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Overwatch World Cups are annual Overwatch tournaments held in Anaheim, USA. The 2018 edition of this tournament featured eight national teams pinned against each other for a chance at glory and part of the $128,000 prize pool. But wait, each team actually receives the same amount of cash?

Yup - money isn't really a motivator here. Overwatch World Cup tournaments are pride first, money second! This is one interesting feature that has been present since the tournament's inception (though it's worth mentioning that the highest prize pool was during its first competitive year).

Once again, the Overwatch World Cup doesn't have clubs battling it out but rather national teams. The 2018 edition's winner was South Korea, but more on that further down the line.

Each year, the tournament only gets better and better. So, if you're wondering where to bet on Overwatch World Cup Tournaments, you've come to the right place.

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Where to Bet on Overwatch World Cup Tournaments

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Key Facts
  • This is the 3rd iteration of the Overwatch World Cup since its inception in 2016.
  • The 2016 Overwatch World Cup had the biggest prize pool of the current bunch.
  • South Korea won the tournament three years straight (2016, 2017, 2018).
  • Anaheim is the chosen location to host the Overwatch World Cup every year.
  • The number of participating teams has decreased following the first competitive year (dropped from sixteen teams to eight).

A Brief History of Overwatch World Cup Tournaments

This tournament was formed in 2016 with the appearance of Overwatch in the esports scene. One of the most prestigious events regarding national teams, the Overwatch World Cup is the result of an entire year of competitive play - letting us see which region brings forth the winner.

In the first three years of the tournament's existence, South Korea dominated and won. Three Overwatch World Cup titles from three years! That's a pretty scary stat for any other team except South Korea.

It might seem like a dull affair; the same team winning three years in a row (and you'd probably be right). But, the road to victory isn't easy. Almost all the matches are fast-paced and filled with action. While South Korea may have dominated early on, no previous winner is ever guaranteed for a championship victory down the road.

The Overwatch World Cup also went through a format change between the first and second competitive year (2016 and 2017). They went from having sixteen teams divided into four groups (before the playoff stage) to having eight teams directly involved in the playoff stage. This means that the group stage was removed.

The Overwatch World Cup somewhat dipped in popularity after the first year (the prize pool was also smaller) but, in 2018, everything looked better! Here's to hoping next year will be even better!

Previous Winners

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Tournament Format

Our guide on where to bet on Overwatch World Cup Tournaments is nearly complete, but bear with us! Next up - the tournament format.

The first year of the Overwatch World Cup tournament featured a group stage and the playoffs. However, many of the teams had to go through an online qualifier (best of three, single-elimination). The teams that succeeded took part in the main tournament stage. The group stage was a round-robin style group. Six of the teams were from Europe, six were from the Asia-Pacific region, and four of them were from the Americas.

The two best teams from each group would proceed to the playoffs, which were single-elimination. There technically is no prize pool, but the organizers did pay teams an appearance fee and a free trip to Blizzcon. This would persist throughout the existence of the Overwatch World Cup tournament.

However, a couple of things changed after the first year. 2017 brought in a new format: No messing around with a group stage; it was straight into the fire for these teams. The playoffs were single-elimination again, with the quarterfinals and semifinals being best of five and the grand finals being best of seven.

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The only difference between 2017 and 2018 is the prize pool size and the available maps (of which in 2018, all were available).

This format type gave organizers a lot of leeway since the tournaments don't last long. In 2016, the tournament lasted for only eight days. During the next couple years (2017 and 2018) the tournament only lasted two days! But because they're so short, they're jam-packed with action!

Overwatch World Cup Tournaments | FAQ

Where to Watch Overwatch World Cup Tournaments?
The great thing about esports' progressiveness is that all esports grow and evolve. The Overwatch World Cup 2016 could only be watched on Twitch, but 2017 brought some changes. This was the introduction of a dedicated website on which you could follow the action. The same live streaming service selection was available in 2018 as well. So, it's either Twitch or their website!
Where to Bet on Overwatch World Cup Tournaments?
It's sometimes tough finding the perfect esports bookie, but if you remember at the beginning of the article, we already mentioned a couple. So, to save you the trouble of having to scroll all the way back up yourself, why don't we do it for you?
How Many Viewers Does the Overwatch World Cup Attract?
As mentioned above, the Overwatch World Cup Tournament of 2016 could only be watched on Twitch. Once their website introduced the live stream feed of it, however, the 2017 Overwatch World Cup averaged 405,730 concurrent viewers (watching simultaneously), while the 2018 tournament averaged 1,161,551!
Will the Overwatch World Cup be Held at a Different Location?
Not at the moment, no. Anaheim has been the host of this tournament for three years already, and there's no reason to change it. Although anything could happen, so who knows - maybe they move it to somewhere else, but it's highly unlikely at this point.


If you were to compare the Overwatch World Cup tournament to a tournament from another game, it would appear small. However, for this talented bunch of competitive players, it's the biggest event of the year. They all eagerly await playing for their national teams and having their shot at taking all the glory to their motherland.

If you find this tournament right up your alley, and you've got your answer about where to bet on Overwatch World Cup Tournaments, be sure to tune in for the next iteration!

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