Multi-Table SNG

When you play a multi-table sit and go you should try and play it like it's a multi-table tournament. The only difference will be that this style of game will be shorter than a bigger multi-table tournament. When it comes to these types of sit and goes the best approach is to look for players who will try and chip dump early on. If you can identify a couple of players that are at your table as loose and aggressive, you'll find some success if you wake up with a big pocket pair to trap them.

Early on in this type of game you can build a stack almost instantly if you correctly identify the fish in the game. Also, early on, you don't want to gamble, but rather approach the game like a slow grinded tournament. If you gamble too early and often you'll lose your chips early on. You'll have enough time and enough chips to maneuver them when you do happen to wake up with a big hand. A passive approach will win you these MTT sit and goes in the end.

To start off a MTT sit and go, the blinds will be small with a bunch of room and time to build up a stack. The only thing you have to do is be patient, and wait for other players to make mistakes. Once you wait for mistakes to happen and other players will make them, you can capitalize by getting your money in ahead. Sometimes if you wait too long, you'll have no stack and that's also not what you want. The right time to make moves is up to the hands you get and the surrounding stacks of the players.

If you are getting hit with the deck early on, you'll have a much better chance of cashing and winning. A big stack will allow you to coast through these games down to the end. However, this won't happen too often. You'll have to wait for hands more times than not. In order to have patience most players will play a couple of them at a time. This is a better strategy than just playing one of them because the variance is high and the amount of times you'll cash in multi-table sit and goes is relatively low. The chances of cashing if you are a recreational player are lower in MTT sit and goes simply because of the bigger fields. If you play games where you have to get through more than one table it's harder.

Increased Blind Size

When the blinds start to increase is when you should pick up aggression and play more pots. The blinds will become very important and allow you to maintain the stack size you have accumulated throughout every orbit of the table. If you win one hand per orbit of the table you'll maintain the stack size you have. If you win two pots, you'll slowly build a stack up and this is what you want. This is crucial to pick at least one or two good spots each nine or so hands. Most of the time, this hand will occur when you are playing a pot from the small blind or from the button. The odds of the big blind waking up with a hand are slim and if you decide to maintain a stack it's the best spot to do so.

To win these games you'll have to gamble at some point. You'll have to play the hands such as AQ, AK, and middle pocket pairs along the way. You'll have to win coin flips to win this style of game just like any other game. If you are folding these hands from any position at the table you aren't giving yourself a good enough chance to win. Opening your range of starting hands up will give you a better chance to accumulate chips.

Playing a short stack and stealing pots is also something you need to do from time to time. Sometimes you won't get good enough hands to play and sit back too long and have a shorter stack. This will mean you will have to shove most times from the small blind against the big blind or make moves shoving from the cutoff or button to win pots. Shoving in this spot with any two cards isn't exactly what you want to do, but most of the time the blinds will fold. The blinds will fold a larger portion of the time if you have been sitting and waiting for a longer period of time.

Most of the times other players will think you are stronger than you are if you sit and wait for hands. As the blinds get bigger, the pots get bigger, and you need to win pots to survive. If you happen to get the money in behind it happens, and you can still get lucky to hang around. Often times it will come down to whether you win one coin flip to determine if you cash or do not cash with a passive approach.

When you approach the money the blinds are big compared to the average stack. If you are right around the average you'll have a good chance of cashing in the sit and go if you remain patient. There's no reason to shove in with weak hands and press too hard. Your goal throughout a MTT sit and go is to win it and you can make a crucial mistake by shoving in with a weak hand.

One thing to keep in mind is just to maintain your stack and not try to be the aggressor too often unless you have a big hand. If you have a big pocket pair you can put in smaller raises as opposed to shoving to get value. Maintaining your stack size should be what you keep in mind throughout. You should maintain and slowly grind away until you get a big hand or win a big pot. Once you win the big pot you can put the pedal to the metal and go in for the win.

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