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Casinos With the Fastest Payouts

Everybody that gambles at casinos loves to win. The satisfaction of taking a chance and getting rewarded with cold hard cash is a feeling like no other. With the merging of the internet and gambling, online gambling has gotten much faster and more convenient. You can now experience the thrill of victory from the comfort of your favorite chair at home or on your mobile phone on the go.

While this is all incredible, there is something lurking in the shadows that can sour the experience. There are a handful of online casinos that pay out winnings to players at dinosaur speeds. Whether this is because they have cruddy processors or their customer service operates at a snail's pace, or they're just shady characters, it doesn't matter. Sites that pay slowly are the cancer of the industry and need to be avoided at all costs.

The problem is that these sites don't have signs on their homepage alerting you that they pay slowly. We've never seen a site with a sign that says "Come play here! You'll have to wait two weeks to get your money!" If they advertised this, no one would play there because having to wait for your winnings is absurd.

The Casinos That Pay the Fastest

For the reasons stated above, we have scoured the internet and found the online casinos that pay out the fastest. We didn't pay attention to what the sites advertise as their payout times but dug for reports and actual time frames from real players. If a site tells you it will pay out in 3 days and doesn't send you your money for 3 weeks, what good is that claim?

After extensive research, this is the list of the fastest paying sites on the internet. Not only do these sites pay lightning fast, but they're also all around quality sites. A site that pays quickly but is utter garbage to play on is just as bad as a great site that pays slowly. These sites have the full package of fast payouts, trustworthiness, reliability, a strong user experience, user-friendly software, and great bonus programs.

Keep in mind that we update this list regularly as conditions in the industry change. No matter how good a list of fast paying sites is, it becomes obsolete if it's not updated regularly.

RankUS Online CasinoSign Up BonusGet Started
#1Cherry GoldCherry Gold200% up to $10,000
#2Vegas Casino OnlineVegas Casino Online100% up to $11,000
#3Golden Lion CasinoGolden Lion Casino300% up to $3,000
#4Las Vegas USALas Vegas USA200% up to $5,000

Time Frames to Expect

As far as we know, home computers and mobile phones aren't able to print out money yet. For this reason, it's inevitable that you should expect some sort of a wait to get your winnings. In the early days of online gambling, that would usually be weeks as the site would have to send you a check.

With the growth of the industry, though, that time frame has shrunk down to days, hours, and sometimes instant withdrawals. Some people are hesitant to play online because they say they like the no wait times when betting at a brick and mortar casino. The problem with that statement is there is a wait time there, and additional time delays that end up costing you more time and money (travel time and costs, logistical costs of babysitters/petsitters, etc.) That doesn't sound like no wait or no inconvenience to us.

So what sort of wait times should you be expecting when gambling online?

It all depends on what method you use to fund and withdraw with. If you are requiring the site to send you checks or something that has to go through the mail, you're going to be looking at a couple of days or a week at a quality site.

Your best bet for the fastest withdrawals is to use some sort of an eWallet like Moneybookers (Skrill) or direct bank transfer. These transfers are usually done under a day and in a lot of situations a few hours after they are processed. Remember, though the actual processing might be instant, your withdrawal has to go through security before it is released. This is to protect you and protect your money from ending up in the wrong hands.

Another option that is gaining popularity is using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to fund and withdraw from your account. These withdrawals are usually handled within a couple of hours max but usually under an hour at quality sites. For those interested in how Bitcoin works, here's a detailed beginners guide to using Bitcoin.

The Bottom Line

At a quality site, you should be waiting no more than a couple of days for an electronic transfer and no more than about 5-7 business days for alternate methods. Remember, the strictness of the gambling regulations in your area will affect the speed at which withdrawals are processed, however, they should not go much further over these time frames.

Fees to Expect

Some sites will have fees on their withdrawals to help them offset the additional costs. Now, before you go throwing your computer against the wall in protest, there are a few things to offset this that should alleviate your concerns.

First, a lot of online casinos are moving to a completely no-fee model where every withdrawal method has no fees associated. The sites that haven't moved to this model are also starting to offer fee-free options in an obvious slow move towards a full fee-free platform. Basically, withdrawal fees are starting to slowly phase out as the sites are starting to absorb those costs themselves.

These fee-free sites are much more common in the less regulated markets and less common in the higher regulated markets where there are more hoops and restrictions for the sites to jump through to get you your winnings.

Secondly, almost every casino is giving you at least one completely free withdrawal every month. Frankly, most people are not withdrawing more than once a month, so the fees aren't an issue at all. If you are withdrawing more than once a month at a site with fees, you should be looking for the lowest fees possible. The range of fees is all over the place and can vary greatly by site and by the method of which you are using for withdrawals.

The best advice we can give here is look up the fees for withdrawals and look up how many free withdrawals you get BEFORE you start playing or betting on a site. If you're having any trouble finding this information, it can be found in the FAQ section usually or on the Banking page. If you want to, though, you can just support, and they will give you all of the information.

Tips to Expedite the Process

While the sites we listed above are the fastest when it comes to payouts on the web, there are certain things you can do to make the process faster or to ensure there are no delays.

Fill Out Paperwork Early

Almost every casino on the internet is going to require you to validate that you are who you say you are before they release a withdrawal to you. Now, this is NOT to report to the IRS or any tax bureau or government officials. This is so they can validate who you are so that they don't accidentally send your money to someone else. Usually, this is going to be a copy of a driver's license/ID and a utility bill to prove your address.

The tip here is that you can fill this paperwork out the day you sign up for the site. That way when you're ready to withdraw, you don't have to fill out and submit the paperwork and wait for it to be approved. Usually, it will take a few days to have that paperwork approved which is no big deal if you're not waiting for a withdrawal but can be obnoxious if you're waiting for your money.

Remember, this is all done to protect you and to protect your money. Contact support when you open your account and ask if there is going to be any paperwork when you decide to withdraw winnings. They should be able to send it over to you right away, and you can get it taken care of. You will only have to do it once.

Understand Their Process

Some sites have procedures in place to process certain types of withdrawals. For example, let's say you want to get money withdrawn out onto a debit card. A lot of online casinos will do this ONLY if you have made some sort of deposit from that card in the past. The process will dramatically slow down if you submit a withdrawal from that method and have to wait for them to let you know that it's not possible because of their rules. Then you have to submit a withdrawal from another method or make a small deposit. All of this will take time.

The best advice here is to take a few minutes and read through their withdrawal processes for the methods you are interested in using. It does not take long, and the information should be prominently placed for you to read. Save yourself a headache and an unnecessary wait by fully understanding the different processes for withdrawals.

This also means understanding the limits for each withdrawal method. Most sites won't allow you to request a withdrawal over the maximum limit for that method but some will. What happens in those situations is the withdrawal is denied, and you are forced to submit another one. Make sure that the withdrawal you submit is within the limits that they have laid out for that particular method.

All Methods Are Not Created Equally

This is probably clear from the above examples, but we wanted to reiterate it. Each withdrawal method is going to have different time frames, different limits, and different rules and procedures. This is the case at garbage sites and at the highest quality sites that we listed above. It's the nature of the banking industry as almost every site uses third party processors to process withdrawals.

What to Do If You Have a Problem

If you use the sites we listed above, you should have zero problems with your withdrawals. They should come quickly and reliably without any hassle or added work on your end. For those of you that may be here because you're having problems with another site and looking for a new home for your online gambling, we wanted to provide some tips to try and help you alleviate the problem at your old site.

First, you're doing the right thing of moving your money off of a site that's giving you a hard time. Gambling is enough of a rush; you don't need to be gambling with whether or not you'll be getting paid or not. Second, make sure that you've done everything you can on your end to help the process. Make sure they're not waiting for forms or for some sort of email verification from you.

Remember, customer service sometimes isn't the best about letting you know what they need from you. For this reason, you need to be proactive and reach out to them and make sure you are doing what you need to do to expedite the process. Third, the squeaky wheel gets the grease when it comes to payouts. The more you them, and the more you stay on top of them about getting you your money, the better result you are going to have. Check in daily if you want to and make them give you a hard date as to when your payout will be processed. If they fail that date, follow up again and mention that you may have to go to the gaming commission if they can't meet the deadlines that THEY set.

One other thing that may help is to ask if they have any other payout methods that can get you your money faster. Sometimes they may have a backlog on one method that is usually reliable, but there may be a less utilized one that is wide open and can get you your money quicker. The only way to ever know this is to ask support.

Hopefully, you're never going to need these tips. The best thing you can do is to bet with a reputable online casino with a great payout track record that respects its customers and pays them fast and on-time.

Here's the list again of sites that fit that mold as well as excel in other areas. You can rest assured that these sites pay fast and reliably. Remember, check back occasionally as we update this list regularly as conditions in the industry change.

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