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Texas Holdem Strategy Guide to Post Flop Play

Texas holdem calculators and tools can be used to help inexperienced players become better at the game. Learning what combinations of cards are the best to have in your hand allows you to feel more confident in your ability which leads to a better chance at winning each hand.

Below you'll find a detailed analysis of some of the most popular Texas holdem calculators and tools that you can find online. Many of them do perform the same functions, but some are more advanced than others.

Can I Win

Released in 2016 this calculator gives the player the option to find different combinations of hole cards, number of players, and community cards, to determine the best combination of cards with the best win percentage.

We like the easy to use interface; just click on the cards you want to be in the hole. Next click on the five cards for your community cards, and determine the number of players in the game.

As you place your cards the calculator starts to determine the likeliness of you winning the hand or the hand ending in a tie. You can then rearrange the cards and find the best combinations with the highest win percentage.

One bad thing about this calculator is the error percentage. This site has a 95% error margin and is based on no one in the game folding. Although this is nice to see what cards when paired together will get the best results we don't recommend relying solely on this calculator.

Card Player

Released in 2001 this calculator is a great way for a seasoned poker player to see what the best two cards to get when playing with nine other players.

As you place the cards you choose cards for each of the players, your hole cards. As you choose cards the win percentage is calculated for each player. Once all the slots have been filled with cards we can see the win and tie percentage for each player.

If you see that there could possibly be a better match you can replace cards. To replace a card click on it and move it to the dead card section at the bottom of the screen. This is just like when you're playing and you discard then replace the discarded card with a new one to see if you were right.

The only bad thing about the calculator is that it's not as easy to use as some of the others available for beginners. Those who have no poker knowledge won't benefit as much from using this calculator.

Wizard of Odds

Released in 1998 Wizardofodds.com has the most user friendly calculator we could find. This calculator gives the user many different options that the others don't. The ability to fold, random deal, and manual deal give the user a much wider knowledge of the odds.

For beginners the random deal option is great.

Once you click on the random button the calculator deals the hole cards for each of the ten players and the three community cards. The user can then choose the remaining two community cards. Once all the cards are on the table we can see who has the highest win percentage.

Unlike some other calculators this one allows the user to fold a hand to see how this changes the win percentage for each person. Folds can be done at any time during the use of the calculator. We especially liked this feature because it allows the user to determine the number of players in the game and how each person's hand affects the others.

The manual deal option that most calculators use is also available. Having both options allows this calculator to support both the seasoned player as well as the beginners that are just trying to figure the game out.

Equilab Software

Equilab is a software package that can be used to help you become a master at any poker table. Many avid poker players play the same opponents and as time goes by they learn how the other person plays the game. When they will fold, what hands they like to play, and when they're bluffing. This software helps you take that knowledge and use it to help you win.

Having knowledge of hand ranges and hand combinations is a skill that's important for all poker players. This knowledge helps the players be able to determine their equity in each round of play. Equilab is used to help the player see all the possibilities and how each one will affect their equity in the round.

1The first thing you do is input your hand into the software.

Click on the second button Card Selection on line BU. A pop up window appears and you click on your hole cards and click OK. You'll then see your cards listed in the blank space to the right.

2Second, you select a range for your opponent's hand.

To select the range click the first button Hand Range on line BB. This opens up another pop up window. In this window you can choose multiple ranges for your opponent's hand manually. Also in this window you can choose to use a predefined range. However, these ranges are mostly based on fixed limit cards. Another tool available on this pop up window is the range slider.

If you have stats on a player you can use those to set the range slider to automatically select your opponent's hand range. Although this helps determine the ranges in a faster time frame than manually entering the data it's not as accurate.

After you've entered each player's hand click on evaluate to see where you stand with your equity percentage before you enter any more cards. This way you can see how each change from here on out effects your equity in the game.

Once you have everyone's hand entered into the software it's time to enter the flop cards. These cards can be entered manually into the box labeled flop. Then click evaluate again to see how these cards changed your percentage.

Now we can go back and change the range for our opponents. To do so we just click on the range selection button for that player's line and deselect any range we think the player would fold on.

We found that the more you play with the software and the ranges you input the better you understand how each play affects your percentage.

The software has other features available as well such as the scenario analyzer, and the equity trainer.

The scenario analyzer allows you to quickly see how a lot of different scenarios can change the way a hand can play out and how it will affect your equity in the pot.

The equity trainer gives you scenarios and allows you to determine the amount of equity you think you would have and then gives you the right answer so you can see if you understand correctly or not.

Equilab is great free software that can help players analyze the game and become more likely to win. However, we found the software to be aimed at those who are avid poker players and those who play for a living. The software requires the user to be familiar with how their opponents play and what hands they usually play. Beginners will find this software confusing and hard to use.

Poker Listings

Since 2003 pokerlistings.com has given players the fastest most accurate odds calculator. This calculator can give you an upper hand when playing either online or live poker. It's easy to use and fast so you can make on the spot decisions that lead to a greater chance of winning.

First you select what type of poker you're playing and how many players are in the game.

Then select the suit of the first card in your hand. Then select the face or number variation.

Continue until you have all players cards selected. Once the hands are set select the flop and turn cards.

To see the results for each player click on the get odds button and the calculator will calculate the win, loss, and tie for each hand. You can then make changes to the cards or reset to start from scratch.

Being able to use this calculator during a game gives you the ability to make quick decision and have a better chance at winning the game. It's very easy to use and can be used by all players from the inexperienced to the pro.

Texas Calculatem

Every poker player would love to have a calculator that plays the game right with them. Texas Calculatem is just such a calculator. This tool's Auto-Read technology makes it incredibly easy to use because it does all the hard work for you.

Once installed open the software and set the "Auto-Read" settings. Next click on the Attach to Game button and a small window will appear. All the player has to do now is drag the window over the game they're playing and a connection will be established. Once the connection is established the software starts reading the game and works its magic.

Two features that players should use are the sliders and the deck view. The sliders allow the player to determine how tight or how loose they want to play. We recommend using the sliders to find a comfortable medium that works well with your style of play.

The Deck View feature gives the player an upper hand by allowing them to see what cards are left to be played. This can give even the most inexperienced player a great advantage over their opponent.

Although this software is a great tool and is very easy to use we found that the free version does not always work as it's supposed too. It seems to have some limitations as to how many hands you have to play and how much money must be played before the free version can be used. The upside is there's a version that can be bought that has all the features and does not seem to have many issues.

Review Poker Rooms

In 2005 reviewpokerrooms.com released their site to help poker players all over the world. Although the site is mostly reviews of different poker games it does provide an odds calculator specifically for Texas holdem players.

The calculator is very minimal and less interactive than some of the others we found available. To use this calculator you have to manually type in the cards for each player. Cards are entered in the form 23456789TQKA and CDHS which can cause for some confusion if you're not careful.

Once you determine the cards being played by each player you then choose the five board cards, otherwise known as the flop, turn, and river cards.

To complete the calculation you click on the calculate button and it will calculate the odds for each player to win the round.

Although this calculator is very simplistic it's not as appealing as some of the other options. We found it to be accurate and easy to use. However, if you're not careful you might over use a card combination without realizing it.

Internet Texas Holdem

The newest edition to the online odds calculator market can be found at internettexasholdem.com. The calculator is designed to test your hand odds against a range of hands for the other player. This calculator is designed to be easy to use and give the best results for you against a variety of possibilities.

To use the calculator, first select your hole cards. Then you have the option to select the community cards. Unlike most of the other calculators we tested this one allows you to select any dead cards if you choose to.

Next click in the "Against" section, and select the hands within your opponent's range. You can select the PP button at the top right corner to automatically select all pocket pairs.

Another option available when selecting the range of hands of your opponent is to differentiate between suited cards on the bottom right versus non-suited hands on the top left.

This calculator is easy to use and provides the percentage calculations needed to make well informed decisions on whether to fold your hand or continue. Although it's not as interactive or flashy as some of the others it still accomplishes the goal of determining if you have a chance of winning the game. For a no frills player who just wants a quick, easy, and efficient calculator, this is a good choice.


Using a Texas holdem calculator can be a tremendous help for poker players of all skill levels. As you gain experience you'll find that you already know the odds and percentages based on being in the same situation before. But don't hesitate to use a calculator for as long as you need it. It may be the difference between a winning and losing session.

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