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Amuzi Gaming began releasing virtual titles in 2011, although their debut technically came in 2010 with the registration of their domain name. Based in Belize City, Belize, this small design company serves a number of casinos that are often overlooked, as well as a handful of more famous clients.

If you prefer software designers with a certain level of transparency, then Amuzi Gaming may not be for you. Little information about the company is available online, and even their website is strangely generic. For example, clicking their list of games just brings up a few paragraphs of text and no actual descriptions or sample videos.

They claim to offer the following services, but no additional information is provided:

  • World class quality
  • Support
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Multi game selection
  • System maintenance
  • Constant upgrades

In this article, we'll take a look at the games offered by Amuzi, with an emphasis on their selection of blackjack titles. We'll also list the casinos that use their software, as well as provide readers with the basic strategy needed to reduce the house edge as much as possible when playing 21.

Games Available

In this section, we'll look at the games currently offered by the fine folks at Amuzi. Whether you're looking for a new favorite or temporary diversion, you should be able to find it here.

Amuzi casino software is available in both an instant and downloadable version. The former allows players to access the games from any computer, although only virtual slot machines are available in this form. As for the downloadable version, it gives the player a wider range of options at the expense of being limited to a single computer.

If you're debating whether to choose the instant or downloadable option, there's one other important piece of information to consider.

Download times for the Amuzi Gaming software are unusually slow, and you'll also need an additional download per game once the overall software has been installed.
The only advantage to the latter is that the player doesn't have to take up space on their PC with games that never get used. Otherwise, it's something of a hassle to get everything installed, especially if you play a wide variety of titles.

The downloadable casino offers 46 slots, while the instant version only has 39. It's obvious that the designers at Amuzi spent a decent amount of time on these products, as all of them have a graphical crispness that's sure to please most customers. Most come with a free spin bonus round, and the basic configuration is set at 5 reels and three rows. Those seeking massive payouts should also be pleased by the occasional progressive jackpot, although these aren't available with all slots. There's nothing especially innovative about these games, but they should keep most players entertained for quite a few hours.

The rest of their titles includes video poker and table games, although the selection is rather pitiful when compared to many competitors. The Amuzi casino I'm most familiar with only has four video poker games, although the 9/6 Jacks or Better does offer a generous 800:1 payout for hitting a royal flush on a maximum wager.

European and American roulette are also commonly available, and poker is included at most sites. I say "most" because I've come across Amuzi casinos that failed to include either poker or blackjack.

And speaking of blackjack, I'm sorry to report that Amuzi Gaming only offers a single version of the game. I suppose that's better than nothing (if you're a glass-half-full type of person), but it shows that the company has a long way to go before they're ready to compete with the big boys of the industry.

Their lone blackjack offering is played with 10 decks of cards (a fact which isn't mentioned in their rules). Luckily, the venerable Wizard of Odds managed to track down the information, although he reportedly had to jump through a number of hoops in order to do so.

Now let's take a look at the particular rules of the game.

Blackjack (10 Decks)

In this version of standard blackjack, the dealer stands on a soft 17 and peeks to see if they've achieved 21 on the initial deal. The player can double down on any two cards, and they may also choose to double after splitting cards. The customer is also allowed to double and draw to split aces, although re-splitting is not permitted. After accounting for the unusual 10-deck configuration, the house edge works out to 0.32% (when basic strategy is used). That's slightly more than what you'll find at some casinos, so keep this in mind before playing the game on a regular basis.

Amuzi Gaming Casinos

Since it's a smallish designer, most of the casinos that feature Amuzi Gaming titles tend to be less well-known. This can make finding reliable casinos tricky, since there's likely to be less information available on them. And even when you do locate a positive review, there's always the chance that it was written by someone who's getting an affiliate fee for sending you in the direction of a specific gaming establishment.

After consulting with multiple sources, I've put together a complete list of Amuzi Gaming casinos. Let's start by looking at one of the more notable options.

Unibet Casino Amuzi Gaming Unibet Casino

Since its 1997 debut, Unibet has quickly rose through the ranks of online casinos. They do a massive amount of advertising, and they frequently sponsor sporting and special events to keep their name in the public eye. Their jackpots are often singled out as a major selling point, and their weekly promotions and overall selection of games are also notable. While Amuzi is one of their software providers, the company also draws from a tremendous number of other sources that include everyone from Cryptologic and Playtech to Microgaming. They don't accept U.S. players, but gamblers throughout Europe and other approved regions should expect a quality experience every time.

For those who prefer multiple options, here are the other casinos currently involved with Amuzi Gaming. Some are powered exclusively by their software, but most have bundled it together with titles from other designers. Unless otherwise noted, these casinos do not accept players from the United States.

  • Everybody Wins Live
  • EatSleepBet
  • Boss Casino
  • Casinovo
  • Casino Adrenaline
  • Sugar Casino
  • Jackpot Knights Casino
  • Casino Ventura
  • CasinoVal
  • Crown City Bets
  • 21 Casino
  • 21Prive
  • Casinoval
  • Cashmio
  • Green Dog Casino
  • Chance Hill
  • Pocket Vegas Casino
  • Queen Vegas Casino
  • Reel Island Casino
  • Scratch 2 Cash
  • Spin Station Casino
  • Stan James Casino
  • The Grand Ivy Casino
  • TopScratch
  • Vbet Casino
  • (accepts U.S. players)
  • VikingSlots
  • VegasWinner
  • Vinnarum Casino
  • VIP Stakes
  • VoltCasino
  • Whitebet Casino
  • William Hill Casino (this is another reputable casino with a solid history of customer service)
  • Wintika
  • Winzino

Strategy Tips for Playing Amuzi Gaming Blackjack

If you've read any of my other articles, you'll recognize this section as the place where I talk about various strategies and tactics for a specific company's blackjack games. Since Amuzi only offers a single form of blackjack, that makes my job a whole lot easier.

Before we dive in, let's take a moment to look at the difference between "strategy" and "tactics." Strategy is more of a big picture element, and it includes overall plans such as managing your bankroll or choosing a specific chart for your gaming session. Tactics are smaller in scale, and they generally arise in an individual situation. An example of tactics would be deciding whether to hit or stand during a specific blackjack hand.

Of course, "basic strategy" somewhat blurs the line between the two. Yes, it's an overall strategy that can be used during a blackjack gaming session, but it also covers tactics to be employed during each play of the cards.

The following is a basic strategy for blackjack that works especially well against the version provided by Amuzi. It won't guarantee a win every hand, but it will shave down the house edge to the absolute possible minimum. When you're playing at a casino, that's really about the best you can hope for.

Hard Hands

The hard total strategy for Amuzi Gaming blackjack is the simplest of the three categories that I've listed. If hard hand totals drive you crazy, employing these tactics during gameplay should make for much smoother sailing.

  • If your hand totals 4 to 8, always take a hit (regardless of the dealer's visible card).
  • If your total is nine, double down if the dealer shows 3 through 6. Otherwise, you should hit.
  • When your total is 10, double down on the dealer's 2 through 9. Hit on anything else.
  • When your total is 11, double down on a dealer 2 through 10. Hit on a dealer ace.
  • If your total is 17 to 21, always stand (regardless of the dealer's card).
  • If your total is 12, stand on a dealer 4 through 6. Otherwise, you should hit.
  • When your total is 13 to 16, stand on a dealer 2 through 6. Hit on any other dealer card.
Soft Hands

Soft hand totals tend to be more complex, but following the tactics listed in this section should give you the strongest chance of success.

  • On a soft 13 or 14, double down on a dealer 5 or 6. Otherwise, you should hit.
  • On a soft 15 or 16, double down on a dealer 4 through 6. Otherwise, you should hit.
  • On a soft 17, double down on a dealer 3 through 6. Otherwise, you should hit.
  • On a soft 18, double down on a dealer 3 through 6. Hit on a 9 or 10. Stand on any other dealer card.
  • On a soft 19 to 21, always stand (regardless of the dealer's visible card).
Splitting Pairs

While there are certainly more options to memorize when it comes to pairs, the overall process is simple enough once you've committed the following basic strategy chart to memory.

  • On a 2,2 or 3,3, split on a dealer 2 through 7. Hit on any other dealer card.
  • On a 4,4, split on a dealer 5 or 6, and hit on anything else.
  • On a 5,5, double down on a dealer 2 through 9. Hit on anything else (10 or Ace).
  • On a 6,6, split on a dealer 2 through 6, and hit on anything else.
  • On a 7,7, split on a dealer 2 through 7, and hit on anything else.
  • On an 8,8, split on a dealer 2 through 9, and hit on anything else.
  • On a 9,9, stand on a dealer 7, 10, or Ace. Split on any other dealer card.
  • On a 10,10, always stand.
  • On an A,A, always split.

Amuzi Gaming is one of a number of smaller companies that design games for online casinos, and they've been operating since 2011. While their catalogue of products do provide crisp graphics and the occasional progressive jackpot, they also suffer from lengthy download times and a small selection. Between the single blackjack option and the company's overall lack of transparency, I suggest looking elsewhere for your virtual gambling needs.
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