No Download Poker Sites

In the past, the only way to play online poker was to download software from a poker site and install it on your computer. While this is still necessary at a number of sites, there are also plenty where you can play directly through your web browser. There is no download required, and you can start playing just as soon as you open an account and make a deposit.

We have checked out a wide range of sites that offer an instant play option, and have ranked them based on a variety of important factors. Our rankings are listed below, and you can be sure that these are the best no download poker sites in 2017. Also on this page we explain more about playing poker online without downloading and answer some of the more commonly-asked questions.

We regularly update our list, taking great care to ensure that it contains only sites of the very highest quality. We carry out extensive testing and research to determine exactly which of the many options out there have the most to offer. Whichever you choose to sign up with, you are sure to have an enjoyable and positive experience.

Why Use an Instant Play Poker Site?

The most common reason for wanting to use a no download poker site is because of compatibility. People who use a Mac, for example, often find that the downloadable software available is not compatible. The same is true for those who use PCs with operating systems other than Windows - like Linux for instance.

With the instant play option, compatibility is rarely an issue. Provided you have a web browser, you can access the games without complications or having to install anything. Sites that offer this option are also popular with those who just don't like to download software on their computers for whatever reason, or who use shared computers.

Are Instant Play Sites as Good as Download Sites?

This really depends on where you to decide to play. If you stick to the high-quality sites, such as those recommended, you probably won't notice a particular difference. The graphics in browser- based games are usually just as good, and they tend to run as smoothly and quickly.

There may be a few less features available with an instant play option, an issue for some players, but overall the differences are really quite minimal. One thing we should point out is that if you like to play a lot of tables at one time, you will generally be better off using downloaded software. Instant play games are not ideal for multi tabling, particularly if you play more than two or three.

Are No Download Poker Sites Safe?

Assuming that you stick to reputable sites, there is absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of safety and security. Broadly speaking, no download sites are just as secure as download sites. They use similar techniques and methods to ensure that your personal details and transactions are completely protected.

Two key factors we look at when recommending sites in this, or any other category, are reliability and safety. We only recommend places that have proved to be trustworthy and that we feel comfortable with depositing our funds. Rest assured that all the places in the list are perfectly secure for depositing and playing.
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