Joining an Online Casino

Internet casinos can seem like black holes of information - there are tons of pages on a casino website, including pages and pages of terms and conditions and rules you need to follow in order to stay in good standing with the casino. Even setting up an account and starting to play can seem like a chore. It is certainly far different than playing in a land-based casino where all you have to do is sit down at a table, put up some cash, and start playing!

The process of joining an online casino is a little more complicated than that, but we promise it isn't going to turn you off the games altogether. This page will provide you with a step-by-step guide to the process, which will be a hand-holder for you as you start your journey with a site.

Sites with the Easiest Registration Process

We can give you a sneak peek into which sites our team thinks are the best for those wanting a seamless registration process. During our reviews of hundreds of sites, our experts create and fund accounts to play the games, so we know all the ins and outs of these sites. We have weeded out the sites that make things too complicated from the outset, and the ones we think have the least-invasive method of joining are listed below. You can check out any of these sites right now, or if you want, keep reading so that you know what to expect at each step of the process.

Step 1 - Choosing a Casino

Let's face it. You could pick from the first banner ad you see or go blindly into selecting one of the hundreds of different online casinos available in your region. However, taking the time to select the casino that is right for exactly what you want to get out of it is a major factor in your overall enjoyment of the playing experience. We have an entire page dedicated to choosing the right casino, which we think it would be great if you checked out.

The quick synopsis of that page is as follows: find a site that offers the games you want, the best customer support, and the gaming licenses that will put your mind at ease about the safety of your deposits.

Step 2 - Choosing a Delivery Method

Before you join a casino, you want to find out which ways you can access the games. This doesn't mean that the delivery method you choose is going to be the only one you end up using, but it would be a pain to start playing from your PC only to find that the site doesn't offer mobile games.

When you are selecting a casino to join, you want to look for sites that offer as many of these options as possible:

  • Download for PC
  • No-download for PC
  • Mobile browser
  • Mobile app

If you find one that offers all four, then you are in great shape!

Step 3 - The Registration Process

Okay, now you have picked a casino and determined that they offer all the ways you want to access the games. It's time to register for an account!

Most sites will have a huge JOIN NOW button somewhere on the homepage, and that's where you want to start. This will take you to a page where you have to enter some information about yourself. Here, you will put in your name, info, and such. Our suggestion, if you don't want to clog up your work or personal email with casino offers, is that you create a separate email address for all your casino accounts.

You will need to put in more personal information like your date of birth here as well - don't mess this part up, as the site often asks for that kind of information to be confirmed if you lose your password along the way. Finally, you may be asked to enter your mobile number and have it confirmed to be able to join the site. We don't really like this step, as it seems like giving too much to the casino. We tend to recommend sites that skip this step or provide verification by email address. If that is too much for you, then we recommend looking for a different site that doesn't require that you give them your mobile number.

The final step of the registration process is to select a username and password. Now, when you are setting this up, remember that your username will likely not be able to be changed. This is where joke names tend to come back to haunt players, especially if you are joining a site that offers multi-player games. Take a deep breath, choose a name you are comfortable with, and select a password that is difficult but something you will remember.

That should be it! You may be asked to confirm your account via email or text, but aside from that, your account is ready to be used.

Step 4 - Testing the Games

The great thing about online casinos and something that makes them very different from a land-based casino is that you can try the games without making a deposit. Now, not all casinos offer free versions of their games, but the majority do, so you can have a peek at the quality of the games before you decide to make a deposit. Some sites will give you some play chips to use in the free games, but when you are done with them, you will no longer be able to access the free portion of the site. Still, it is an excellent way to check a site out before deciding to open your wallet.

Step 5 - Making a Deposit

Okay, now you have reached the point of no return in the registration process - the deposit. Initial deposits are typically the ones that a casino will work the hardest to get you to make, so this is where doing your research can pay off. When making a deposit, you want to look for all the best bonuses you can find. These can come in the form of free spins, free bets, or huge amounts of bonus dollars being placed in your account. However, there are differences between all the bonuses and how the sites administer them. We have a whole page dedicated to casino bonuses, and we highly recommend you read this page to have all the knowledge in your head.

Once you have selected the bonus you want to take advantage of, make sure you enter the bonus code in the appropriate spot on the deposit page. This code can be found in the details of the promotion, and if you don't enter it, then you likely won't receive the bonus.

The deposit takes place in the cashier section of the casino, and here you will be able to choose from whatever options are available in your region. Sometimes, the deposit method will require that you create a separate account with them, which may sound like a pain, but it is definitely meant for your security. Once you choose your deposit method, you choose the amount you wish to deposit, and that's it! You will see your balance updated along with any promotional balance from the bonus offer you have selected.


Congratulations! You have successfully joined an online casino. See, it wasn't that hard, was it? Now that you have an account and it is funded, we think you should get out of here and jump onto a table or a slot machine and enjoy your journey! We'll be here to answer any questions you have along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget my username or password? Am I screwed?
Definitely not! This happens all the time, and the casino will have a button for those of you that need to reset your password or find your username. However, this is where it is crucial that you had entered the correct information when you registered. The casino will send links to email addresses or mobile numbers to reset passwords and may ask you to answer a skill-testing question for which you will have already provided the answer to confirm it is you. A couple of clicks later, and you should be back in business!

Why was my deposit rejected?
This could have happened for several reasons. First, depending on where you live, some banks are not able to process online gambling transactions, so your card may not work. In this case, someone from the casino will likely you to walk you through a different payment method - they really want you to complete a deposit once you have decided to make one. Other reasons can be as simple as that the address on your casino account doesn't match your billing address, or sometimes you have just typed in an incorrect card number. Don't worry - there will be a way to get your money to the casino.

Can I delete my account?
Most sites don't give you a way to delete your account, which is why we always suggest that you use an email address that isn't going to get clogged with offers. In some instances, you can the casino and ask them to remove you from the database, but whether they do or not is really up to them. This is one of the risks of joining an online casino, but it is no riskier than registering for many online accounts these days.
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