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What started out as a consolidation of smaller spelling bees in the 1920s has grown into a massive event with national television coverage, mainstream media attention, and millions of people watching from around the world. And, just like the event itself, National Spelling Bee betting sites have significantly grown as well.

Rank Betting SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
#1BetNowBetNow50% up to $1,000
#2MyBookieMyBookie50% up to $1,000
#3XbetXbet100% up to $300
#4BetOnlineBetOnline50% up to $1,000
#5SportsBetting.agSportsBetting.ag50% up to $1,000

In fact, the growth of these online betting sites might cause difficulty for some who are actively placing National Spelling Bee bets or hoping to wager on this event. If that's you, then our list of the best sites for betting on the National Spelling Bee can help improve your entertainment betting online experience. But, they won't help improve your spelling.

What Makes a National Spelling Bee Betting Site One of the Best?

If you've watched one of these spelling bees before, then you know how inferior it can make you feel when seeing kids spell words that you've never even heard of. However, when you get past the pride and laugh at the thoughts of participating in a spelling bee during your own childhood, then it's easier to recognize and marvel at the intelligence of these brainiacs. That's the very reason why this event blew up into a national extravaganza. It's also why sports betting sites began listing entertainment odds for placing National Spelling Bee bets.

All Scripps National Spelling Bee contestants receive a prize, but not all can say they're the National Spelling Bee Champion. In that same manner, there are sites with National Spelling Bee odds and then there are National Spelling Bee betting sites that are the best. Follow along as we "spell out" what makes an online betting site one of the best National Spelling Bee websites on the internet today.

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No Dictionaries, Just Great Bonuses

All contestants in the Scripps National Spelling Bee receive a dictionary for participating in the spelling bee tournament. Thankfully, when signing up for one of our best National Spelling Bee sites, you will get more than a dictionary-you get free money.

When you initially sign up for an online betting site on our list, make sure to take advantage of the promotional bonus that matches up to 100% of your first deposit. For example, if your first deposit is $2,500, then your bonus would be an additional $2,500 in your account. Take it from us, there's nothing better than placing National Spelling Bee bets with free money. In fact, there's probably no better word to spell out than "f-r-e-e."

If you are already a member at one of our best National Spelling Bee websites, then keep an eye out for their reload bonuses. This is very similar to the bonus offered on your first deposit as it matches up to 100% of another deposit. However, these deposits typically have to be done via a different banking option. For example, instead of using a credit card to make another deposit, the online betting site will require you to use cryptocurrency to qualify for the reload bonus.

Lastly, if you make it to the final round of the National Spelling Bee, you will qualify for higher cash prizes. Contestants eliminated in Rounds 4 through 6 will only receive a $500 gift card. However, those who make it into the top six finalists earn anywhere from $2,500 to $40,000 dollars. Unlike the inferior sites with National Spelling Bee odds, our list of online betting sites offer higher rewards just for being a loyal customer. Some of these rewards include free sports bets on various major events including the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

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Fast Payouts

Spelling bee contestants have up to two and a half minutes to correctly spell their word. The time starts once the judge finishes saying the word. For the spellers, that time limit might feel like an eternity as they struggle to figure out the word in their tiny little computer brains. For sports bettors wanting to collect their winnings, two and a half minutes isn't fast enough.

In reality, many inferior sports betting sites can take up to a few hours to payout a winning bet. Fortunately, our best National Spelling Bee betting sites only take a few minutes to credit your account with the winnings.

When it first started, the Scripps National Spelling Bee used to take less than a day to complete. Nowadays, the event is spread out over a period of four days which they now call "Bee Week." In some cases, inferior online betting sites can take up to a week to process withdrawals from your account. That's a long time to collect and spend your winnings. In fact, that's too long. The best National Spelling Bee betting websites only take a few hours to process your withdrawal. If you are waiting days to get your money, then it's time to switch online betting sites to one with a faster payout.

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Banking Options

The key to fast payouts is the amount of banking options that an online betting site offers. If the site only has the basic options like a check or credit cards, then you could be waiting a few weeks for the check to come in the mail, and credit card companies could take a few days to process the transaction. Nobody wants to wait days or weeks to get their money. Additionally, it could take almost as long to deposit your money if checks and credit cards are the only options.

The best National Spelling Bee betting sites have a wide variety of banking options that include the following:

Not only does having an assortment of banking options help with payouts, but it's also great for convenience and privacy. Some bettors don't want friends or family to know about their financial transactions. Cryptocurrency is a way to keep all transactions private, and it's quick too. Furthermore, not all countries allow online gambling. So, having different banking options could help bettors deposit and withdraw money without running into their country's restrictions.

Lastly, let's not forget that with more banking options, online betting sites can offer reload bonuses as mentioned above.

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Customer Support

The premier National Spelling Bee betting websites have an excellent customer support department that's dedicated to helping bettors resolve any issue with the online betting site. From difficulties depositing money to finding the updated spelling bee odds, customer support representatives can help with just about anything.

Our list of online betting sites have customer support representatives available around the clock, no matter what day it is. Additionally, they can speak different languages and can be accessed via different communication methods like email, online chat, and telephone.

Furthermore, the best National Spelling Bee online betting sites also have tutorials that show you how to use various aspects of the website and FAQ sections to quickly reference if needed. Ultimately, the best National Spelling Bee betting sites will make you feel like a champion with the amount of customer support that they offer.

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Is Your Preferred Online Betting Site Compatible?

The most popular form of online betting is mobile betting, which means placing National Spelling Bee bets on your phones or tablets. It used to be that users could only bet via their computers or brick-and-mortar locations, but nowadays, everything is being geared toward mobile devices. If your preferred sports betting site doesn't have a fully functional mobile site or an app, then it's time to choose one of our betting sites for the National Spelling Bee.

Additionally, make sure that your preferred online betting site meets the following:

  • Updated software
  • Compatible with all major web browsers
  • Has a responsive layout, which means the website will automatically adjust to the screen size of the device you are using
  • Has an easy to use navigation and layout

All of the entertainment betting online websites on our list have all of these characteristics and more.

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Other Entertainment Betting Online Options

The majority of sports betting sites list the National Spelling Bee under their entertainment section. With that in mind, there are numerous other entertainment events and competitions that bettors can place wagers on. From the WWE and popular TV shows to the latest movies and major awards shows, the best National Spelling Bee betting sites have a wide range of entertainment betting options to place wagers on.

Betting on the National Spelling Bee FAQ

Can You Really Bet on the National Spelling Bee?

It may be surprising to some, but placing National Spelling Bee bets is actually a real thing. As the spelling bee contest grew in public interest, the media began covering it more. Eventually, online betting sites started listing odds for the contest.

What Types of National Spelling Bee Bets Are Available?

The best National Spelling Bee betting sites offer the following types of wagers:

Outright Winner - Typically, the outright winner isn't listed by name like most other sporting events, but it's listed as either male or female. Keep in mind, the participants are still children.

Prop Bets - This is where things can get really fun when placing National Spelling Bee bets. Our list of online betting sites offers a variety of spelling bee prop bets that include things like:

  • Will the winner have braces?
  • Will the winner wear glasses?
  • Will there be co-champions?
  • How many letters will the winning word have?
Can I Sign up for More Than One National Spelling Bee Betting Sites?

Yes, you can, and we encourage you to do so. With multiple accounts, you can take advantage of the bonuses offered by each online betting site. Additionally, having accounts at multiple entertainment betting online websites will ensure that you get the latest National Spelling Bee odds and best lines available.

Are These National Spelling Bee Betting Websites Safe to Use?

Our list of the best National Spelling Bee betting sites have the latest encryption and anti-virus software available in order to protect the site from being hacked. It also ensures that your personal information and finances are safe and secure.

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