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American Idol betting sites are now readily available online, giving a serious boost to the excitement levels surrounding the nearly two decades-old show. The singing competition became a hit in 2002, creating stars such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Katherine McPhee and becoming a fixture of reality television in the US.

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In recent years, however, Idol has grown somewhat stale, leading Fox to announce that the fifteenth season would be the last. The show went off the air in April 2016 before being revived by ABC, who agreed to produce the 16th and 17th seasons of the competition in 2018.

Now, online bookmakers are setting lines for the contest once again, presenting an excellent opportunity for handicappers. Of all the reality TV competitions, American Idol may be the best for winning money. Not only are the results more predictable than on other shows, but you get a small amount of influence over who wins!

American Idol Betting Tips

The Hometown is Key

The public loves supporting one of their own. Singing contests are no different, which is why contestants who call Southern states their "home," have won the show 11 out of the 16 seasons, or 68.8% of the time. That's valuable information to bring to you American Idol betting sites.

Ratings for the talent contest are higher throughout the South, so it makes sense that singers from the region are overrepresented in the voting. You can use this same data to eliminate potential wagers as well.

Of the five American Idol champions that weren't born in the South, none of them are from the major metropolitan areas on either coast. Nobody from the West Coast, including the Pacific Northwest, has won, nor have any challengers from New York or New Jersey. The non-southern winners came from Arizona, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Connecticut.

It seems clear that the viewing audience isn't too interested in contestants from regions perceived to be liberal or elitist. Right or wrong, it's worth remembering when visiting American Idol betting sites.

Men Win Most Often

Men also appear to have an advantage when it comes to winning the show, though to a lesser extent than the southern bias. Out of the 16 champions, ten have been men which is 62.5% of the seasons. Seven of those ten are from the South (70%), which also means that the majority of all non-southern American Idol winners are men.

If you're going to consider wagering on a female participant, you'll want to place an even higher priority on their hometown being located in the South. Only two of the six (33.3%) female champions were born in states outside of the American South.

The WGWG Phenomenon

However, it's not just any old man that can win American Idol! There's a particular style of male contestant that seems to excel in the voting. "WGWG" stands for "white guy with a guitar," as it's become a common trope when discussing the show.

Of the ten male champions, the only exception to this rule is Ruben Studdard, who was on during the show's second season, when a broader swathe of the country was watching. The other nine men have similar styles and play the guitar, regardless of whether they consider themselves country or rock singers.

Look for the white guy with a beard or some light facial scruff, a full head of hair (usually somewhat spikey), and a plaid shirt with a decent amount of leather jewelry. If you identify these guys early, American Idol betting sites will be depositing some profits into your account after the finale.

Twitter Reactions

If you're betting week to week and want to put more thought into your picks than searching for Caucasian southern gentlemen with guitars, Twitter is an excellent resource to use. Take the time to search for each performer and analyze who's generating the most positive conversation. Are any of them trending after a particularly moving song?

It's not 100%, but there is some correlation between social media mentions and American Idol betting. The star of any given week stands a better chance of surviving the next elimination. Contestants generating minimal conversation are facing the most risk.

It's even better to be discussed negatively than to be almost ignored. Polarizing contestants tend to maintain small-but-intense followings that will vote aggressively. Remember Sanjaya?

Singing Last Advantage

Singing last guarantees an Idol contestant will survive the next elimination. Never, in the history of the show, has the final performer of the night been voted off before the final seven. If you're using American Idol betting sites to wager on the next elimination in the finals, pick someone who sang in the middle of the show. The four performers before the last of the night are traditionally the most vulnerable.

About Our Recommendations

The best American Idol betting sites are hosted in offshore jurisdictions in countries like Aruba, Curacao, Costa Rica, and Malta. These regions are known as havens for online gaming operators due to their relaxed regulations and licensing regimes which allow them to offer their services to players all around the world.

Unfortunately, many fraudulent site owners set up shop in these jurisdictions as well, earning a small fortune stealing unsuspecting players' bonuses and personal information. That's why it's crucial that you only use the top American Idol betting sites, where you can bet with providers that embody all of the following characteristics instead of worrying about being scammed.

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Coverage of American Idol Betting

Since we're using this guide to introduce readers to our favorite American Idol betting sites, it's pretty crucial that all of our recommendations cover the live singing competition. The best providers offer a variety of Idol markets, including futures lines on the eventual season winner, odds concerning weekly eliminations, and fun props about the broadcast and individual performances.

At some American Idol betting websites, you will continually find new wagers that reflect the most recent events, making the talent show's season similar to a pro sports league's from a handicapper's perspective.

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Competitive Lines

American Idol is the most heavily wagered entertainment betting market around, so there are plenty of reputable bookmakers setting lines for it. This works out beautifully for the players since websites are forced to set competitive American Idol odds. We always preach "shopping for the best lines" to our readers, because it 1) keeps the operators honest and 2) even the slightest improvement in betting value can be the difference in losing money or turning a sizable profit in the long run.

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Safety and Security

Our primary job is finding safe and trustworthy online betting websites that readers can trust so that they're never taken advantage of by scammers.

We verify that their gaming licenses are active, they follow their jurisdiction's regulations, and ensure that the domains are secure from hackers or anyone who would want to steal data or interfere with financial transactions.

It's crucial that you find an offshore betting sites for American Idol that you're sure is legitimate before depositing money. We promise that all of the providers recommended on this page are the safest and most secure gaming websites in the world.

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Reputation and History

Another aspect of our review process is a detailed background check. Our experts analyze each American Idol gambling site's history and reputation, seeing what their customers (past and current alike) have to say about them. We also take a close look at the ownership behind the website and how their other businesses have performed and been received.

We search for red flags, such as landing on industry blacklists, closing previous gaming sites, bankruptcies, complaints of slow payouts, and a myriad of other alarming trends. The American Idol betting sites chosen for our recommendations are respected amongst handicappers and the gambling industry both.

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Banking Options

The best American Idol online betting sites allow players to choose from a wide array of banking methods. Whether you prefer some anonymity when transferring money for gaming or have to work around outdated gambling laws, having more options is a huge benefit. For example, in the US-where federal law prohibits banks from processing payments to gaming operators-you can move money into an e-wallet or cryptocurrency, then make your deposit for betting without breaking any rules or expending much effort.

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Ease of Use

When people try something new, it's normal to feel overwhelmed or intimidated. Many of our readers are new to online wagers, so we favor the American Idol betting sites with the best presentation. Websites that are well-organized and entertaining, but professional. The entire process from signing-up to depositing money to finding and executing a wager should be straightforward and natural, even from the most novice user.

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Bonuses and Promotions

It's almost universally accepted that people love free money. They will rarely ever turn it down. That's why new members of our recommended American Idol betting sites are so lucky; the deposit bonuses are absurdly generous! Find a brick-and-mortar gambling establishment in this world that will double your bankroll before you ever place a single bet-it doesn't exist.

Not only do these offshore gaming operators throw free cash at the newcomers, but they work harder to keep loyal customers feeling appreciated too. Players' rewards programs allow you to accumulate points for every wager you make, which can then be traded in for cash back from your losses, entry into exclusive contests, gift cards, and much more.

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Withdrawal Speeds

Some online website owners have no issues collecting money but aren't as fond of paying it out. Less ethical operators have all kinds of tricks and excuses for delaying withdrawals or taking an unreasonably long time to make them happen. Which is why we pay close attention to an American Idol online betting site's average payout speeds. The honorable businesses get to work on your requests right away and take delivering your winnings ASAP, seriously.

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Quality Customer Service

You might enjoy using betting sites for American Idol, but the last thing you want to deal with is a customer service department that talks to you like Simon Cowell back in Season 3.

Since you're trusting your online provider with hard-earned cash and personal account information, it's reasonable to want any issues or problems you might have to be dealt with immediately and with courtesy.

Our top American Idol betting websites have been called, emailed, and instant messaged during our tests and proven to be responsive and helpful through each channel.

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Mobile Compatibility

Who can say when inspiration will strike and you'll need to place an American Idol wager? Maybe you'll have an epiphany and see who will ultimately be declared the winner! Or perhaps you're just like the rest of the world and find yourself using mobile devices for the bulk of your internet time these days. Whatever the case, the best American Idol betting sites are fully compatible with smartphones and tablets either on the mobile internet browser or through dedicated apps.

Benefits of Betting on American Idol

You Can Impact the Outcome

With the exception of election betting, there are very few times in handicapping when you can have a direct impact on the outcome of the contest. In sports, you certainly can't, and with politics, you only get a single lousy vote. If you're betting on American Idol, you can make your pick, then call their Idol number to keep them from being eliminated as many times as you want!

The show isn't getting the ratings it did a decade ago; with the right system and maybe some creativity with robo-dialers, you could legitimately increase your future bet's chances of winning. Of course, we can't recommend that you cheat the American Idol vote somehow. It's just nice to get a little say in the whole ordeal.

Sign of Support

In regions where entertainment wagers are a regular part of the culture, bets are made on candidates or contestants as a public show of support. The more the bettor stakes, the more confidence they show to the world concerning their pick's chances of being victorious.

Seeing that you have money on the line could even inspire social media users to vote for your singer in hopes of you collecting. The internet has cooperated to make crazier things happen, so why not?

Putting cash behind your words also shows the public that you're not being frivolous with your opinions and predictions. Placing American Idol bets shows conviction and that you're taking your Idol expertise seriously!

Or it could just be a great way to have a written record of an accurate prediction, allowing you to deliver some beautiful "I told you so's."

Re-Ignite the Excitement of Watching

American Idol was the country's original beloved singing competition, but after nearly two decades on the air, things have gotten a bit stale. While dedicated fans of the show will always follow along, it couldn't hurt to use online wagering to re-ignite some of that passion from the early days.

The top American Idol betting sites set new lines based on each round of voting, keeping you more invested and engaged on a week-to-week basis than you ever would watching the same old song and dance routine for the hundredth time.

Relatively Predictable Results

One of the best things about American Idol betting is that the results are relatively predictable and early-on in the contest, no less. We'll go into the specifics of predicting an Idol winner in the next section, but the general premise is this: a significant percentage of champions share the same characteristics and backgrounds.

Usually, you'll find the highest payouts earlier in the season when there's still a sizable field of contestants. But, by identifying the competitors who fit the mold that wins most frequently, you can find some decent betting value. Sure, it won't win every year, but you'll give yourself a good chance and at an excellent price.

American Idol Betting FAQs

What Are Some Common American Idol Bets?

American Idol betting sites primarily focus on futures bets concerning the overall winner of the season. However, they'll also set lines for weekly eliminations.

Is Betting on American Idol Online Allowed?

Yes, betting on American Idol is legal as a form of entertainment wagering. While you may be able to find the markets at regulated sportsbooks in the US, the majority of the top providers are online and located in offshore jurisdictions.

Is It Legal to Use Offshore American Idol Betting Sites?

Yes, individual bettors may use foreign websites to wager online without breaking any laws. There are regulations which prevent banks from helping to fund your accounts, but there are alternative banking methods to get around that issue.

How Do I Find Value Betting on American Idol?

To maximize your American Idol betting value, you should bet on the winner early and when the field of contestants is still substantial. By identifying the competitors with the characteristics we've seen win most frequently, you can give yourself an excellent shot at winning sizable futures payouts without even knowing anything about singing.

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