Deuce On The Deal

Deuce On The Deal Video Poker

Many video poker players are familiar with Deuces Wild. And Deuce on the Deal is just like Deuces Wild, except that it has a unique bonus feature.

Your hand is guaranteed to contain at least one deuce when you make an extra 5 coin bet.

This is exciting because it gives you a better chance at forming hands like four deuces, 5 of a kind, and a wild royal flush. You can also get a natural royal flush worth 10,000 coins.

But are these aspects worth spending an extra 5 coins per hand?

Find out as we cover Deuce on the Deal's playing process, payback, pay tables, where it's found, and strategy.

The Basics of Playing Deuce on the Deal Video Poker

You won't have trouble adjusting to Deuce on the Deal if you've played other video poker machines. This is especially the case if you're familiar with wildcard games.

The main difference in Deuce on the Deal is the aforementioned bonus feature.

This puts more strain on your bankroll because you're risking additional money. But the guaranteed deuce also ensures that you'll always have some potential hand.

Let's continue this discussion by going over how to make bets and play hands.

Betting Process

You Have Two Options With Deuce on the Deal Betting:
  • Only placing the base bet of 1 to 5 coins per hand.
  • Making the max 5 coin base bet, an additional 5 coin bonus wager.

This game plays like Deuces Wild if you only make the base wager. In this case, we suggest placing the max bet because a 5 coin royal flush win (4,000 coins) offers more value than a 4 coin win (1,000).

You must place the max bet in order to be eligible for the bonus wager. You'll be wagering 10 coins per hand if you make this as well.

This means you'll be risking $2.50 per hand on a $0.25 denomination machine. Assuming you're on a triple play (3 hand) machine, this goes up to $7.50 per round.

Some low rollers will be hesitant to bet this much. But the payoff is that the guaranteed deuce helps you win far more often.

Deuce on the Deal Features

As just discussed, you receive at least one deuce when placing the full 10 coin bet (5 base + 5 bonus).

The software deals hands behind the scenes until one or more deuces appear. This then becomes the hand that you see onscreen.

Playing Hands

Here Are the Steps For Playing Deuce on the Deal:
  • 1Select your bet size.
  • 2Choose Deal to receive your hand; at least one will be a deuce if the bonus is active.
  • 3Hold cards and make discards.
  • 4Choose Draw / Deal to replace discards (if any) with new cards.
  • 5The game evaluates your hand for potential wins.
  • 6Select your bet size again, or just choose Deal to start a new hand.

Onscreen Display

Deuce on the Deal appears like most video poker games, with a blue screen, normal cards, and a pay table. The one difference is that you'll see a small display showing if you've activated the bonus bet.

Here's a List of the Onscreen Buttons:
  • Bet One - This allows you to adjust your base bet by one coin.
  • Bet Max - This button automatically wagers the 5 coin max; you can also make the bonus wager.
  • Speed - You can adjust the speed at which hands are dealt.
  • See Pays / Help - See game rules and / or another view of the pay table.

Deuce on the Deal vs. Ace on the Deal

Some games we review can be played across different video poker variations like Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, and Double Double Bonus.

Deuce on the Deal isn't like this, though, because it's a variation of Deuces Wild. Nevertheless, some may confuse Deuce on the Deal with Ace on the Deal.

These games are similar because Ace on the Deal gives you a guaranteed ace when a bonus bet is made. But these machines also have their differences, which you'll see in the table below:

Ace on the Deal Deuce on the Deal
Bonus bet is only 1 coin Bonus bet is 5 coins
Max bet is 6 coins Max bet is 10 coins
Bonus bet guarantees at least 1 ace Bonus bet guarantees at least one deuce
Can be played as variety of games Can only be played as Deuces Wild variation
Doesn't have a wildcard Has a wildcard

Pay Back and Pay Tables in Deuce on the Deal Video Poker

You'll be very familiar with Deuce on the Deal's pay table if you've played Deuces Wild. The same payouts are available in both games, with the only exceptions being the size of payouts.

Deuce on the Deal is a top heavy game with huge prizes for a royal flush and 4 deuces.

Deuces Wild doesn't offer as big of payouts at the top. But the advantage is that you'll receive lager prizes for a 5 of a kind, straight flush, and full house.

This creates a dynamic where Deuce on the Deal is more volatile, while Deuces Wild pays more frequently.

Let's continue by covering the Deuce on the Deal pay table and how it compares to Deuces Wild.

Deuce on the Deal Pay Table & Comparisons

The following pay table shows the payouts when you make the max 10 coin bet (5 base + 5 bonus).

Given that you must wager the max to activate this pay table, there's only one set of payouts.

But we've also listed the per coin payout to the right, which doesn't include the bonus wager. This will help you better compare Deuce on the Deal's pay table with Deuces Wild:

Deuce on the Deal Pay Table
Hand 10 coin payouts Per coin payout
Natural Royal Flush 10,000 2,000
4 Deuces 2,500 500
Wild Royal Flush 125 25
5 of a Kind 50 10
Straight Flush 40 8
4 of a Kind 20 4
Full House 15 3
Flush 15 3
Straight 10 2
3 of a Kind 5 1

Again, the paying hands are exactly what you'll see in Deuces Wild. The noticeable difference, though, is that the natural royal flush and four deuces pay far more.

But keep in mind that you'll need to get rid of your guaranteed deuce in order to win the natural royal flush.

As with any other top heavy video poker game, you have to put up with smaller low payouts. You only receive 10 coins for a five of a kind, 8 for a straight flush, 4 for four of a kind, and 3 for a full house.

Let's now compare the above pay table to the "Ugly Ducks" Deuces Wild variant:

Ugly Ducks Deuces Wild Pay Table
Hand 1 Coin 2 Coins 3 Coins 4 Coins 5 Coins
Natural Royal Flush 250 500 750 1000 4000
4 Deuces 200 400 600 800 1000
Wild Royal Flush 25 50 75 100 125
5 of a Kind 15 30 45 60 75
Straight Flush 9 18 27 36 45
4 of a Kind 4 8 12 16 20
Full House 4 8 12 16 20
Flush 3 6 9 12 15
Straight 2 4 6 8 10
3 of a Kind 1 2 3 4 5

These two games aren't even close when comparing some of their per coin prizes.

Here Are Examples:
  • Natural royal flush: Deuce on a Deal = 2,000 coins; Deuces Wild = 800 coins
  • 4 deuces: Deuce on a Deal = 500 coins; Deuces Wild = 200 coins
  • 5 of a kind: Deuces on a Deal = 10 coins; Deuces Wild = 15 coins

The other prizes are relatively similar. But there are large gaps between these payouts.

Deuce on the Deal Pay Back

The above Deuce on the Deal pay table offers 96.26% payback. This is terrible when compared to most video poker games.

Deuce on the Deal offers other pay tables. But this is the only one we found available (courtesy of Michael Shackleford).

Let's Look at Deuces Wild Pay Tables to Get Some Perspective:
  • Full pay Deuces Wild = 100.76% payback
  • Not So Ugly Ducks Deuces Wild = 99.73%
  • Ugly Ducks Deuces Wild = 98.91% 20 / 4 / 4
  • Deuces Wild = 97.97% 20 / 12 / 10 / 4
  • Deuces Wild = 97.58% 16 / 13 / 4
  • Deuces Wild = 96.77%

We have to go all the way down to the 16 / 13 / 4 pay table before we even come close to Deuce on the Deal's payback. Even then, this Deuces Wild variant still pays more.

How the Guaranteed Deuce Affects Payout Probabilities

What's fun about Deuce on the Deal is that the guaranteed deuce greatly increases your win frequency.

Here Are Probabilities of Each Payout Happening:
  • Natural royal flush = 0.0002% probability
  • 4 deuces = 0.06%
  • Wild royal flush = 0.45%
  • 5 of a kind = 0.74%
  • Straight flush = 0.98%
  • 4 of a kind = 13.54%
  • Full house = 3.09%
  • Flush = 2.66%
  • Straight = 10.01%
  • 3 of a kind = 44.08%
Let's Check Out Ugly Ducks Deuces Wild Payout Probabilities For Comparison:
  • Natural royal flush = 0.0023% probability
  • 4 deuces = 0.019%
  • Wild royal flush = 0.19%
  • 5 of a kind = 0.31%
  • Straight flush = 0.49%
  • 4 of a kind = 6.13%
  • Full house = 2.62%
  • Flush = 2.04%
  • Straight = 5.75%
  • 3 of a kind = 26.80%

The only Deuces Wild payout that occurs with greater frequency is the natural royal flush. Deuce on the Deal pays more frequently for everything else when the bonus wager is active.

If this is the case, why does Deuce on the Deal offer such low payback?

The simple reason is the 10 coin bet you must make to activate the guaranteed deuce. The higher win frequency doesn't quite cover the larger wagers you need to make.

Nevertheless, some players will appreciate earning more payouts - even if they're facing lower payback.

Where to Find Deuce on the Deal Poker - Online, Offline, Free, or Real Money

Created by Bally, Deuces on the Deal isn't widely available. But you can find this game in some Las Vegas casinos.

Shackleford said that he played Deuce on the Deal in Suncoast Casino & Hotel. We imagine that you can find this game in other casinos with Bally products.

Unfortunately, we can't find this video poker machine anywhere online. That means you can't play Deuce on the Deal for free or real money at internet casinos.

Deuce on the Deal Video Poker Strategy

Training programs and strategy charts are the two main ways to study video poker. The bad news is that neither method is available for Deuce on the Deal.

Strategy charts are reserved for the most popular video poker variations like Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, and Jacks or Better. Free video poker trainers are the same way because they only cover the popular games.

This Leaves You With Two Main Options:
  • 1Use a Deuces Wild strategy chart.
  • 2Buy a video poker trainer with customizable features.

Using a Deuces Wild Strategy Chart for Deuce on the Deal

Deuce on the Draw has much of the same strategy as Deuces Wild. This means that you can use Deuces Wild strategy and get similar results.

But some Deuce on the Draw payouts are different, meaning you won't be using optimal strategy. On the other hand, you don't exactly have other options.

The following Deuces Wild strategy chart is based on how many deuces you have. The idea is to scan down and look for the highest ranking made / partial hand you have.

Also note that we've eliminated the 0 Deuces portion from a normal Deuces Wild chart. After all, Deuce on the Deal always gives you one or more deuces as long as you make the extra bet.

Deuces Wild Strategy Chart

4 Deuces
  • 14 deuces
3 Deuces
  • 1Wild royal flush
  • 23 deuces only - discard any non pair
  • 33 deuces only - discard any pair of 9s or less
  • 45 of a kind
  • 53 deuces only - discard any pair of 10s or less
  • 64 cards to a royal flush
  • 7Straight flush or less
2 Deuces
  • 1Wild royal flush
  • 25 of a kind
  • 3Straight flush
  • 44 of a kind
  • 54 cards to a royal flush
  • 62 consecutive suited cards
  • 72 deuces only
  • 82 consecutive suited cards
  • 9Full house or less
1 Deuce
  • 1Wild royal flush
  • 25 of a kind
  • 3Straight flush
  • 44 of a kind
  • 54 cards to a royal flush
  • 6Full house
  • 73 consecutive suited cards
  • 83 of a kind
  • 9Straight
  • 10Flush
  • 114 cards to a straight flush
  • 123 cards to a royal flush
  • 132 consecutive suited cards
  • 143 cards to a royal flush
  • 15Deuce only
  • 163 cards to a royal flush
  • 172 consecutive suited cards
  • 184 cards to an outside straight

Buying a Video Poker Trainer

The best Deuce on the Draw strategy option is to purchase an advanced training program.

The reason why is because you can customize a pay table to fit Deuce on the Draw. This allows you to practice more specific strategy than just using a Deuces Wild chart.

If you're unfamiliar with video poker trainers, these programs alert you to both correct and incorrect decisions.

Here's an Example of a Trainer Pointing Out a Mistake:
  • You're dealt: 4s 10h 9c 6s 5s
  • You hold 10h.
  • The trainer alerts you that this is a mistake.
  • The optimal play is to discard everything.
Here's Another Example:
  • You're dealt: 3s Ks 5d 10c 3d
  • You hold 3s Ks 3d.
  • The trainer alerts you that this is incorrect.
  • The optimal play is to hold 3s 3d.

We're not saying that you'd make these strategy mistakes. But the trainer will point out any incorrect decisions when you do.

Making the correct strategy decisions eventually becomes automatic as you continue using atrainer. But again, the key is to purchase software and customize a Deuce on the Deal pay table.

Here Are Some Options With Regard to Purchasing Video Poker Trainers:
  • Video Poker for Winners - $49.95 on
  • WinPoker - $34.74 on
  • Optimum Video Poker - $54.95 on

Play Free Deuces Wild

One more option is to play Deuces Wild for free at an online casino.

The strategy parallels make Deuces Wild a good game to play when practicing for Deuce on the Deal. And we suggest using your strategy chart while playing for free.

We suggest using a free video poker trainer. But most free trainers don't cover Deuces Wild.

If you're interested in this route, has a Deuces Wild trainer on their site. But you have to sign up to be a member before using it.


Wildcards make video poker exciting because they improve your odds of forming big payouts. And you can guarantee that you'll receive at least one wildcard when making the Deuce on the Deal bonus bet.

This makes it easier to get four deuces and earn a payout worth 2,500 coins.

Another benefit to Deuce on the Deal is that you'll win more frequently than other video poker variations.

This is especially the case with the 3 of a kind (44.08% probability) and 4 of a kind (13.54%), which guarantee that you'll win over half the time.

Of course, the downside is that you must also bet more money. You not only need to place the max 5 coin hand bet, but also an additional 5 coin bonus wager.

Low rollers will find this expensive because they're betting $2.50 per hand on a quarter denomination machine.

It doesn't help matters that Deuce on the Draw also has lower payback than the large majority of video poker games. 96.26% payback is in line with the average online slots game.

As you can see, Deuce on the Draw is far from perfect. But if you can put up with the low payback and high bet cost, then you'll enjoy winning frequently and chasing huge payouts.
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