Microgaming Casino Software

Microgaming Casino Software

Microgaming is officially the undisputed champion of supplying online gaming software. This has been the case ever since they founded the internet's first online casino nearly 25 years ago.

One impressive fact about Microgaming is that they have received more awards for being a top software provider than we can count on both hands and feet. Some of the organizations that have recognized Microgaming for their level of excellence in digital software innovation are the Global Gaming Awards, the EGR B2B Awards, the International Gaming Awards, and Casino Player. It appears that not one year has gone by since 2001 without Microgaming receiving at least one award for their amazing work.

But things haven't always been unicorns and rainbows for Microgaming, which is evident by the fact that in February of 2008 one of their licensees, Tusk Investment Corporation Limited, went into liquidation. This liquidation left all players in 28 casinos without their funds. However, they have since cleared up this disaster, so there is no worry of this happening again anytime soon, and nothing similar has happened since then.

What Does Microgaming Software Do?

Microgaming's software offers over 800 casino games, 350 of which are available for mobile users. These casino games include over 1,200 variations, which is very effective in keeping your favorite games from becoming boring and stale.

Microgaming also offers a poker room known as the MPN, or Microgaming Poker Network. This network has over 26 poker rooms attached to it, and they all share tables with each other. This poker room has been operating since March of 2003, which makes them one of the oldest poker rooms in existence on the internet.

One unique thing that Microgaming software does is they are always introducing new and exciting ideas for digital gaming. If this wasn't obvious from the fact that they started the first online casino and one of the first online poker rooms, it should be clear by looking at their recent advances in virtual reality.

When Was Microgaming Founded?

was founded in 1994, way back in the days of dial-up modems. This is far earlier than any other software provider began their business operations, which adds a level of reliability to Microgaming's services. This was also when they offered the first online casino to ever exist on planet earth, which opened the door for many other online casinos to follow.

Where Is Microgaming Based Out Of?

Microgaming can be found in the gambling mecca known as the Isle of Man. They have been there ever since the beginning because of the fact that the laws there are very lenient toward online gambling sites. Other gambling giants, such as Stars Group, are located there as well, due to the relaxed atmosphere that is desired by an online gambling operation.

Why Is Microgaming Relevant?

As a longtime pioneer of the gambling industry, Microgaming will always be relevant in the gambling world in some way. They have proven that they are capable of continuously blazing a new trail for other casinos to follow anytime the opportunity arises.

One recently-invented feature that proves our point is virtual reality gaming.

Allowing people to gamble and interact with a virtual dealer just by putting on a headset really shows the level of seriousness with which Microgaming takes the act of remaining relevant.

The fact that they own a casino and a poker room themselves shows that they are firmly entrenched in the online gambling community. Both these rooms have been booming for over a decade with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Any time a company has so many things going for it in a specific industry, it is tough for them not to qualify as being an extremely relevant entity in that industry.

Popular Games from Microgaming

Mega Moolah

The number-one most popular slot game that Microgaming offers is known as Mega Moolah. This famous slot has tons of other variations out there, and they all include a very large progressive jackpot.

This progressive jackpot was just hit in September of 2017 for €7.742 million, which shows that the jackpots on Mega Moolah are the real deal. This is not even half of the record-breaking jackpot of €17.87 million that resulted from a 25 cent Mega Moolah spin back in October of 2015. In fact, a total of five people can claim millionaire status thanks to this slot game offered by Microgaming.

Jungle Jim El Dorado

This 25-line slot features an explorer named Jungle Jim who is trying to find the City of Gold. The only way to help him do this is to spin the reels a few times and help him on his journey. The minimum bet is 25 cents, and the maximum win is $92,000.

However, just because a slot does not give you the option of winning millions of dollars does not mean that it is a bad game to play. Quite often these games with prizes that seem underwhelming will have the smallest house edge attached to them. This means that the player will get more fun for every dollar they spend, and that's just fine with Jungle Jim.

Virtual Reality

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. The future has finally arrived. Microgaming is known for including cutting-edge technology in their games, so it is no surprise that they began offering virtual reality games in May of 2016. This gambling format could prove to be the most revolutionary idea since Live Casinos because players will be able to gamble in what seems to be an alternate universe while using currency from our own world.

By using technology such as a Leap Motion 3D Controller and an Oculus Rift headset, Microgaming has managed to pull together a virtual reality roulette game. This amazing idea won them the Digital Gaming Innovation award at an event known as the Global Gaming Awards the very same year it came out.


When Microgaming walks into the room, everyone grovels to their knees in the presence of the king. No one else in the industry can touch their level of innovation or the wide variety of games that they have created.

Since Microgaming has been around since 1994, it is safe to say that they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to offering gambling software.

They also run their own casino and poker room with the software that they created, which shows that they really value their own products as well.


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