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First of all, Rainbow Six Siege is surely one of the most popular esports titles out there. As far as FPS (first person shooter) titles are concerned, there's only CS:GO (and perhaps Overwatch, if we classify it as an FPS) ahead of it in terms of popularity. But things weren't always like this.

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You see, Rainbow Six Siege (R6S from now on) wasn't off to a particularly good start. The game was flawed with server problems, unbalanced gameplay, and other issues. However, thanks to a dedicated and hardworking developer's team, these issues were quickly fixed to expose the true esports potential of this fantastic FPS title!

Not only was its true esports potential exposed, but its betting potential as well. Seasoned R6S players and experienced esports bettors quickly rushed to the party, hoping to get a head start over the bookies. For the most part, they've done so, forcing bookies to up their efforts and create a highly sophisticated environment for R6S betting.

With that said, it's no surprise where to bet on Six Invitational tournaments is among the most common questions we get from our readers. That's basically why we created this article - to try and explain everything you need to know about these tournaments which would hopefully increase your chances of getting those juicy returns at Six Invitational betting sites.

Six Invitational Betting Sites - What to Look For

Roughly two years ago there was only a handful of bookies that featured Rainbow Six Siege bets. However, that number has grown significantly over the course of the last two years. Nowadays, you will realize that virtually every online bookmaker has a section dedicated to this innovative and tactical FPS.

Still, that doesn't mean you should use whatever you find first. That's a terrible practice that could get you in trouble if you happen to stumble upon any fishy websites. That said, we recommend you stay on the safe side by going with any of the Six Invitational betting sites listed above. Why? Well, because they check all the following marks:

High Betting Odds

Six Invitational Betting

The first thing most bettors investigate when exploring Six Invitational betting sites is its betting odds. Well, luckily, all of our picks rank pretty high as far as that's concerned. Low profit margin is the key here - the lower it is, the higher the betting odds are. It's as simple as that!

Reliable Service

Once again, there's a ton of esports bookies out there, but only a handful are worth your time and money. Some of them have unreliable service/website/customer support staff while others are pretty much scammers. It's important to find a reliable and trustworthy bookie as that can make or break your esports betting experience, or, more precisely, your R6S betting experience.

Fast Payouts

Six Invitational betting is great, right? But winning is the best feeling in the world, don't you agree? Well, if you like winning your esports bets, then you will definitely appreciate all of our Six Invitational betting sites picks since they all have automated payout processes that are pretty much instant. Keep in mind though, the actual payout speed doesn't just depend on the bookies but the payment method you chose too.

Plenty of Esports Markets

When we were picking bookies for this list, we cherry-picked those which offer more than a single esports title. In this case, that would be Rainbow Six Siege. This is especially important for people who aren't limiting themselves to just Six Invitational tournaments but want to have access to other esports bets as well.

Key Facts:
  • The Six Invitational tournaments are hosted and organized by ESL and Ubisoft, bringing forth the best R6S talent to battle it out against each other at the biggest of stages.
  • The first Six Invitational (SI from now on) tournament dates back to February 2017. It had $100,000 in the total prize pool and was the first notable R6S tournament, to begin with.
  • The prize pools of Six Invitational tournaments have increased exponentially over the course of their existence. SI 2017 had $100,000 while SI 2019 is set to have $1,000,000 in prize pool money.

A Brief History of Six Invitational Tournaments

Six Invitational tournaments are relatively new, much like the game itself. The first ever Six Invitational tournament was held back in February 2016. Back in those days, Ubisoft was forcing tournaments for both Xbox One and PC, meaning the first ever Six Invitational actually had two tournaments to its name. Each had a prize pool of $100,000 and a total of six participating teams.

2018 was a much better year not just for R6S but for Six Invitational (and Pro League for that matter) as well. Six Invitational 2018 was once again held in Montreal, just like all previous (and most likely future) SI tournaments. It had 16 teams and a whopping $500,000 in its prize pool. The tournament format experienced significant changes as well, but that's something we'll discuss further down the line.

Considering the fact there have been just four Six Invitational tournaments so far, there's nothing left to be said about their history. Other than listing out all the previous winners, of course. That said, let's get right to it!

Previous Winners
Event Prize Pool Winner Runner-Up
Six Invitational 2019 $2,000,000 G2 Empire
Six Invitational 2018 $500,000 PENTA EG
Six Invitational 2017 PC $100,000 cTm eRa
Six Invitational 2017 One $100,000 Elevate Vitality.B

Tournament Format

The first two SI tournaments (2017 PC and Xbox One editions) featured just 6 teams each. Both featured a single-elimination bracket with invited teams starting off at the semifinals. All matches were Bo3 with the prize pool being $100,000 for each tournament.

However, thanks to the rapid growth of R6S' esports presence, Six Invitational 2018 had 16 participating teams, so the tournament format had to be changed. Not to mention the fact 2018 had $500,000 in prize pool money with that amount doubling for SI 2019. So, with all that in mind, here's what a SI tournament format looks like:

Participating Teams

  • 5 teams qualified through regional qualifiers
  • 4 invited teams
  • 3 Pro League champions
  • 3 LATAM, NA, and APAC PL champions
  • 1 team chosen by the community vote

Group Stage

The group stage consists of four groups with four teams in each. It's played in double elimination GLS format with only the top two teams advancing to the playoffs. All group stage matches are played as best of 3 series.

Six Invitational Betting Sites


The playoffs stage consists of quarterfinals, semifinals, and grand finals. The grand finals match is Bo5 while all remaining playoffs matches are Bo3. We're talking about a single-elimination bracket here. If a team loses a match in the playoffs, they are eliminated from the tournament; as simple as that.

Six Invitational Tournaments | FAQ

Where to Watch Six Invitational Tournaments?

Just like most other important esports events, Six Invitational can be watched on a number of different streaming services. The most important ones are obviously Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. However, if you don't want your stream to be mainstream (pun intended), you'll be happy to know Six Invitational tournaments are also available on Mixer and Maestro.

What Are the Best Six Invitational Betting Sites?

There are plenty of gambling sites that offer R6S bets right now. Needless to say, this wasn't the case when this game initially started its esports endeavor. For a short list of the best R6S betting websites, click here.

Will R6S Surpass CS:GO's Popularity?

This question is difficult to answer right off the bat. Even though we are talking about two (conceptually) very similar FPS games, each has a unique set of virtues that cater to their fanbase. CS:GO is, undoubtedly, at the top of the industry thanks to an impressive number of events held. On the other hand, R6S is moving in the right direction but still needs a proper influx of money from sponsorship deals if it wants to surpass CS:GO's popularity.

Don't get us wrong - we're not saying it can't happen. We're saying that it's going to be a tricky process requiring a lot of resources. But if the cards are played right, who knows - perhaps R6S really does become the next CS:GO.


Whether or not you're a fan of R6S, you have to admit one thing - the game will continue growing at such a rapid pace thanks to a healthy community and top-tier teams pushing it to the next level. New sponsorship deals and the esports betting presence are invaluable assets too - all parts of the plan to come into touching distance of CS:GO and Overwatch.

Generally speaking, R6S is on the right track to becoming one of the greatest FPS esports titles ever. Well-balanced gameplay, comprehensive in-game mechanics, great talent, and sophisticated events such as R6S Invitationals give hope that there is nothing stopping R6S in its quest to reach the top of the food chain!

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