2019 Melbourne Cup Betting Preview: Assessing the Top Contenders

By Jim Beviglia in Horse Racing on November 1, 2019


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Australia’s most famous horse race, the Melbourne Cup, takes place at Flemington Race Course this coming Tuesday. As usual, it should be a closely-contested affair with many possible winners among the large field. We’re here to help you prepare for your wagering with this 2019 Melbourne Cup betting preview.

Among international events in the sport of horse racing, the Melbourne Cup holds a pretty unique place. It takes place in a country that, quite frankly, isn’t that well-known for its horse racing product. And yet the Melbourne Cup probably draws more attention from its home country than any other event in Europe.

It is so popular, in fact, that it has earned the unofficial nickname of “The Race That Stops A Nation.”

In other words, while the Melbourne Cup is taking place, the entirety of Australia seems to drop what they’re doing to watch that race.

And many of those folks who are watching are also likely doing some betting on the Melbourne Cup as well. Betting pools, where horses are awarded to different participants at random, are extremely popular. But more traditional horse racing betting is also in evidence, both on site and off.

That means that you can take advantage of wagering on the Melbourne Cup as well. As far as betting goes, this is a race that is tailor-made for those who are looking for great value in their picks. After all, there are 24 horses in the race, meaning that the odds for even the favorites should be quite enticing.

Of course, the flipside to that is that it is extremely hard to pick a winner with so many entrants. You really have to do your homework to know which horses have what it takes. The Melbourne Cup, at a distance of about two miles, really separates the contenders from the pretenders.

That’s why we’re here to help you out on your wagering with this 2019 Melbourne Cup betting preview. We’ll tell you exactly what to expect from the race in terms of what makes it so special. And we’ll take a look at some of the top betting choices before giving you our pick for the winner.

About The Melbourne Cup

  • The Melbourne Cup takes place the first Tuesday in November each year, which means that it will take place this coming Tuesday, November 5 (which, with the time difference, is late Monday night here in the US.) Flemington Race Course in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia hosts the event, as it has for most of the race’s history. That history dates back to 1861.
  • The race takes place at a distance of 3,200 metres. That works out to just shy of 2 miles long. As such, it is a bit of a throwback to the days when thoroughbreds used to run much longer distances than they do now.
  • There are 24 horses allowed in the Melbourne Cup. Some are allowed in based on having won qualifying races. The rest are let into the field based on their past performances.
  • The Melbourne Cup is a handicap-style horse race, which means that weights are assigned to try to make the field as even as possible. Jockeys carry ballast to make sure the horse races at the assigned weight. Weights are assigned based on age (younger horses carry less weight) and talent.
  • As mentioned above, Australia pretty much so that anyone who wants can check out the Melbourne Cup. The race takes place in the midst of an extremely short horse racing season in the country. In addition, New Zealand also pretty devotes a great deal of interest to the race.

Betting on The 2019 Melbourne Cup

Obviously, if you were able to make it out to Australia, you would be able to wager with bookmakers on site. You can make straight bets, which means that you would betting on the outcome of a single horse. Or you can make bets with multiple horses involved, which means that you would need them all to perform as expected and also means that you can probably win a lot of money for a small wager.

However, if you can’t make it out to the race, we highly suggest that you look for online wagering sites to help you out. These sites will be able to take your wagers and pay back any winnings that you might amass. You would just need to sign up for an account, fund that account, and you’re pretty much good to go with any kind of wager on the 2019 Melbourne Cup you might care to make.

The Top Contenders for The 2019 Melbourne Cup

(Current Odds in Parentheses)

Constantinople (7 to 1)

7 to 1 as the favorite? That’s what you’ll get when you have 24 horse in a race going over such a long distance where anything can happen. Constantinople gets an advantage because he’s only four years old, which helps him in terms of the weight allocation, but he also possesses great talent to go with it.

Surprise Baby (9 to 1)

Considering that he is the second choice, you couldn’t say that this gelding winning would be too much of a surprise. But when you consider his humble origins (he was a $5,000 purchase), maybe Surprise Baby is an accurate name after all. He is coming off a win at 2,500 metres at Flemington in his last race.

Mer De Glace (9 to 1)

One of the interesting things about the Melbourne Cup is that the better you do, the more of a weight penalty you incur. As such, this Japan-bred and based horse has put a target on his back with a string of impressive performances. Still, he figures to get a lot of betting interest as a proven performer at long distances.

Finche (11 to 1)

At age 6, this horse only has ten races under his belt in his career. But one of those starts was an impressive 4th-place finish in the 2018 Melbourne Cup. He should feel even more comfortable this time around, and his sire, Frankel, suggests that this horse has championship stuff in his bloodlines.

Vow and Declare (11 to 1)

You have the fifth choice on the board and very enticing 11 to 1 odds, which shows you the benefit of betting with a 24-horse field. There is a lot to like about this horse who will be trying to win on his home soil. He seems to love the distance, will be carrying lighter weight as a four-year-old, and just missed behind Mer De Glace last time out.

Other Melbourne Cup Probable Entries (Full Field still to be determined.)

  • Cross Counter (13 to 1)
  • Il Paradiso (13 to 1)
  • Prince of Arran (15 to 1)
  • Mustajeer (15 to 1)
  • Hunting Horn (17 to 1)
  • Ispolini (17 to 1)
  • Master of Reality (18 to 1)
  • Rostropovich (18 to 1)
  • Southern France (18 to 1)
  • Mr Quickie (18 to 1)

The Pick

It seems like it’s high time that an Australian horse came up big and won the biggest race in the country. That’s why the pick here is Vow And Declare to win the 2019 Melbourne Cup.

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