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The world of online gambling and gaming is one of the most dynamic niches on the web and is always in a constant state of flux. This can be a good thing as well as a bad thing, depending on your perspective and specific set of experiences within the niche. On a positive side, the addition of new and exciting online betting or gambling options is always a good thing. This keeps the industry from stagnating and, eventually, shrinking.

One of the most exciting and fairly new segments within the online gambling and gaming niche is esports betting. In case you've never even heard of esports betting, in a nutshell, this is the process of placing bets on virtual sports. In other words, you watch individuals or teams play various quest or mission-based games (similar to the video games you play on Xbox or PlayStation), and place bets on who will win, who will lose, or who will draw and so on.

Betting on esports is similar to regular sports betting where you would normally bet on your favorite football (soccer) team, basketball team, or other sports teams to win. The way the odds and markets work are also very similar. The only real difference is that, instead of putting money on a horse, a greyhound, or Renaldo, you're putting it on a team of characters that exist within a game.

At first, esports seem odd since you're watching other people play what is essentially a video game on a screen. However, after a few minutes, you start really getting into it and, if you're competitive (which you should be since you're already on a betting site), you begin to root for one or the other to win. Now, add the ability to put a few bucks on the guys that you want to win and you have an awesome new sport to bet on. It really is that simple!

Over the past couple of years, esports have grown exponentially and, relatively speaking, their growth is outstripping many traditional sports in terms of viewership support and revenue generated from betting online. However, despite its growing popularity as a fully-fledged, free-standing genre within the world of online sports betting, many "regular" sportsbooks don't feature it. In most top traditional sportsbooks, you'll be lucky to spot the esports option in their massive list of sports covered. Even when you do find it, clicking on it can be even more of a disappointment.

Most online sportsbooks don't really take esports all that seriously, and they would rather focus on their soccer, horse racing, and basketball markets since this is where they make their real money. This usually means that, if you are into esports betting, you may find just one or two popular esports options covered, with a few limited markets to explore.

The net result? A sub-niche within online sports betting that is wide open and ready for an innovative brand to step in.

This is precisely what has happened, and it's made followers of esports very excited indeed. We're talking about none other than the Betspawn esports betting site, a brand-new option for esports fans on the web.

Betspawn is still new, and only launched in 2016 after successful feedback generated from their beta esports betting site.

Betspawn has taken the bold leap of becoming one of the very first online sportsbooks to only offer esports betting action. In other words, if you are looking for an all-rounder that offers great esports as well as other sports like soccer or horse racing, you will have to look elsewhere.

Betspawn only does esports and nothing else. We think this is actually an excellent move since the sports betting market is already pretty much saturated with sportsbooks.

Most sportsbooks have also diversified into online casinos, a totally different direction. This has left the way open for brands like Betspawn to forge ahead and break new ground in esports coverage. In a little over a year since the official launch of their new betting site, Betspawn already offers more esports and related markets than any other traditional sportsbook. Perhaps this shouldn't be that surprising, given that they are a dedicated esports betting site.

However, we decided that it's high time we did a full review of the entire Betspawn brand and website. So, in this review we plan on dismantling the entire Betspawn site and examining the quality and efficiency of their customer support, payment, and banking options, actual esports offered and markets covered, how well the user interface works in terms of overall functionality, look and feel, and just about anything else we can think of.

We want to see if this really is the best alternative available right now for dedicated esports gamblers like you, so let's get to it!

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The Breakdown


Our overall assessment of Betspawn is actually very good, and we found that the good points far outweigh the bad ones.

We've also had to take into consideration that the Betspawn brand is still a fairly new one, having only launched in 2016. In other words, what we've covered here is subject to change or improve as time goes on, so perhaps take some of it with a grain of salt.

We thought the overall design of the website, the look and feel of it, was fantastic and quite exceptional. It has the look of being its very own online adventure game and is clearly aimed at esports fans who actually play online games themselves (the owners of the website are all online gamers). We love the user interface and the layout of the site which includes the idea of a personal dashboard where you can easily access all of the core functions of the site.

Due to its clever design and layout, the Betspawn site is very easy to use and is also quite intuitive, which is great for newbies. There is plenty of helpful information to assist new players in learning how to bet and how to follow their bets. We love the way that the bet slip interacts with the user interface, and that simply clicking on the odds that you like activates your bet slip, putting your selected odds on the slip. We also love the preselected buttons with different cash values, which can be seen on the bet slip as well as on the banking page when making a deposit. This is a fast and convenient way to transact with the website and really suits the selective nature associated with online gaming.

Of course, there were one or two issues and things that could do with some improvements, in our opinion. The most notable of these lies in their customer support services, which are not available 24 hours a day. In our minds, an online sportsbook support staff should be available around the clock, at least in their live chat facility. This is especially important if you are operating internationally in different time zones, when people need assistance at odd hours. In addition to that, we feel that one or two more payment options wouldn't hurt either.


As we have already mentioned earlier, Betspawn is fairly unique within the online sports betting industry as they have chosen to specialize exclusively in esports betting. This essentially means that they do not offer any other sort of online sports betting such as basketball, soccer/football, horse racing, or any of the other popular sports available at most online sportsbooks. This has been seen by many online sports betting analysts as a fairly bold and somewhat risky step.

However, we actually think that it is a gutsy move and we are glad that someone did it. This is mostly because, as an esports fan, getting great esports coverage at most general online sports betting sites is not all that easy. Most online sportsbooks only offer esports as an additional option, much like their novelty betting in politics or entertainment.

Betspawn actually took the leap in offering a site for esports fans to get every possible esports option in one single site. And, while they may be slightly lacking in some areas, we think that this is the start of great things for online esports betting.


Betspawn is fairly limited in their payment options, which could be seen as a good thing since it saves you a bit of time when it comes to deciding which option to go for (that's our glass is half full take on it anyway). When clicking on the Betspawn cashier, you will see several options that are available to you, depending on which country or territory you are playing from. Top choices include Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill. Like the rest of the Betspawn site, making a deposit is very simple and there are several boxes containing preselected amounts. All you have to do is click on the one that fits and voila, you've made your deposit. Quick, simple and easy!


Betspawn offers a fairly decent welcome bonus for new players that register a new account with the brand. Players can opt to sign up with the bonus or sign up without the bonus which, in our opinion, is a much faster and more streamlined approach to adding a bonus to your sign-up process, as opposed to having to complete it as an entirely separate process later.

The Betspawn welcome bonus offer consists of a one-size-fits-all match percentage bonus which works in any of the currency values that they support. Players can claim a 100% match on their deposit up to a maximum of 133.70 USD or currency equivalent in EUR, GBP, SEK and other supported currencies.

In order to unlock this welcome bonus offer, players need to click on the box containing the offer when they initiate the sign-up process. If they prefer not to sign up with a bonus, they will need to click on the alternate box which clearly states that they are signing up for an account without a bonus offer. The second part of the process to qualify for the welcome bonus is to deposit a minimum amount of at least 10 USD or more (or currency equivalent).

Players will also need to fulfil a wagering requirement (turnover) of at least twelve (12) times the bonus amount, and they have a total of 120 days in which to do so. Bets that are placed need to be on odds of 2/5 or higher. We like that you have about four months in which to meet all of your turnover obligations, which we think is more than fair on the part of Betspawn.

However, it is important that player note that failure to meet all wagering requirements within the allotted amount of time will result in them forfeiting all bonus money that has been allocated to their account, along with any and all winnings that have been accrued through the use of bonus funds.

Apart from their sign-up bonus offer, Betspawn doesn't really have any other promotions on offer. The brand does sometimes create special prize giveaways to promote special tournaments and other select events. We recommend that you ensure to tick the box that gives Betspawn permission to send you emails regarding new products, promotions and special giveaways. That way you always stay in the loop when it comes to getting freebies, free bets, prizes and other cool goodies.

Customer Service

We have to say that customer support is the only real aspect of the entire Betspawn brand that we think could do with a bit of improving. We go into serious detail a bit later on in this in-depth Betspawn review but for now, we'll give you the basics.

Overall, Betspawn has two main communication channels, consisting of a live chat function and an email address.

However, the brand's live chat option is not available 24 hours a day and only operates during 'normal office hours.' This is in stark contrast to most other top online sportsbooks that offer, as a bare minimum, 24 hours live chat support. When the Betspawn live chat service is 'offline', you can leave them a message on their live chat platform and they will get back to you, presumably as soon as they are back in the office the following working day (if it's not a weekend). Aside from limited-hours live chat and an email address, players can also leave messages on their Facebook page or Twitter.

User Interface

We go into great detail a little later on in our Betspawn review about their incredible user interface. To say that we were super impressed with it is a bit of an understatement, because we loved it! Betspawn has really thought about the design of their esports betting site, and it's not just set up to make them as much money as possible. It is quite clear that these guys are players themselves and love everything about esports. You can see it in every clever design element as well as in the look and feel of the user interface.

The Betspawn user interface design is clearly a homage to the spirit of online gaming and online esports. The muted greys as well as the design of the buttons, boxes and other elements, are clearly meant to look like the menu of a great video game. These subtle design elements add enormous value to the user interface and help to set the atmosphere for some intense online esports betting.

In addition to the visual aesthetics, which are simply awesome, the Betspawn user interface is also one of the most practical user interfaces or betting consoles we have ever come across. The design team managed to keep the user interface as clean as possible, with only the most vital elements visible. Various navigational buttons store additional statistics or functions, allowing the overall look of the user interface to be clear and easy to read and use.


Overall, site security and reliability at Betspawn is excellent, and the brand uses cutting edge technology to ensure their player's safety at all times. Betspawn uses the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates which ensure that all data on the Betspawn servers is encrypted at all times. This also includes all data uploaded or downloaded from the server and client. Bottom line, all of your personal information including banking details, credit card details and so on, is always encrypted and absolutely useless to unauthorized third parties. Dedicated and highly trained cashier staff also monitor all deposits and withdrawals to ensure that all transactions are conducted safely and securely at all times.

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Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Betspawn does not offer that many payment options on their platform. We're not quite sure why this is, and it could be simply that they are still too new to have amassed a considerable number of payment options. However, we think that it's more to do with keeping their operation more streamlined, with less to manage and less chance of things going wrong. Having said that, they do offer the essential payment options including a choice of credit and debit cards as well as the most popular eWallet options.

We actually like the look of Betspawn's banking interface, it's clean, simple and very easy to use. Sometimes having too many options can be more detrimental in the long run. One could even apply the law of diminishing returns when it comes to online gambling website payment options and platforms. With too many choices, it becomes all too easy to become stuck in the quagmire of indecision.

There are so many aspects to the Betspawn website that keep reminding us that this is a brand-new site with a clear aim of changing the way things are done in online gambling, and the banking platform is just one of them. It is undeniably refreshing to see so few options available, in place of the usual horde of payment brands assailing your senses! Betspawn gives you one or two options if you prefer the dependability and solid reputation that the Visa or MasterCard brand names offer. On the other hand, if you prefer speed and modernity over reliability and tradition, there are one or two eWallets including Skrill and Neteller to choose from. All very nice and simple and, perhaps most importantly, time-saving.

Let's face it, the world of esports is extremely fast, faster in fact than many of the more traditional sports types available at regular sportsbooks. You need to be able to get your funds into your account so that you can get betting on the hottest tournaments and competitions when they happen. To this end, Betspawn ensures that regardless of your choice in available payment options, all of your deposits will be available instantly. The very second that you click on your deposit button and complete your deposit process, the funds will reflect in your user account.

When it comes to making withdrawals from your account, you will first need to verify your account before you are able to make your first withdrawal. Unlike many other online sportsbooks or casinos, Betspawn is one of the most well-organized brands that we have ever seen. Your entire user account works in a similar way to some social media dashboards, where all of the tools and features that are available to you are listed in an easy to read menu.

When it comes time to verify your user account before making your first withdrawal, you won't suddenly be filled with panic as you try to figure out just how to go about the process. Betspawn added the verification process as one of their menu items in every player's personal dashboard. All that you need to do is scroll down to the verification option and click on it. There you will see all of the instructions necessary for you to complete your verification process. The instructions are well-written and easy to read, making the dreaded verification process as simple as possible.

To begin the account verification process, you will need to gather together a few vital pieces of information. You will then be required to send these items to a dedicated Betspawn email address which is only for documents. You will need copies of the following:

  • Your ID or passport
  • Proof of residence, i.e. a document such as an invoice or bill which contains your full name and home address
  • Credit card (if you choose to use this method for deposits and withdrawals)

These copies need to be emailed to [email protected] and, if you are using your credit card as preferred payment option, make sure that you cover the first 12 digits on the front of your card when making a copy. This is for your own safety and is even recommended by Betspawn. That's it, though, and there is nothing else to worry about. Once the support team has verified your documents, which could take a few hours, although Betspawn claims it won't take longer than a day, you should be good to go. The verification process only happens once (unless they require additional paperwork for some reason), and after that it should be smooth sailing.

As far as processing times are concerned, all deposits, regardless of the chosen payment option or brand, are instant. Betspawn also says that all withdrawals (once verification is complete) using credit cards should take no longer than 72 hours. All withdrawals using an eWallet such as Neteller or Skrill are instant.

Additionally, Betspawn posts a minimum deposit and withdrawal limit, although they do not post a maximum deposit or withdrawal limit. A quick check of their terms and conditions revealed the following:

  • Any users that request a withdrawal in the amount of a thousand Euros or more (or equivalent in your preferred currency) will be liable to pay the bank commission out of their own pocket.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is set at 10 EUR or 10 GBP, 100 NOK, 100 SEK (or other currency equivalents such as USD).
  • One player transaction (deposit or withdrawal) per month is free and paid by Betspawn.

We found all of these stipulations to be completely reasonable and actually better than quite a few other online sportsbooks and casinos that we could think of. To our understanding, there really is no set limit to how much you deposit or withdraw, as long as you are aware of added commissions and so on that may accompany them.

To make things easier for an at-a-glance reference, we've listed the currencies supported by Betspawn, along with their current payment options that are on offer:

Currencies supported at Betspawn:

  • SEK
  • EUR
  • NOK
  • USD
  • GBP
  • PLN

Payment options available at Betspawn:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
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The Sportsbook

Betspawn is relatively new to the online betting market, especially compared to the established online bookmakers. Betspawn was established in 2016 and is a Swedish-based sportsbook.

The story behind Betspawn is actually really cool.

The brand was started by five online gamers who, between them, had clocked thousands of hours playing online games including Dota 2, Call of Duty, League of Legends and many others. The five friends decided to start an online betting site dedicated solely to betting on various online gaming tournament and events since the coverage available for esports betting at regular sportsbooks was somewhat limited.

The five spent many hours creating the perfect online esports betting site and initially launched a beta site to test the functionality as well as its potential with online bettors. As it turned out, both yielded positive results and, in 2016, a full and official Betspawn online betting site was launched. While the brand is still fairly new, it has proved to be enormously popular with esports fans including players and viewers alike. The ability to bet on so many great esports events has really opened the way for the growth of online esports coverage, particularly in live streaming, of which Betspawn is leading the way.

Officially, is owned by Betspawn AB and is operated by Carambit Entertainment B.V. The brand is registered in the commercial register of Curacao with a further license for remote gambling (internet betting) through Curacao eGaming. If you are interested in getting into esports betting, either as your first foray into online gambling or as an addition to your regular sports betting, this keep reading! We cover every key aspect of the Betspawn brand and website, including their top esports selections, relevant betting markets, betting options and much more.

Current esports Coverage

Since Betspawn is entirely dedicated to online esports betting, you will not find any other sort of online sports betting available here. This means that, if you are looking for an online sportsbook with a bit of everything, you may not be all that happy with Betspawn. We offer a variety of alternative online sportsbook brands to Betspawn and include in-depth and detailed reviews on each of them (pretty much like this in-depth Betspawn review).

However, having said that, if you only want to get into esports betting, then Betspawn is definitely the online sports betting brand for you. By definition, Betspawn offers sports and gaming coverage where these competitive events are carried out using gaming consoles or other electronic systems. All games are virtual by nature, although the players or controllers are, of course, real people. Most of these esports games and tournaments are carried out by teams of players, similar to normal sports.

There is also often some confusion surrounding esports, as many newbies think that these have something to do with casino gaming. To be absolutely crystal clear here, esports betting has nothing whatsoever to do with any form of online casino activity. You will not find any video slot machines or video poker games here. You will, however, find video games on a massive scale. Think of your lounge where you play Call of Duty on Xbox and times that by a million or more - that's online esports!

The fact that Betspawn focuses entirely on esports allows them to offer the widest selection of esports games, matches and tournaments, with some of the most competitive odds you'll find at online sportsbooks, plenty of interesting markets. This includes all of the top games played online including Dota 2, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, Counterstrike: GO and many others. The entire range of esports games that Betspawn has at any given time is displayed along the left-hand side of the homepage screen, much like any other good sportsbook.

Clicking on any one of these esports options will reveal the available markets, along with a range of other vital information pertaining specifically to that particular esports title. We have to say that Betspawn's layout and user interface is one of the best that we have ever seen. When it comes to sports betting online, an all too common mistake made by many online sportsbooks is to overload the page with unnecessary information.

In stark contrast to this much-maligned practice, Betspawn has a simple, clean middle page with all the detailed information you need, and none of the clutter that you don't need. For example, let's say you were into Dota 2 and clicked on their Dota 2 option. The middle of the screen would now move to all of the relevant Dota 2 coverage and associated information. This includes the specific tournaments or events receiving coverage from Betspawn, along with the teams taking part in those events and tournaments, the odds for each team, starting time (or "live now"), and the current or final score. At the bottom of each table, you will find three very useful buttons. The first button will take you to the live stream of the event or game in progress (if it is being live streamed of course), the second button allows access to all odds, and the third and final button takes you to all the relevant stats pertaining to that event. This includes all of the useful stats for both teams participating in the match/event.

Live streaming of events is really at the heart of all esports coverage, and is one of the main reasons why esports betting has become so popular lately. Live streaming of esports, perhaps even more than regular sports betting is an integral part of the culture that surrounds online gaming, as the visual aspect to gaming is as important as skill or any other aspect of online gaming. Live streaming also gives bettors who cannot attend regularly held online gaming tournaments a very good view of all of the action, allowing them to make better decisions when it comes to betting on those events.

Betspawn makes it very easy to access any of the live streaming feeds that accompany many of the main games or tournament events.

There are essentially two ways in which bettors can do this. Firstly, you can go to the "Live Now" link which is located at the top left-hand side of the homepage.

You can't miss this link, as it is highlighted by a red square with the word "live" inside it and, on a predominantly dark grey website, it really stands out! This will give you access to the entire live betting terminal on Betspawn, and you will be able to see all of the events that are happening live at that moment or are to start in the very near future.

The other way is to access the live stream of a specific event, and this can be done by going to that specific event page as we described a little earlier with our Dota 2 example. Simply click on the live stream button to go to the live stream video feed. However, not every event will have its own live stream video feed, and it all depends on the size of the event and the betting interest surrounding it.

The "Live Now" section can be thought of as Betspawn's version of the standard in-play option on regular sports betting websites. In other words, you will find a wide range of happening esports to bet on in real time, which is probably the most exciting aspect of this site.

Live now or in-play bets can be placed on popular esports and, just like with regular online sportsbooks, you will be able to enjoy a range of in-play betting options which includes "accept odds change" for the bets that you place in advance.

You can also benefit from an "only accept higher odds" option which, in combination, allows you to always get the most (best odds) out of the changing nature of an esports match or tournament event.

Current esports on offer at Betspawn:

  • Counter-Strike: GO
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • StarCraft 2
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • World of Tanks
  • Rocket League
  • King of Glory
  • Overwatch
  • Hearthstone
  • Smite
  • StarCraft
  • World of Warcraft
  • Vainglory
  • Heroes of Newerth
  • Halo
  • Gears of War
  • Street Fighter V
  • Call of Duty
  • FIFA
  • Crossfire
Different Bet Types Offered

For an online sportsbook that only focuses on a single type of sports betting, namely esports, Betspawn has a nice range of betting markets and betting options. While the bookie covers the usual betting markets that are normally associated with esports including match outright winner or tournament outright winner (or both), they go much further in their major tournament coverage. In fact, Betspawn earned a reputation for offering more markets in major esports events than any other online sportsbook (esports or otherwise).

There are more and more major esports tournaments being organized around the globe, which is attracting esports teams from all four corners. These international esports tournaments are big business, attracting massive sponsorships and millions of dollars in prize money. A great example of this in action was the recent 2017 League of Legends Championships tournament held in Korea, with a total prize pool of around $264,234.45 USD. During this tournament, Betspawn had over sixty betting markets for each match available. These betting markets were diverse and included the following:

  • Game 1/2/3 Winner
  • Game 1/2/3 to Destroy the First Tower
  • Game 1/2/3 Total Towers Destroyed
  • Game 1/2/3 Total Dragons Slain
  • Game 1/2/3 First Blood
  • Game 1/2/3 First to 10 Kills
  • Kills Even or Odd
  • Match Winner

While we picked the 2017 League of Legends Championships Korea tournament as a good example of the sort of esports betting markets you can regularly find on Betspawn's betting interface, there are plenty more, although it does depend on the specific esports as well. If you are still quite new to online esports betting, we suggest a sort of trial and error period of just exploring what Betspawn has to offer. Go through the various esports options listed down the left side of the page and click on them to open their relevant options in more detail.

You will notice that some esports types such as LoL (League of Legends) or its direct competitor, Dota 2 (Defence of the Ancients) will always have more markets than other, less popular esports types. However, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with each of the esports options that are available to see which one works best for you and which one takes your interest the most.

At the risk of repeating ourselves somewhat, we have to say we were really impressed with the Betspawn betting interface as well as the various esports and betting markets available. Betspawn makes it really easy to place a bet on any event that is available on their betting console. All that you have to do is simply click on the esports that interest you, take a look at the details presented in the middle of the page and click on the odds that you like.

The bet is automatically placed in your bet slip on the right-hand side of the page, along with the odds currently available. You can then simply click on one of the amount buttons (how much you want to bet) and then click on the bet button to confirm your bet. Clicking on the odds of the particular market again will remove the bet from your bet slip, which is simple and easy. This makes it very easy for a total newbie to place an exciting bet on any of the in-play esports events within seconds. Incidentally, odds at Betspawn are always provided in decimal format.

The "Live Now" feature is another favorite of ours, and the fact that it is always in red is a great way to see, at a glance, what action you can jump into right away. Again, "Live Now" can be seen on the main betting console, in either the top left-hand side of any of the betting tables relating to specific matches or events, or at the top left-hand side of the main menu which lists all available esports betting types currently available. You can also see "Live Now" featured matches if you scroll down the main betting console, which includes details of the event, current odds and available stats.

Other details that are available on the main betting console for both "Live Now" (in-play) matches as well as "Live Soon" and "Tomorrow" (in this case specifically pertaining to Dota 2 coverage) include:

  • Match Winner
  • Game 1 Winner
  • Game 2 Winner
  • Game 3 Winner
  • Game 2 Kills Even or Odd

If you were to look at Dota 2's direct competition within esports, League of Legends, (i.e. by clicking on League of Legends in the left-hand menu), you would see markets such as:

  • Match Winner
  • Game 1 First Blood
  • Game 1 First to Ten Kills

Each of the top available esports betting types also feature a mini drop-down menu for bettors that want to fine tune their betting. These mini drop-down menus are handy for finding interesting betting markets if the market you were initially interested in is either closed or yet to start. To check out any of these, simply click on the small downward facing arrow on the right-hand side of the main esports category within the left-hand menu.

For example, if we were to click on Dota 2 and open the drop-down menu, we would currently find:

  • StarLadder
  • ROG Masters
  • The Manila Invitational
  • PGL Open
  • ESL One
  • Dota Pit League
  • Perfect World Masters

If we did the same with Counter-Strike: GO, we would currently find:

  • ESEA Event
  • Balkan Pro League
  • Hellcase Cup
  • Skinhub Championship
  • CS: GO Super League
  • Intel Extreme Masters
  • ESL ESEA Pro League
  • BLAST Pro Series

This can be done with most of the top esports on offer including Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, World of Tanks, Rocket League, King of Glory, Counter-Strike: GO, and many others.

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Customer Service

For many experienced online gamblers and gamers, customer support services are vitally important for a number of reasons. These can range from needing some guidance in choosing the best possible payment option for your particular needs, to understanding how a certain game or betting option works, to sorting out an urgent issue regarding your account which is preventing you from either enjoying a certain game or collecting your winnings. Whatever the reason may be, it all boils down to optimal support accessibility at all times, and this is where we think Betspawn falls a bit short of the mark.

Now, before we run Betspawn's customer service into the ground, let's first make it absolutely crystal clear that these guys do offer customer support to their players. Not only do they actually offer customer support, they offer a few options which can be used by Betspawn members. This includes email support as well as live chat support. However, the bookie does not currently offer any sort of phone support and it does not appear as though they plan on adding it in the near future either.

  • Contact Email: [email protected]
  • Contact Phone: No
  • Skype Support: No
  • Live Chat: Limited hours

Our biggest problem with Betspawn customer support is that it is not available on a 24/7 basis which, in our opinion, should be a standard feature for all online casinos and online sportsbooks. This is especially true if you plan on presenting your online sportsbook platform to an international customer base. The simple reason is that we are not all in the same time zone and when you may be asleep, someone else is definitely not and is probably on Betspawn placing a few bets. If something goes wrong and they are in urgent need of assistance, there is simply no one who they can turn to for the help that they urgently need.

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User Interface

The Betspawn user interface has to be one of the best we have ever had the pleasure of using. The entire look and feel, as well as the core functionality of the Betspawn user interface, are clearly geared towards providing the smoothest possible betting experience. The user interface layout is also one of the cleanest that we have ever seen.

While most online sportsbooks seem to be content with cramming as much info as possible into their betting consoles, which often creates unnecessary clutter and confusion, Betspawn has gone for a more minimalistic design aesthetic.

Everything that you need to make an informed betting decision is right at your fingertips, with only the most essential information visible. The left-hand side of the interface is dedicated to listing all current esports on offer. Most of these also include a mini drop-down menu which lists specific tournaments and events within that specific esports category (for example Dota 2 or CS: GO).

The middle segment of the user interface is dedicated to a more detailed analysis of selected events. This includes which teams are competing, the current odds given for each team, as well as the starting time for the event (or "Live Now" if the event is already underway). A nice visual touch is a line that runs directly beneath the two opposing teams, displaying the winner and loser. The green side of the line is for the winner, and the loser is in red, with a percentage indicating the margin of victory in the middle. We love this little detail.

The middle segment is neatly laid out in a sort of grid formation, with additional buttons at the bottom of each segregated event. These buttons allow players to access additional features that are not on display. This helps to eliminate the issues of clutter and confusion associated with other online sportsbooks. The additional buttons include a button to navigate to the event live stream coverage (if available), a middle button to access all available odds, and a final third button to access all relevant stats, facts, and figures. This is an extremely neat way to organize an online betting user interface.

Finally, the Betspawn bet slip can be seen at all times on the right-hand side of the page, unless one has selected one of the other functions available in the same space. These include logging into your account and, once logged in, accessing your personal dashboard, accessing your deposit page, or placing a bet. Once again, this is a brilliant utilization of available space and goes a long way in eliminating unnecessary clutter and confusion. We have to say that we found the overall look of the user interface, in its muted shades of grey, red and white, to be perfectly suited to the world of esports betting. In a subtle way, the interface really gears players up for a betting session.

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What is the legal age to play at Betspawn?
If you want to place bets on the various esports tournaments that are covered by Betspawn, you will need to be at least 18 years of age. It is also important to ensure that you are within the legal requirements of your own country or territory's laws regarding online gambling. If you prefer, you can also the Betspawn customer support team and ask their advice before signing up with them.
How long has Betspawn been operating online for?
Betspawn is still a relatively new brand and only launched their official site in 2016. Prior to this time, Betspawn was only available as a beta site, mainly for testing purposes.
Can I get help from Betspawn customer support at any hour?
No, unfortunately not. Betspawn currently offers live chat customer support during office hours only. If you require assistance outside of these office hours, you can either leave a message on the Betspawn live chat page or drop them an email. Alternatively, you can also try to leave them a message on their Betspawn Facebook page.
How much do I have to pay to sign up with Betspawn?
Absolutely nothing. Signing up with Betspawn is free and will not cost you a cent. The entire sign-up process is also very quick and easy to do, and can be completed in under five minutes.
What kind of esports can I get at Betspawn?
Betspawn is a dedicated esports online sportsbook, one of the few of its kind at the moment. This means that Betspawn covers more esports than any other online sportsbook on the web. You can enjoy a wide range of esports coverage including popular markets in Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike Go, World of Warcraft, and a number of other games including FIFA, Call of Duty, Halo and many others.
What deposit payment options are available at Betspawn?
At this stage, Betspawn is fairly limited with their range of options for making deposits (or withdrawing funds). They currently offer Visa and MasterCard credit card options, as well as Neteller and Skrill eWallet options. All deposited funds are available to you instantly, while credit card payouts can take around 72 hours. However, payouts via eWallet are available instantly.
Does Betspawn report winnings to any government agencies?
No, they do not. This is entirely up to each of their customers to do individually if it is legally required for them to do so.
Will Betspawn keep any of my money for tax purposes?
No. Again, any tax issues are the sole responsibility of individual Betspawn customers and depend on the tax laws which are applicable to their own countries or territories.
Can I bet on anything other than esports at Betspawn?
No. Betspawn is a dedicated esports betting site and does not cover any regular sports action. Unlike many other online sportsbooks, Betspawn also does not offer any online casino games, live poker, bingo or any other sort of online gambling activity - just esports.
Can I get Betspawn on my mobile device?
Yes, you can. Betspawn uses the very latest mobile-friendly browser technology, which means that you do not need to download any apps for your device. Simply open the Betspawn site on your mobile browser, and you will see that the site will automatically adjust to your specific screen size and display resolution.
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