail on their mobile compatibility in a later section located below.

Casino Games

Free Spin Casino also offers more games than just slots in their online casino. I also located a lineup of casino games that included 56 types of video poker, 12 table games, and more. While this isn't the most extensive selection of casino games that I've ever come across, it looks like they have all of the crucial games covered.

Unfortunately, I did not find any live dealer casino games at Free Spin Casino. I was hoping that they would offer these games, because I enjoy playing them, and they are currently trendy in the online casino industry. I'd highly suggest that they bring live dealer casino games to their online casino sooner, rather than later, so that they can continue to remain competitive with other online casinos.

The game graphics for their casino games were pretty average. While they don't have anything that is over the top amazing, they do still have some good graphics that are engaging and visually pleasing. Hopefully, Free Spin Casino will consider adding in some better game graphics at some point in the future.

I did enjoy the user interface that Free Spin Casino had for their online casino. Thanks to their site's well-designed user interface, I was able to quickly move about the website and locate the games that I was looking for. They have developed a user interface that is much easier to use than many other online casinos that I have come across before.

The last thing that I checked into relating to their casino games was if they were mobile-friendly or not.

I'm happy to report that Free Spin Casino offers all of their casino games in a mobile-friendly format so that you can play them from any smartphone or tablet.

I'll cover this in more detail in a later section below.

As a whole, their online casino feels a bit empty. While they have some excellent selections of slots and video poker, their table games selection is tiny. By adding in a broader range of table games along with live dealer games and some better graphics, Free Spin Casino can work to make their online casino stand out from the crowd.


In this section, I'll give you the scoop on the banking options that Free Spin Casino offers their clients for deposits and withdrawals. If you're new to online casinos, it is vital that you locate a site that provides you with banking options that you can use to move your money onto and off of the site.

Deposit Options

At Free Spin Casino, they offer their clients three different banking methods to make deposits on the site. Those options are VISA, MasterCard, and Bitcoin. For your convenience, I've listed each of these options below along with associated information that you should know about each one.


Minimum Deposit: $25

Max Deposit: $1,000

Turnaround Time: Instant


Minimum Deposit: $25

Max Deposit: $1,000

Turnaround Time: Instant


Minimum Deposit: $25

Max Deposit: Unlimited

Turnaround Time: Instant

Withdrawal Options

When you're ready to remove some of your funds from the site, Free Spin Casino provides the same three banking options for withdrawals as they do for deposits. Below, I've provided you pertinent information on each one of these withdrawal banking options.


Minimum Withdrawal: $150

Max Withdrawal(per week): $2,000

Turnaround Time: 5-7 Business Days


Minimum Withdrawal: $150

Max Withdrawal(per week): $2,000

Turnaround Time: 5-7 Business Days


Minimum Withdrawal: $150

Max Withdrawal(per week): $2,000

Turnaround Time: 5-7 Business Days

While Free Spin Casino has a good start of banking options, the list could be better. At just three banking methods, their list is much smaller than most online casinos. I'd like to see them provide their clients with many more banking options in the future. If I were them, I would consider adding options such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and bank wire to their lineup.

Bonuses and Promotions

If you're on the fence about signing up to play at Free Spin Casino, don't make up your mind until you check out the bonus promotions that they have to offer their clients. Like many other online casinos, they bring promotions to the table to help them attract new clients and to help keep current clients happy. In this section, I'll cover the details on some of the best promotions that Free Spin Casino has to offer at this time.

Like many other online casinos, Cherry Gold provides welcome bonuses and reload bonuses. In addition, they also give some game specific bonuses. Keep reading below to learn more about each of these offers and see which ones might be the best fit for your needs.

For Sports BetsWelcome Bonus

Up first, let's talk about the Slots Welcome Bonus from Free Spin Casino. Under the terms and conditions of this promotion, new clients can earn an initial deposit match of 250%! With a max deposit of $1,000, you can receive a whopping $2,500 in slots bonus cash! This promotion offers a great way for you to kick off your gaming at Free Spin Casino. To take advantage of this offer, just use code "WELCOMESPIN" when making your first deposit on the site.

I should note a few things about the fine print on this offer. First, make sure to remember that this offer is only available for new site clients. Unfortunately, existing players can't take advantage of this one. Secondly, a minimum deposit of $25 is required to qualify for the promotion. And finally, just know that any bonus funds from this offer are subject to a 30x rollover requirement.

For Sports BetsDaily Bonus Offers

Each day of the week, Free Spin Casino offers their clients an exciting new promotion. Typically, these promotions are linked to one of the casino games and will include some form of deposit match offer. What I like about this promotion is that it offers clients the chance to see lots of bonus variety. If you decide to play at Free Spin Casino, be sure to check their promotions page frequently to see if the daily promotion is one that makes sense for you.

For Sports BetsMonthly Bonus Offers

Similar to their daily bonus offers, you'll also find monthly bonus offers from Free Spin Casino. For these offers, you'll typically see several different game bonus offers that are good for the entire current month. I also like this promotion due to the fact that it changes monthly and helps keep the rewards fresh. Make sure to check each month to see what the monthly bonus offers are on Free Spin Casino so that you can maximize your bonus earning potential.

For Sports BetsJoin the Gang Promotion

Currently, there is an excellent promotion on one of the hottest games at Free Spin Casino, Cash Bandits 2. Under this promotion, you can earn up to 145% deposit match and 50 free game spins! The amount of bonus and free spins that you receive depends on how much you deposit. I'll cover the details of your deposit options below.

To qualify for this promotion, you'll need to deposit a minimum of $75. If you deposit between $75 and $124, you'll earn a 120% match and 35 free spins. However, you can gain even more if you break the $125 deposit barrier.

For those clients depositing more than $125 with this promotion, they'll score a 145% deposit match and 50 free spins. Since there isn't that much of a gap between $75 and $125, I'd try to hit $125 or more so that you can get more value out of this promotion. By doing this, you'll get an extra 25% deposit match and 15 more free spins.

One of the coolest parts of this promotion is that you can earn even more free spins if you use the code more than once in a day! If you happen to use the code twice in one day, you'll score yourself all of the cool bonus stuff mentioned above, and they'll also toss in an additional 55 free spins! By using it twice, you'll get tons of value for your hard-earned cash.

Finally, I should note a couple of things about the fine print of this promotion. For one, this code can only be used twice a day per account. That being said, nothing is stopping you from using it multiple days in a row. Secondly, be aware that bonus cash from this promotion is subject to a 30x rollover requirement. To claim this promotion, just use code "CASHOUT" when making your deposit on Free Spin Casino.

For Sports BetsBandits Bonus

If you care less about free spins, and you like the idea of a more significant deposit match, check out the Bandits Bonus. With this offer from Free Spin Casino, you can score a 225% deposit match and 25 free spins on the Cash Bandits 2 game. One of the best things about the promotion is that the minimum deposit is only $25! To take advantage of this offer, just enter the code "CASH2" when making a deposit to your casino account.

I'm pretty happy with all of the bonus offers that Free Spin Casino has to offer. What's nice about them is that they have a right mix of welcome, reload, and special bonus offers. With their combination of offers, clients should have plenty of chances to earn bonus cash while they play on the site. Don't forget to check the promotions page of Free Spin Casino regularly to see what the latest offers are.

Mobile Compatibility

I've added in this section to cover the mobile compatibility of Free Spin Casino. For many folks out there, they now use their mobile devices to do their casino gaming. It's essential for me to help people evaluate the mobile-friendliness of a site so that they know what to expect. Below, I'll go into more detail on the mobile compatibility of Free Spin Casino.

Mobile Casino

If you're into playing casino games from your mobile phone or tablet, then you'll be glad to know that Free Spin Casino offers mobile casino games. In fact, every single one of their games is mobile-friendly, meaning that you won't miss out on any of the action. I played many of their casino games from my smartphone and tablet during the course of my review and found the mobile site to be super sleek and well designed.

Mobile Poker

I'm happy to report that poker is one of the casino games that you can play on the mobile version of the Free Spin Casino website. From what I gathered, you're able to play all 56 versions of video poker offered in their online casino through a mobile device. I utilized my tablet and my cell phone to test out several of the video poker games. On both devices, the games displayed and functioned well.

Mobile App

Currently, Free Spin Casino does not have a mobile app developed for their site. I searched for both Android and iPhone applications and could not locate anything. To make sure, I ed their customer service team to see if they had plans to roll one out anytime soon. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any clear guidance from their team. If they do end up rolling a mobile app out at a later date, I'll be sure to come back here to give you my review of the mobile app.

As a whole, I'm quite impressed with the mobile compatibility of Free Spin Casino. Even if you're using a mobile device, you're still able to play all of the same games and slots that you can on the non-mobile version of the site. Even without a mobile app, they still offer a stellar mobile gaming experience. Don't hesitate to test drive the mobile-friendliness of their website for yourself to see just how well it works.

Customer Service

Before concluding my review of the site, I also wanted to make sure that I carefully inspected the customer service offered by Free Spin Casino. It is imperative that you locate a website that provides premium customer service so that you know you're in good hands if and when you need it down the road. Below, I'll give you the full rundown of what I found at Free Spin Casino.

The first thing that I noticed about their customer service was that they offered three different options to reach their team. I was excited to see this, as I'm a big fan of sites that offer clients more than one way to reach them. Unfortunately, too many other online casinos out there only have one primary option. At Free Spin Casino, you can reach their team by email, phone, or live chat.

Next, I noticed that Free Spin Casino offers 24/7 customer service support. This is very awesome of them, as it means you'll always be able to reach someone no matter the day or the hour. Honestly, I wish more online casinos would do the same.

If email is the way that you prefer to reach a site's customer service, Free Spin Casino offers you the ability to do that. You can use their email support for assistance with everything from technical support to banking.

Another option to reach the Free Spin Casino support team is to use a telephone. What's nice about the phone support is that they offer a toll-free phone number.

Lastly, you can take advantage of my personal favorite way to reach customer service by using the live chat functionality on Free Spin Casino. I love live chat as it helps me get the answers I need while I'm on the site. On any page, you'll see a small chat prompt box located in the top right-hand corner of any page. Once you click on that, you'll be instantly connected with one of their support agents.

Throughout the course of my review, I made sure to use each of the three options myself. I wanted to test them out and make sure that the responses were timely and helpful. Happily, I received terrific service using all three of the options. Due to my stellar experience with their customer support team, I don't have any reason to doubt that you won't have a great experience.

Overall, I'm highly pleased with the customer support that Free Spin Casino has to offer. Not only do they provide 24/7 help, but they also offer multiple options to make it convenient for their clients to reach them. If you're planning to play at this casino, you can rest assured that they will take good care of you if you need any support along the way!


Free Spin Casino has a good chunk of highlights for their online casino. Notably, I like the size of their slots games offering as well as their 24/7 customer service support. However, the site is not perfect, since it is missing some components such as live dealer casino games and a more extensive selection of banking options. Even without these items, Free Spin Casino has still assembled a reliable online casino. By adding in these missing pieces later, Free Spin Casino will increase the attractiveness of their website.

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