Best iPhone Casinos in 2019

iPhone Casinos

If we asked Americans which phone is the most popular in the US, an iPhone or a Samsung (Galaxy), the overwhelming majority would say iPhone, and they would be right. Well, kinda.

There are more iPhones sold than any other brand of phone with , but there are more Androids out there as a whole.

The operating system on an iPhone (aka iOS) is exclusive to Apple and only found on the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. The Android system developed by Google, on the other hand, is used on many devices. Samsung phones rank next in line to the iPhone with 28%, but LG, Motorola, and HTC also factor into the numbers tipping the scales toward Android as a whole.

Roughly 42% is still a huge market share, though, and the iPhone 7 is currently the best selling phone in France, Germany, and the UK.

With now in use and one BILLION Apple device users, you've got to figure that the market is ripe for mobile gambling access.

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iTunes and iOS Apps

Whereas Google Play has historically* had an across the board policy banning any gambling apps from being distributed in its store, Apple has allowed for them but strictly based on geographical location and compliance with the laws in each area.

For example, in the UK where online gambling is permitted, you'll find iOS Apps for some of the biggest iCasinos and sportsbooks. In the US, there are geo-targeted restrictions so, in New Jersey where it's legal to bet online, state residents can download an app from Harrah's or Caesars. Cross state lines into Pennsylvania or New York, though, and you're out of luck. Your physical location determines what apps are available to you.

Google Play is changing its stance on gambling-related apps and will be opening up the market, based on a strict application review, in Ireland, France, and the UK starting in August of 2017.

iPhone Mobile Casino Access - No App Required

If you're one of the many dedicated app users that wouldn't think to use a browser for gaming, please forgive us here, but you don't need an app to get a good mobile casino experience on an iPhone or iPad.

In fact, not needing a dedicated app opens you up to most of the casinos out there, as they convert to a great mobile platform by typing the name of the site into your iPhone's web browser.

Your access will go hand in hand with your location so, if you are authorized to register with an iCasino, you can also use their mobile version as long as you're in the same area when you pull it up to log-in. You don't even need to type in anything special. Once you put the web address in the browser, it will automatically redirect you to the properly formatted site.

The iPhone Casino App

We know. You are strictly an apps-only guy or girl. Don't fret. In your Apple Apps store, you will find some of your favorite casinos as long as you're in an area where it's legally permitted. Apple does stipulate that necessary licensing and permissions are required for all locations targeted, so casinos do need to be compliant to be in the store.

That means that if you're in the United Kingdom, you're open to all kinds of possibilities. We do know of some of the best iPhone apps like Mr Green that allows for 3G, 4G, and wifi play. Bet365 and William Hill also have quality products you can download from the App Store. In fact, William Hill is one of the most used mobile gambling services for sports wagering in the UK.

The same rule applies outside of the UK. You'll only find apps where online gambling is legally authorized. In the US, it gets a bit more granular in that some states like New Jersey and Nevada will have iPhone betting apps available but cross over state lines, and it's a different story.

Why mobile gaming is better on an iPhone as opposed to Android

All apps are created equally

iPhone apps are one-size fits all so for those dedicated casino apps; you won't see any difference between their use on one phone over another or the iPad vs. the iPhone. It's consistent across the board whereas Google Play apps (Android) can vary in appearance and function depending on the device that's accessing it.

Tighter security

You could experience issues with any phone but, honestly, you hear about with Apple devices than with Android, and the App Store is heavily monitored to prevent these types of things.


We thought we'd go a little high tech on you by using the acronym FPS, but it just stands for Frames per Second (we weren't familiar with it either at first). FPS is important in online gaming or gambling because of the faster the speed, the better the overall user-experience with less lag time. iPhones are known to hit the max for this with 60 frames per second whereas typical Android devices come in slower at around 44 or so.

We're not trying to steer you into being an iPhone or an Android convert; we know most people are product loyal, but we wanted to provide you with a few characteristics of iPhones that will contribute to better overall mobile betting.

The iPhone Casino Experience

Let's just take a look at the iPhone as it stands on its own. The following are considerations that you may want to keep in mind.

Have you done your shopping first?

If you live in a region that provides legal gambling, particularly online, chances are you'll find several casino apps available to you. Now don't confuse things with a site that advertises its mobile casino, as the majority of iCasinos are mobile-friendly. If you prefer app use over search engine access, then you'll need to peruse your choices for yourself. If you search for "real money casinos," in the App Store, your options should pop up for you, and they each will individually note format requirements and age restrictions as well.

Are you home?

iPhone apps are geo-targeted, so if you're not in an area where online gambling is permissible, you will be blocked from accessing the casino. These requirements are so specific that even crossing over state lines in the US makes a difference in the availability.

How's your connection?

It's important to have a good signal (wifi is best) and a fully charged battery, especially if you're accessing the casino through your browser. A lot of data could be used to power your online play as iCasinos are full of graphics and video that can drain your resources quickly.

Are you looking for something special?

If you've never accessed a casino on your iPhone before, you may want to check it out before you officially throw your hat in the ring and become a fully registered player. Not all games may transfer over for mobile use, and some operators are better than others at focusing on the mobility factor. On average, you should find at least a sampling of everything so, if you're a video slots fan and the full casino carries 100 of them, you may be able to play around 80 on your phone or tablet. However, some sites still haven't embraced the whole gambling on the go concept and offer just a small representation. Live dealer tables may not always be available and multi-hand video poker is also the first to go, especially 50 hands or higher, as the small screen just can't accommodate the format.

Do you like incentives?

Most sites will allow you to take advantage of welcome and other bonuses right from your iPhone. Some will even go a step further and offer a mobile-only incentive to encourage players to bet on the go.

Did you know you can download?

If you're accessing a casino via your iPhone browser as opposed to the app, you do have another alternative. Many websites will allow you to download their casino right to your computer or mobile device. Not everyone embraces this option, and it does require adequate space on your device, but you'll usually find that the quality of the games is better with download vs. streaming.

The Pros and Cons of iPhone Casinos


  • No app is required, but they are available where legally permissible
  • iPhones provide the best mobile experience as lag time is minimized
  • Developers will typically release an iOS app before an Android version
  • Players can take advantage of mobile casino promotions if available
  • The same log-in allows consistent play whether on the full site or iPhone or iPad
  • Newer sites provide bigger catalogs of gaming options
  • Registration and banking can be done via mobile as well as the main sites


  • Not all iCasinos produce Apps
  • Game selection is typically reduced compared to the full website
  • A graphic or video-heavy site may slow down navigation
  • Easy casino access can contribute togambling problems for some
  • Screen size and iOS version could impact the experience


There are a lot of true blue Apple devotees out there and today's online casinos recognize the need to accommodate them.

are actively using at least one betting app. That's nearly a half a million people just on iPhones in one country. UK-based sportsbooks like William Hill and bet365 provide casinos as well as sports betting services so you can "bet" there's crossover.

You'll see a lot of sites designated as iPhone casinos but, just remember that you'd be hard pressed to find one that isn't, as your trusty old search engine (Safari, Google, etc.) will get you access to a mobile gambling experience. No app required.

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