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Texas Holdem Strategy Guide to Poker Tables

A poker table is a table specifically designed for playing card games, usually poker. Texas holdem is played on the same tables where 7 Card Stud and Omaha holdem are played.

Poker tables are often covered with felt, or speed cloth, which is a Teflon coated fabric that helps the cards slide easily across the surface.

These tables have evolved over the years. When poker was played in the beginning a simple bar table was used. The players were not worried about comfort or fancy additions to the table; they were just there to play the game.

These days however, this has all changed. The casinos all have the top of the line tables that have all the bells and whistles available to keep their players comfortable so they're willing to stay and play longer. The more comfortable a player, the more likely she is to spend money.

Most of today's poker tables that are used in casinos seem to be a work of art. They're very large and made of solid wood with intricate designs along with the casinos logo on the felt top.

Those who are really into the game may even buy a high dollar table for home games. You'll find there are many manufactures available that build custom tables for both individuals and industry professionals. With these manufactures you have the option to customize your table from the ground up. Most sell everything from pop up card table styles to the high end solid wood tables.

Those used in professional televised Texas holdem poker games feature pocket cams which can view a player's hole cards. These tables are usually oval shaped, with the players sitting around a curve of the table with a dealer facing them in an area made specifically for the dealer.

In amateur poker, tables are often oval, round, or octagonal, using a rotating dealer position. The rail or edge of the table is usually padded and raised slightly for the players to rest their arms. Often there's a section of wood between the rail and the playing surface; this is called the race track. This area is used for chip stacking and in some high end tables even has cup holders for the players. The center of the table often features an image; usually the name or logo of the casino or house where the game is being played.



Started in 2006 and based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, BBO Poker Tables has grown organically into the premier poker table company on the market. Their claim to fame came mostly from word of mouth and happy customers. They strive to deliver stunning and exciting custom gaming tables for poker and board gamers as efficiently as possible.

They provide their customers with the ability to fully customize their table and provide the best customer service throughout the entire process. They've been commissioned by some very famous clientele and companies, and their tables have been featured on many media outlets. In 2015, BBO Poker Tables was even named the official poker table brand of the World Poker Tour. They maintain the highest customer service marks in the industry. Their motto is, Poker for the People!

BBO offers premium poker table building materials and supplies for your projects. From pre-finished wood pedestals to suited speed cloth or even dye sublimation graphics. At BBO they have their own custom design department which they call the Custom Graphic's Lab.

Custom Graphics Lab is BBO's professional dye sublimation printing department, and provides state of the art, fully customized graphic layouts for poker tables. They can print for any poker table that has removable armrest or table top.

The graphic's lab prints the highest quality graphic layouts and provides straight forward design services for custom projects. All of their layouts are designed by skilled designers, and printed in house with state of the art, printing equipment. They use proprietary casino grade gaming suede fabric, or polyester suited speed cloth, for a custom finish. They have templates to choose from that start at very affordable prices along with the ability to have your own custom design added for an additional cost. They even offer bulk ordering at affordable prices.

BBO has been a company that strives to provide unique products from their own inventions. The fabric they use to make the graphic table tops is something they developed themselves. They use a medium-thick weight proprietary gaming suede cloth they have named Dynamic Gaming Suede. They developed the Dynamic Gaming Suede to have excellent durability and performance, while maintaining colors original sheen through the heat transfer process.

Their material has a very short nap, which allows for smooth card playing, but is thicker than most on the market, which allows for longer life of the table and provides the dealer with the most comfort for their hands. BBO is the only dealer that offers this type of fabric. If you want to use this in your dye sublimation printing operation, it's available in 54YD rolls.

This process, known as dye sublimation is what casinos use to keep their tables looking brand new every time you see them. Dye sublimation is the state-of-the-art process of printing professional grade, sharp, and vibrant graphics onto fabrics. The process differs from hot stamp or screen print because dye sublimation completely transfers the ink into the fibers of the fabric and creates a seamless graphic which is washable, fade resistant and durable. Although they're best known for their poker tables BBO does not just make poker tables; they also make chess and other gaming tables that are unique and durable.

Rye Park

Another of the available manufactures to buy poker tables from is Rye Park. Their main goal is to bring high quality casino grade Texas holdem poker tables and equipment to the general public. They build and design all types of tables for casinos, but their main focus is to supply the home poker rooms.

They have several styles of poker tables in many shapes and sizes; such as Bellagio poker tables, WSOP tournament poker tables, and main event poker tables with cameras and all accessories.

One of their products that set them apart from all others is their synthetic nylon layouts. They're one of only two companies in the world that have the ability to print and sell these table game layouts. Their nylon layouts can be found in several of the top casino's in North America. This special fabric and unique printing process allows them to achieve a layout that will never turn white like polyester layouts, and will outlast many traditional graphic layouts.

One of their most popular tables is The Tournament Folding Leg Holdem Table. This is the same table used at the World Series of Poker. It comes with high grade synthetic poker fabric, custom dealer rail, and a custom fabricated folding poker table leg system.

Another of their most popular tables is the casino holdem poker table, which comes with dealer position rail, a chip tray, a large 12 inch diameter double pedestal base with chrome foot rail, and a synthetic poker layout top.

The feature poker table is also seen on ESPN for the WSOP. This poker table has a custom designed raised rail with the diamond pattern insert. The inside rail cavity has rope lighting to illuminate the diamond band. The rail is upholstered in very rare high grade micro suede. Like all of their poker tables, this table comes with their exclusive high grade nylon layout. With this table you can customize it even more by adding camera and chrome foot rails.

If you're looking for a table to make a statement or just want to have your own mini casino in your home the Bellagio poker table is what you are looking for. It comes with custom dealer position rail, chip tray, double pedestal base with chrome foot rail, and their high grade synthetic top. If you decide to buy a Bellagio table you'll have a table that people will recognize from the casino or the movies.

These tables are just a few styles of the poker tables and gaming tables Rye Park has available. Their main business is casino poker tables but they can also create custom poker tables for clubs and individuals who want a special table of their own. They've built final tables and feature tables for several Poker Tours throughout the World.

Rye Park Poker can build custom camera poker tables that allow for video feeds for each player and broadcast them to any source you like. They can also build tournament tables that are easy to setup and break down. These folding leg tables allow casinos and charity events to have the extra poker tables needed for their events and still be able to make room when the event is over. These tables are very high quality.

They can also produce full color logo layouts for their fold up tables to add quality for your special event. This manufacturer works very close with casinos and provides some of the top names in the business with their tables. This makes them one of the ideal builders for an individual who is looking for a table like those they've played at in the casinos for their home games.

One thing about them is the lack of availability of pricing on their website. I know I'm not going to get a quote if I don't know around what the pricing is for a base unit. I believe that this could cost them some business from everyday people.

World Poker Supplier

World Poker Supplies, or World Poker Supplier, is a wholesale supplier of professional quality Texas holdem poker tables and poker chips to the public, casino industry, and gaming industry. You can buy anything from discount folding poker table, deluxe poker tables, wood pedestal poker tables, and more.

You can even design your own custom poker table.

They also carry a full line of premium poker chip sets, custom poker chips, and poker accessories to fill all of your Texas holdem needs. Their specialty is supplying poker rental companies for casino nights.

With the explosion in the popularity of the World Poker Tour, it's no wonder that poker chips, poker tables, and poker supplies are in high demand. World Poker Suppliers have established an extensive network of factories and suppliers to meet that demand.

They have the ability to accommodate high volume purchasing and with their strict quality controls, they bring the highest quality products at competitive prices. They're a poker store that has everything you need for Texas holdem poker tables, and poker supplies such as playing cards, poker chip racks, dealer buttons, stainless steel slide under cup holders, instructional poker books, and DVD's. To help better serve the public and industry professionals who buy from them they have offices in California and a warehouse distribution center in Arizona.

American Gaming Supply

American Gaming Supply is a Los Angeles based wholesaler of casino and gaming supplies along with the finest poker tables and poker chips. They're one of the fastest growing companies in the United States and combined with excellent customer service, reasonable prices and the fastest shipping time possible; make them the ideal choice for all your poker needs.

They have a wide range of the poker tables and are continually growing with the industry. With American Gaming Supply you can look, feel, and play like the pros. American Gaming Supply is able to offer competitive prices while maintaining quality products. With American Gaming Supply, you can buy numerous high quality discounted poker supplies.

Their poker supplies are designed to last through the toughest conditions, players, and games. Also available from American Gaming Supply, you can get discount poker supplies include furniture poker tables, chairs, covers, hardware, accessories, merchandise, chips, roulette wheels, playing cards, and much more. If you're ready to play like the professionals in Las Vegas, American Gaming supply is a great place to find everything you're looking for.

Davinci Imports

When you need a full size Texas holdem poker table or a space saving table top poker lay out, Da Vinci Imports has you covered. They carry a variety of quality poker tables made from fine woods, felts, and leathers. They have tables of all sizes whether you're looking for seating for six, eight, or 10 players; they have a poker table to fit your needs.

If you're looking to complete a game room in your home or just to have a weekly game with friends, Davinci Imports can fill your needs. Adding a Texas holdem poker table is the perfect way to finish off any game room and turn a basement poker game into an authentic casino experience.

Most people however, do not have the room to have a full size poker table in their homes. Davinci has that covered as well. They recommend either a foldable poker table or poker table top. They carry an extensive line of portable poker tables that can accommodate any need so even if you have a small space give them a go as they probably have what you're looking for.



Retail giant Amazon.com has joined the world of Texas holdem and poker suppliers since the boom of the 2000's. Known for their extensive inventory and relationship with wholesale businesses you're almost always guaranteed to find what you're looking for at Amazon.

They have tables and supplies available to the everyday person for lower prices and less hassle than most of their competitors. With Amazon you can pick from different designs and determine what is right for you needs. They have a great reputation when it comes to shipping, buying, and customer service. If there's a problem with your table Amazon will work with you and the seller to make sure you get what you want and your experience with them is a positive one.


Overstock.com is a lot like Amazon in that it provides a service that allows customers to buy everything they'll ever need from one web site. The difference between Overstock and many of the other retailers that provide this type of service is that Overstock doesn't always have the same products more than once.

With this site you might find the poker table that meets your needs but if you don't buy it right then you may find when you go back its no longer available. Overstock is great if you're not just looking around to see what is out there but are looking to buy right now.

Kmart, Sears, and Walmart

These retail giants have also jumped on the poker bandwagon. These stores all carry lines of poker tables that are for use in the home. These tables are low quality and are meant just for home use and a limited number of players.

These tables are usually fold up tables or of the table top variety. Of the three, Sears has the best inventory to choose from. They have everything from the low end pop up tables to the high end solid wood tables that could be used in small poker rooms. But if you're looking for something cheap that will get the job done these three are the way to go.


At AGT you'll find many different varieties of poker tables. They have everything from the small game table to the large casino grade tables. Specialized poker tables are available with a variety of features for comfort, convenience, and functionality.

The large majority of poker tables have a felt surface so cards slide smoothly, racks to keep poker chips organized, and cup holders so that drinks don't infringe on the game space. Other tables also include features such as a padded border, for comfort as you rest your arms on the table, or a footrest underneath on their bar height tables.

Some pieces also come as part of a poker table set that includes matching chairs. This can be a very convenient option because the chairs are made to be the perfect height and style for the specific table, and they come in the right quantity to fit around it.

Any of these styles of poker tables and chairs would make an excellent addition to a den or game room; however, if you don't have the space for a dedicated poker table, there are also multiple reversible top game tables that have a dining surface on one side and the gaming surface on the other. They have it all and they're ready to complete your game room or just give you a place to play the game you love.


As you can see, as the poker boom took off the availability of quality poker tables and supplies followed closely. You can go directly to the manufactures and have a custom designed table made to fit your needs and wants. Or you can go to the wholesalers that can give you all the parts to build your own table at a lower price than having one built and customized.

Then there's even a third option; the retailers. These stores and web sites have made it easy for anyone who wants to play Texas holdem poker to get the necessary tools to play at home. Whether you're buying for a casino, a poker room, or a fundraiser, any of these options are a great choice.

However, if you're buying a table for home use or just to complete your newly remodeled game room you'll get the best deal with the retailers. Although it's not customized and may not be gigantic in size you can find well-crafted high quality tables at many retailers.

For those who just have a game night every now and then you haven't been left out as each of these groups also provides tables for you. Whether you're looking for a fold up table or just a table top to use and put away when you're finished playing you can find it. We hope this helps those of you searching for the right kind of table. Don't forget to get all your supplies such as chips and decks of cards to go with your brand new poker table.

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