Nebraska Texas Holdem Poker Room Reviews

Nebraska Texas Holdem Poker Rooms

With only one option in the great state of Nebraska you certainly won't be inundated with options when it comes to finding Texas holdem poker cash games and tournaments.

The one casino in the state that does offer poker is the Rosebud Casino in Valentine. You'll only find four tables running here with no regular tournaments being offered. The main game played here is $5 / $10 dealer's choice, and from time to time they open up lower stakes no limit and limit Texas holdem games.

This is your only option in the Cornhusker State, so if you want more options you'll need to do some serious traveling to find other rooms and games. The action in this particular poker room at the Rosebud will be quite good, with long wait times on weekends and some pretty soft action to boot. If you have a decent game and want to make some easy dollars, then it could be well worth a visit, but only if you're in the area. We would never suggest traveling here just to play poker.

If you do wish to travel to play Texas holdem poker your best options will be Colorado and Missouri in the south, Wyoming and Colorado in the west, Iowa in the east, and Minnesota in the north. Of course some of these will depend on exactly where you are in the state and you won't find many Vegas style rooms in any of these states either. If you want Vegas style rooms you'll need to head to Las Vegas, which thankfully is only a short flight away.

Other Gambling

Other gambling options in Nebraska are quite limited, even when you look past poker and incorporate all other forms. You can bet on horse racing, greyhound racing, and play bingo in this state and you can also come across a number of casinos on Indian reservations around the state.

Until recently you wouldn't be able to find slot machines in any of these casinos but they are now able to offer them due to changes in interpretations of the law. Both class 2 and class 3 slots are permitted. Other than on native Indian reservations all electronic gambling devices are illegal and you won't find them anywhere else.

If lottery is your thing, or you just need something to replace poker, then you can play all the major lotteries in this state. The state runs and regulates the lottery so they can control it, and also make money from it, with most of the money they bring in going to education in the state.

This helps fund schools, scholarships, and colleges. After their operating costs the state assigns $500,000 a year to help those with gambling addiction, and the rest goes to the above mentioned education causes. This is a really good thing and is something that many states in the US do in relation to lottery. If you're going to play lottery in Nebraska you'll find the usual national games of Mega Millions and Powerball, some state specific games and also scratch cards and pull tab games.

Online Texas Holdem

Online you can't play any poker at all, or play at any online casinos at all. It's completely illegal in the state and no corporation can create sites and offer this type of play. Players within the state can still find online poker rooms and casinos to play at that are based off shore, however it's a very grey area in respect to the law in relation to whether this is permitted or not.

We always advise that you proceed with caution and skip them all together if there's any doubt, but it's really up to you. We've heard some rumors that the native Indian tribes in the state that offer casinos are putting pressure on lawmakers to put in place some regulations and allow for online sites to operate, but in all likelihood this will be a far way off and we wouldn't hold our breath in this respect.

So, if you live in Nebraska you'll have a hard time finding live poker action, unless you just happen to live near Valentine and the Rosebud casino. Otherwise, you'll have to do some serious travel to play the game you love. In the meantime you can play some slots and table games at the other casinos, find a bingo hall, or play the lottery to pass the time. As we all know though, winning in these games is like shooting at fish in the ocean.

Rosebud Casino

Rosebud Casino

  • Location
    Valentine, Nebraska
  • Hours
    Open Thursday to Sunday from 6pm
  • Tables
  • Games
    This small poker room doesn't offer any tournament play at all. If you're looking for a cash game you'll find $5 / $10 dealer's choice running on occasion, and some lower limit Texas holdem variants.
  • Ambience
    This poker room is just a small roped off area in the main casino. No smoking is permitted at the table and you'll be able to see a TV from most seats so you can stay up to date with the latest sports score. The tables are clean and well maintained and the chairs comfortable, in this simple yet effective poker room and casino.
  • Hospitality
    While playing poker at the Rosebud Casino you'll receive cocktail and food service at the table so you need never miss a hand. Comps are also offered to players through the Player's Club.
  • Players
    The standard of play here will be OK without being fantastic. It will also be quite random and you'll sometimes find a table full or sharks while at the same time a week later you may come across a table full of amateurs. This is the just the nature of this casino and where it's located. If you want the best value, then visit on weekend evenings and take your time to assess the table and find your edge.


With only one poker room in the state if you live in Nebraska you might be better off travelling to an adjoining state to play Texas holdem. The lone poker room is small and doesn't always offer holdem games.
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