Where to Find Video Poker Games

Where to Find Video Poker Games

If you're looking for information regarding specific video poker games in specific locations, then you're in the right place. This page consists of a comprehensive list of variations (by name) and a list of geographical locations where you can find these games.

We provide thumbnail descriptions of each game and location on this page, but you can click on the names of the games and locations for further details.

Finding Specific Video Poker Games

We include listings for the following specific video poker games:

  • 12 Ways Royal

    This is an online variation popular at Betsoft and Playtech caisnos. Instead of just getting the top payout for a royal flush, you also get the top jackpot for a straight flush consisting of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

  • 22nd Chance Royal

    In this variation, if you get 4 cards to a royal flush in your initial hand, and if you miss that draw, you get a 2nd draw to the royal without having to place an additional bet.

  • 33-Way Action

    You make 3 bets and get 3 opportunities to win. You can win money on the 5-card hand that you're initially dealt. You can also win money on the hand after you draw your replacement cards. Finally, you also get paid off on a 7-card hand made up of your final hand along with 2 more cards from what's left in the deck.

  • 44-5 Bonus Poker

    You only get 4 cards on the initial deal, which makes it harder to wind up with a high hand after the draw.

  • 57 Stud Poker

    Most video poker variations are based on 5-card draw, but this one is based on 7 card stud. You get 2 cards face up and 5 cards down. You get to place additional bets based on subsequent cards as they're revealed.

  • 6A-C-E-S Bonus

    This is Bonus Poker but with a twist. The aces are marked with the letters A, C, E, and S. If they're in order, you get a bigger payout.

  • 7Ace & Deuce Bonus Poker

    This is just Double Bonus Poker, but the bonus payouts have different ranks-aces and deuces.

  • 8Ace Invaders

    This is a 3-line variation of video poker where the aces drop from the top to the bottom as you play. It bears a passing resemblance to "Space Invaders" (the classic video game.)

  • 9Ace on the Deal

    If you play for 6 coins instead of 5, the first card in your hand is guaranteed to be an ace.

  • 10Aces and Eights

    A Bonus Poker variation with bonus payouts on 4 of a kind hands made up of aces or eights.

  • 11Aces and Faces

    Another Bonus Poker variant, this one pays off extra for a 4 of a kind made up of aces or made up of face cards.

  • 12Acey Deucey Poker

    Another Bonus Poker game with extra payouts for 4 of a kinds made up of aces or twos.

  • 13All Aces

    This is an online video poker variation from Microgaming. It's basically Bonus Poker with a huge payoff if you get 4 aces.

  • 14All American

    This is basically Jacks or Better but with better payoffs for most of the middle-ranked hands.

  • 15American Poker

    This is a German video poker variation where you have to pay for both your initial hand and the hand you get after you draw. But you still only get paid on the results of your final hand.

  • 16Anything's Wild

    You get to choose which card is wild before the deal.

  • 17Atomic Fever

    You can place a 6th coin bet to activate a bonus game which involves charging 4 atoms.

  • 18Barnyard Poker

    You get multipliers in the bank every time you get a pair or better on the initial deal. These multipliers are then applied (at random) to your winnings.

  • 19Big Split Poker

    You get 8 cards, which you then split into a 5 card hand and a 3 card hand.

  • 20Big Times Draw Poker

    You bet between 6 and 10 coins instead of 5. Based on how much you bet and on how big your highest card in your hand is, you get a multiplier to your final payoff.

  • 21Big Win Poker

    Offers increased payoffs on multiple hands, but 2 pair pays off at 0.

  • 22Black Jack Bonus Poker

    This has nothing to do with blackjack. You get a bonus payoff if you get a 4 of a kind with a black jack. (Notice the difference in the number of words here.)

  • 23Bonus Poker

    Basically, this is Jacks or Better video poker with bonus payouts for certain 4 of a kind combinations.

  • 24Bonus Deuces Wild

    This game resembles Bonus Poker, but the bonus payoffs are for 5 of a kind hands instead of 4 of a kind hands.

  • 25Bonus Deluxe

    Instead of having multiple bonus payoffs for 4 of a kind, Bonus Poker Deluxe offers a single larger payoff for any 4 of a kind.

  • 26Bonus Poker Plus

    The main characteristic of this variation is the 100 for 1 payoff on any 4 of a kind.

  • 27Bonus Royals Video Poker

    Almost all video poker games pay 800 for 1 for a royal flush, but this variant pays off at 1000 for 1 instead.

  • 28Build a Wheel Poker

    This game adds a prize wheel that you can spin randomly. To activate this wheel, you have to place an additional 6th coin bet.

  • 29Chase The Royal

    If you get a higher pair, you get the option of exchanging a card for a draw to a royal flush.

  • 30Color Match Royals

    In this game, you get bonus payoffs based on the colors involved in a straight flush.

  • 31Deuce on the Deal

    This is a variation of Deuces Wild where you can get a guaranteed deuce as your first card. You pay an extra 5 coins for this privilege, though.

  • 32Deuces and Joker Wild

    The name says it all.

  • 33Deuces Wild

    As the name suggests, all the 2s in the deck are wild cards in this variation. A full pay Deuces Wild game actually offers a positive expectation for a skilled player.

  • 34Deuces Wild Double Double Bonus

    Another amalgamation of Bonus Poker and Deuces Wild, where you get bonus payoffs on 5 of a kind hands.

  • 35Dice Fever

    You have the option of placing a 6th coin bet. If you do, you activate a bonus game where you get to throw dice and get bonus payoffs based own the result of that dice toss. (The dice are virtual dice on a computer screen, but how cool would it be if you could use real dice?)

  • 36Double Bonus Deuces Wild

    Pays off bonus amounts for 5 of a kind hands.

  • 37Double Bonus Poker Plus

    You get bonus payoffs based on the rank of your 4 of a kind and also on the rank of your kicker.

  • 38Double Deuces

    This a Deuces Wild variant where you get paid off 400 for 1 instead of 200 for 1 on a hand with four deuces in it.

  • 39Double Double Aces & Faces

    Offers bonus payoffs based on the rank of your 4 of a kind and on the rank of your kicker.

  • 40Double Bonus

    Another Bonus Poker variation that takes into account your kicker when determining the bonus payoff on 4 of a kind.

  • 41Double Double Bonus Poker Plus

    Yet another variation on Bonus Poker.

  • 42Double Draw Aces

    If you get 2 or more aces on the draw, you can make a 2nd draw.

  • 43Double Draw Poker

    You get an extra opportunity to draw to a better hand.

  • 44Double Pay Poker

    You bet on (and get paid off on) both your initial hand and the hand you draw to.

  • 45Double Super Times Pay

    This is one of many newer games which offer random multipliers to your wins. In the case of this game, you get two chances at a multiplier.

  • 46Double Aces and Faces

    You get a bigger jackpot for a 4 of a kind made up of face cards or aces. This is also sometimes called "Double Jackpot".

  • 47Double Bonus

    This is one of the main variations of Bonus Poker, offering an additional layer of bonus payoffs on a 4 of a kind based on its ranking.

  • 48Double Double Bonus

    The extra "double" means that you get to take into account the ranking of the kicker with the 4 of a kind when determining your payoff.

  • 49Double Double Jackpot

    Another variation with additional payoffs for various 4 of a kind combinations.

  • 50Double Joker

    Offers an increased payoff for a 5 of a kind.

  • 51Draw 6 Poker

    If you get a 3 of a kind or a full house on the deal, you're dealt a 6th card.

  • 52Dream Card

    You bet 10 coins instead of 5, and you get a "dream card" on random hands. This dream card can be used to duplicate any of the 48 cards remaining in the deck, but the game chooses which card, not you.

  • 53Dual Action Poker

    You double the size of your bet, and you get paid off based on a Deuces Wild pay table AND on a Jacks or Better pay table.

  • 54Extra Action Poker

    You place an additional bet, and you get bonus hands if you're dealt an ace or a deuce.

  • 55Extra Draw Frenzy

    If you get a 3 of a kind, you get between 3 and 7 additional hands to play.

  • 56Extreme X Poker

    A variation of Ultimate X Poker.

  • 57Faces n' Deuces

    This is a bonus poker variation that takes into account deuces and face cards as kickers.

  • 58Fast Fours

    This is similar to Quick Quads. When you get a 3 of a kind, the game looks at the ranks of the 2 kickers. If their sum adds up to the rank of the cards in your 3 of a kind, it pays off as if it were 4 of a kind instead.

  • 59Five Aces Poker

    The game includes a 5th ace. The suit of this 5th ace is a star.

  • 60Flex Change Poker

    You get 2 hands, and you can switch cards from one hand to another.

  • 61Flush Fever (Including Nevada Variant)

    There are at least 2 different games with this name. One is common in Oregon, and the other in Nevada. We include details for both on this page.

  • 62Full House Bonus Poker

    This is just Bonus Poker with a higher payoff for a full house.

  • 63Going for Fours

    If you get a 3 of a kind, you get a 2nd draw to try to make 4 of a kind. But you have to pay for the extra draw, too.

  • 64Good Times Pay

    This is a 3-play video poker game which awards random multipliers.

  • 65Hot Roll Poker

    If you double the size of your bet, you can roll two dice to get a higher payoff.

  • 66Hyper Bonus Poker

    You double the size of your bet. When you do, you get a multiplier added to your payoff for any winning hand on the initial deal.

  • 67Jackpot Deuces

    This is a progressive jackpot version of Deuces Wild.

  • 68Jackpot Poker

    This unusual pay table starts with a pair of kings instead of a pair of jacks. It also has no wild cards. You get bigger payoffs for a full house, 4 of a kind, or a straight flush. Most importantly, you get a progressive jackpot triggered by a royal flush made up of hearts.

  • 69Jacks or Better

    This is the basic version of video poker, where payouts start off with a pair of jacks or better. A full pay Jacks or Better game has a payback percentage of 99.54%.

  • 70Joker Wild (aka Joker Poker, including kings or better, aces or better, and two pairs or better)

    This game uses a 53 cards deck that includes a joker, which is treated as a wild card.

  • 71Keno Draw Poker

    As you might have guessed based on the name, this game combines keno and video poker into one electronic game.

  • 72Look Ahead Poker

    You can pay 2 extra coins to find out what the next card to be dealt will be.

  • 73Loose Deuces Wild

    So called because it offers a better pay table than most standard Deuces Wild games. It also has a bonus round.

  • 74Lucky Quads Wheel Poker

    If you get a 4 of a kind on your initial hand, you get to spin a bonus prize wheel.

  • 75Lucky Suit Poker

    This game uses a 65-card deck with an additional suit-clovers.

  • 76Magic Deal

    You have the option to pay extra to get random "magic cards" which act as wild cards.

  • 77Match Card Video Poker

    The game uses a separate deck to pull out 3 "match cards". If any of the cards in your hands match these cards, you get a bonus payoff.

  • 78Max Out Poker

    This is a multi-play video poker game where one hand is weighted more heavily than the other hands.

  • 79Movin' On Up Poker

    You can place additional bets and get additional draws in return.

  • 80Multi Play Video Poker

    This isn't a specific game but a type of game where you can play multiple hands at once. You pay for each hand. The initial draw is the same on every line, but the replacement cards are dealt from unique decks after the drawing phase.

  • 81Multi-Hand Ultimate 4 of a Kind Bonus

    You bet a 6th coin and get a bonus payoff for a 4 of a kind.

  • 82Multi-Streak Poker

    You double your bet and get random multipliers to your next 3 hands.

  • 83Multi Strike

    This takes the concept of advancing in levels from video games and applies it to video poker. As you progress through the levels, the prizes get higher.

  • 84Mystery Bonus Poker

    This game can best be described as a combination of slot machines and video poker. You get to choose whether to go for the best hand or claim the mystery bonus.

  • 85Nevada Bonus Poker

    This unusual game offers higher payoffs if you get a 3 of a kind or a 4 of a kind comprised of aces.

  • 86No Risk Double Up

    You have to double the size of your bet to activate the double up feature. You can then try to double up your winnings without risking losing-you still get your original payoff even if you lose on the double up round.

  • 87One-Eyed Jacks

    The jacks of hearts and of spades only have one eye each. They're wild in this game.

  • 88Pay the Aces Video Poker

    This is basically just Double Bonus Poker with an extra bonus if you get aces on the initial deal.

  • 89Peek and Play Poker

    This is basically the same gimmick that Look Ahead Poker features. You pay an additional two credits to activate this feature, and you get to see the first card that's going to be dealt during the drawing phase.

  • 90Pick'em Poker

    This is a simplified version of video poker with fewer decisions and an excellent payback percentage. With the right pay table, the payback percentage for Pickem Poker is 99.95%.

  • 91Progressive Video Poker (This isn't a specific game but a type of game)

    A progressive video poker game offers a progressive jackpot.

  • 92Power Quads

    This game keeps track of your 4 of a kind hands. Once you've had a 4 of a kind of each rank, the game pays you a bonus.

  • 93Pyramid Bonus Poker

    Strategically speaking, this is one of the most complicated video poker games available. You get paid on 3 different hands-the full 5 card hand, the 3 card hand using the 3 cards on the left, and the 3 card hand using the 3 cards on the right.

  • 94Pyramid Poker

    The cards are arranged in a pyramid with 5 cards at the base. The base serves as a standard video poker game, and the other cards activate bonuses and multipliers.

  • 95Quick Quads

    You place an additional bet, and for that, you can add together the two kickers to complete a 4 of a kind.

  • 96Red Black Double Double Bonus Poker

    This is just Double Double Bonus Poker with an extra payout on the pay table for a straight consisting of 10, J, Q, K, and A of the same color.

  • 97Royal Aces Bonus Poker

    The lowest paying hand is a pair of aces rather than a pair of jacks. To compensate, the game offers an 800 for 1 payoff on a 4 of a kind made up of aces.

  • 98Royal Court

    This is similar to most other Bonus Poker games, but with a different pay table.

  • 99Royal Draw

    This game offers a bonus round if you get a 4 of a kind. The bonus round plays out like an extra hand, but it's dealt from a 13 card deck and has its own pay table.

  • 100Royal Hunt Poker

    In this game, if you can get between 2 and 4 cards to a royal flush, you get 6 bonus cards to help you try to fill your hand.

  • 101Sevens Wild

    This one's a lot like Deuces Wild. Can you guess what the major difference is based on the name of the game.

  • 102Sequential Royal

    A "sequential royal" is a royal flush where the cards are in order on the screen from left to right. You get a big bonus payoff if you get a royal flush fitting this description.

  • 103Sevens and Joker Wild

    Like Sevens Wild, but with the addition of a joker, which also acts as a wild card.

  • 104Shockwave

    When you get a 4 of a kind, the game goes into Shockwave mode. You keep getting bonus hands until you get another 4 of a kind or 10 bonus hands, whichever comes first.

  • 105Spin Fever

    Every time you get a flush (or better), you earn multipliers toward your next bonus. The prize wheel spins during the bonus round, and the accumulated multipliers increase the size of your prize.

  • 106Spin Poker

    This one's complicated. Visit our page on the game for a full description.

  • 107Split Card Poker

    When you double your bet, you activate split cards, which is when two cards occupy the same position. You get to choose which one of them to apply. This makes it easier to make good hands.

  • 108Stack 'em Poker

    This is a 5-play multi-hand video poker game, but if you place additional bets, you can make hands vertically as well as horizontally.

  • 109Straight Flush Bonus

    As you might gather from the name, this game has a bonus payoff for any straight flush.

  • 110Stud Choice Poker

    Like Pickem Poker, this is a simplified version of video poker with fewer possible decisions.

  • 111Super Aces Bonus

    This is just Bonus Poker with an extra-large payoff for 4 aces.

  • 112Super Bonus Deuces Wild

    This is based on Deuces Wild instead of Jacks or Better, so the bonus happens when you get 5 aces.

  • 113Super Double Bonus

    Another Bonus Poker variation. It's hard to keep up with them all, but the big differences have to do with the size of the payoffs on the bonus hands.

  • 114Super Double Double Bonus Poker

    See above and the page itself.

  • 115Super Draw 6 Poker

    Pay a little extra and you get 6 cards instead of 5.

  • 116Super Draw Poker

    You place a 6th coin bet and get much larger payoffs for 4 of a kind and sometimes for a straight flush.

  • 117Super Hand Poker

    This one is just like Triple Play Poker, but you get to pick which one of three hands you're going to play.

  • 118Super Look Ahead Poker

    Much like Look Ahead Poker. See the page for more details.

  • 119Super Times Pay

    You pay a 6th coin, and the game randomly multiplies your wins by random amounts.

  • 120Super Triple Bonus

    Another Bonus Poker variation.

  • 121Tens or Better

    This is mostly similar to Jacks or Better, but the payouts start with a pair of 10s or better instead, which makes a winning hand slightly more likely.

  • 122Three Card Draw Poker

    This game uses 3 cards per hand instead of 5 and 4 decks instead of 1.

  • 123Trade Up Poker

    If you get 3 of a kind or a full house, you get to play additional hands on the draw.

  • 124Triple Bonus

    Another Bonus Poker variation.

  • 125Triple Bonus Plus

    Look at the specific page for each variation to get insane levels of detailed analysis.

  • 126Triple Double Bonus

    We're not getting into all the details on this page for the variations of Bonus Poker listed.

  • 127Triple Deuces Wild - Odds

    Just another pay table variation.

  • 128Triple Double Bonus Poker

    Another complicated pay table with bonuses for various combinations of cards.

  • 129Triple Triple Bonus Video Poker

    See above.

  • 130Triple Trouble

    This game has devils which light up and give you free hands at random.

  • 131Turbo Video Poker

    This is a super-fast version of multi-play video poker with a couple of twists.

  • 132Ultimate 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker

    Another variation where you have to place a 6th coin bet in order to get much higher payoffs on the 4 of a kinds.

  • 133Ultimate Aces Poker

    If you get an ace on the initial deal, you get a multiplier. The more aces you get, the higher the mulitiplier.

  • 134Ultimate X (single line and mult line)

    This is another game with random multipliers.

  • 135Ultimate X Poker Bonus Streak

    A variation of Ultimate X with a twist. Go to the page for more details.

  • 136Ultra Bonus Poker

    Just another Bonus Poker variant.

  • 137Video Hold 'Em

    One of multiple video poker games that emulates Texas hold'em rather than 5 card draw.

  • 138Wheel Poker

    As the name implies, this game adds a "Wheel of Fortune" bonus game on top of whatever video poker variation you're playing.

  • 139Wheel Poker Deluxe

    A variation of Wheel Poker with a couple of twists.

  • 140Wheel Poker with Quick Quads

    This one combines features of both Wheel Poker and Quick Quads.

  • 141White Hot Aces

    Another game with extra large payoffs on 4 of a kind with aces.

  • 142Winning Streak Poker

    You get to keep playing as you keep getting more winning hands.

  • 143Without Wheels Video Poker

    A wheel in poker is a straight made up of A, 2, 3, 4, and 5. In this game, a wheel doesn't count as a straight.

  • 144World Poker Tour Multi-Strike Super Video Hold 'Em

    The game borrows its branding from the WPT, but it's more random than most video poker games, making it more like slots.

  • 145World Series of Poker

    A variation with WSOP branding and WSOP inspired game twists.

You should also check out our comprehensive discussion of video poker machines.

Video Poker Casinos and Locations

We also offer listings by major casino destination in the United States. This listing might (at first glance) seem incomplete, but it's not. Many states don't offer video poker because of their laws about gambling.

  • 1Atlantic City Video Poker

    At the time of this writing, Atlantic City has 7 casinos, all of which offer video poker games. The casinos there offer between a dozen and two dozen different games with between 20 and 100 machines on the floor of each property.

  • 2Arizona Video Poker

    Arizona is home to 22 casinos, which are scattered throughout the state. There are over 300 machines on those casino floors.

  • 3California Video Poker

    This state has more video games than most. California boasts of 44 casinos and over 1600 video poker machines.

  • 4Canada Video Poker

    Since our site focuses mostly on the USA, we've lumped Canada in as if it were another state or city. You won't find a lot of casinos there, but there are a few, and they do offer a few video poker machines there.

  • 5Colorado Video Poker

    Colorado is probably better known for legal pot and skiing, but the state does have a couple of dozen casinos and close to 500 video poker machines throughout the state.

  • 6Connecticut Video Poker

    Connecticut only has two casinos, but they're both huge resort style properties with copious amounts of VP machines.

  • 7Florida Video Poker

    Florida has 17 casinos and over 600 VP machines.

  • 8Illinois Video Poker

    Illinois has 11 casinos and 550+ VP machines.

  • 9Indiana Video Poker

    The home of John Mellencamp and David Letterman is also home to 15 casinos and over 400 video poker games.

  • 10Iowa Video Poker

    Iowa's casino scene continues to grow, and they now have almost two dozen casinos offering video poker games.

  • 11Kansas Video Poker

    Kansas only has 4 casinos, but they each have a nice selection of VP games.

  • 12Las Vegas Video Poker

    This is the premier destination for video poker players, no matter where you are in the world. If you choose the right casinos in Las Vegas, you can get the best pay tables in the world.

  • 13Louisiana Video Poker

    Louisiana is home to the riverboat casino, and you'll find 19 of them here. Plenty of games to choose from, too.

  • 14Maryland Video Poker

    Maryland only has a half dozen casinos, the largest of which has 60 different machines available.

  • 15Michigan Video Poker

    Michigan now has 17 different casinos with over 700 machines on the floors there.

  • 16Minnesota Video Poker

    Most of the machines in Minnesota are in two casinos: The Grand Casino Hinckley and Mystic Lake Casino Hotel.

  • 17Mississippi Video Poker

    Most of the casinos are in Biloxi, which is Mississippi's hotbed of gambling. The state has almost two dozen casinos and over 400 machines.

  • 18Missouri Video Poker

    A dozen casinos with an average of over 50 machines per property.

  • 19Nevada Video Poker

    Of course, Las Vegas and Reno are both in the state, so it should be no surprise that there are lots of options. In fact, you'll find over 250 different casinos in the state. You'll also find almost 10,000 different machines.

  • 20New Mexico Video Poker

    The state only has 15 casinos with an average of less than a dozen machines in each casino.

  • 21New York Video Poker

    New York only has 7 casinos, but many of them are large and have lots of games and machines to choose from.

  • 22North Carolina Video Poker

    You'll find two Harrahs properties there, both of which have a smattering of video poker games.

  • 23Ohio Video Poker

    Ohio's another state with only a handful (4) casinos, but they're larger properties with a good selection of games.

  • 24Oklahoma Video Poker

    Tribal casinos have really taken off in Oklahoma over the last decade or so. In fact, the Winstar is the largest casino in the world now. (They get a lot of business from people in Dallas, Texas, as it's just a short drive.) Video poker, though, is not as popular there as you might think. With 22 casino in the state, you'd expect to see more than 290 VP games. (65 of those machines are at the Winstar, by the way.)

  • 25Pennsylvania Video Poker

    A dozen casinos with an average of close to 50 machines per property.

  • 26Wisconsin Video Poker

    Wisconsin has a baker's dozen casinos with over 200 different machines in the state.

The best playing conditions can be found in Las Vegas at the casinos near Boulder Highway.


We plan to keep this directory of video poker games updated and current from now on.

But we need your help.

You can find new video poker variations at casinos in various new locales all the time. If you see one we haven't covered, would you please us and let us know about it?

We'll update this page accordingly so that other players can find the information they need on these games.


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