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Apex Legends, a game that didn't even have a proper marketing campaign, ended up as a huge hit with both players and critics. It managed to captivate millions of people in as little as 24 hours, with even bigger waves coming in the following days. Apex Legends will go down in the history books of gaming as the game that managed to dethrone Fortnite to become the most popular battle royale game out there. Of course, with such immense popularity comes several supporting niches, including the one we'll be focusing on today. Obviously, we're referring to Apex Legends betting sites.

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We know, we know, Apex Legends' betting presence is still nonexistent. The game has just been released, so a lack of betting presence is nothing surprising. There are still no tournaments or any formal esports competitions, but that ought to change really fast. How come? Well, the game itself has been polished to perfection. The balancing, although it has issues to a certain extent, has been done in a remarkable fashion. The legends bring forth enough versatility to form viable team compositions all across the board. Furthermore, they are supporting different playstyles, thus encouraging different types of players to test their luck on the battlefield.

All that said, the first Apex Legends tournaments are bound to start rolling out soon enough, bringing forth Apex Legends betting sites activity too. And judging by the game's popularity, this is going to be a flourishing niche, to say the least.

Things to Keep in Mind About Apex Legends Betting Webites

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First off, betting on Apex Legends is still not available due to the fact there are no official Apex Legends esports events yet. Still, we firmly believe those esports betting sites listed above will be among the first ones to feature Apex Legends bets once the first tournaments kick off. We've based our opinion on the fact that these bookies are usually the first ones to do betting coverage on up-and-coming esports titles. Considering Apex Legends' popularity, it surely belongs in that bunch.

On top of that, these bookies feature plentiful bets for other esports too. Realistically speaking, they are the esports betting leaders at the moment, enjoying a huge portion of the entire esports betting market. They've reached those heights thanks to generous betting odds, bonuses, and esports betting variety. We shouldn't forget about fast payout times and highly-skilled customer support teams either! What we're basically trying to say here is, if you're not just looking for Apex Legends betting sites, but for esports betting sites in general, look no further than the list above.

Differences Between Betting on Apex Legends and Other Popular Esports

Obviously, Apex Legends betting sites will have a tough task at their hands once AL's inaugural esports season kicks off. Plenty of hard work will be required in order to get the stats and facts down before featuring the first Apex Legends bet. And we're not saying this just because Apex Legends is a brand-new game. Nope! We're saying this because Apex Legends is not a typical esport. That said, what are the differences between betting on Apex Legends and other popular esports?

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Well, for starters, Apex Legends is a battle royale game, meaning its betting presence will be much more like that of Fortnite and PUBG than the most popular esports of today such as LoL, Dota 2, or CS:GO. Teams will consist of three players with 20 teams per match since that's how the game currently works. However, the number of teams/players per team can change with future updates, so we can't say anything with certainty regarding the future team systems and tournament compositions.

Needless to say, all these factors will affect online Apex Legends betting sites and their ability to cover the first tournament. All these factors will also affect the way people bet on Apex Legends, perhaps even further pushing the differences between betting on Apex Legends and other popular esports.

Apex Legends Special Bets | Everything You Need to Know

Apex Legends' esports scene hasn't kicked off yet, so there's really no Apex Legends betting going on at this point. That's bound to change in the upcoming months as a result of an impressive popularity growth ever since the game's release.

Once the first tournaments start rolling in, various esports betting sites will jump on the bandwagon and start offering a wide variety of Apex Legends special bets. On top of specials, you can also expect a fair share of regular betting options such as match-winner, handicap, outright winner, and so on.

Most Notable Apex Legends Tournaments

Once again, Apex Legends' esports scene hasn't kicked off yet, so there are no tournaments to talk about here. However, as soon as the first ones see the light of day, we'll make sure we update this section with the freshest news.

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At this point, we can only make assumptions. For starters, what will the inaugural Apex Legends season look like? Will it be a uniformed league-like competitive season? Will it be something like Fortnite Skirmish series? In our opinion, Apex Legends' competitive season will feature several top-tier competitions as well as a plethora of smaller ones, perhaps even with a dash of influence coming from Majors & Minors systems used by Valve's most popular esports titles, Dota 2 and CS:GO.

The Best Apex Legends Betting Sites | Final Words

Apex Legends, a game that has conquered the gaming industry, will surely have a bright esports future. With a promising esports future come betting opportunities too. That said, Apex Legends betting sites are bound to follow with comprehensive coverage shortly after the first official tournaments see the light of day.

No worries, we won't have to wait too long for this to happen. With the first Apex Legends streamers' tournament already racking in millions of viewers, esports organizers will be further encouraged to get the show rolling. And, before you know it, Apex Legends will be a force to reckon with in both esports and esports betting industries.

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