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Online Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin is revolutionizing the way business and recreation are taking place on the internet. One of the coolest uses for Bitcoin on the web is the use of it for casinos and gambling sites. It allows players to move their money around quicker, easier, and usually without fees. This flexibility can make the experience that much more enjoyable and certainly more profitable if you aren't getting eaten alive by deposit and withdrawal fees.

Picking out a Bitcoin casino to play at online can seem like a daunting task, especially if you're new to the cryptocurrency. That's why we had our team of experts put together this guide to help walk you through the process of understanding how Bitcoin sites work and ultimately finding the site that is right for you.

If you are brand new to Bitcoin and have no idea what it is, that's ok. We've put together this dedicated page to help walk you through everything you need to know. Once you are familiar with how Bitcoin works, we can walk you through the process of joining a Bitcoin site and how to do it correctly.

Most importantly, though, we're going to help you pick out the best online Bitcoin casino for you. We'll show you our top favorites, tell you why they're our favorites, and help you to make the best-informed decision possible. By the time you get through this guide, you'll be a Bitcoin expert and will be playing with cryptocurrency at your new favorite casino in no time.

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Who Can Play

Bitcoin is sometimes called a "universal currency." What does that mean? In a few words, it means anyone can use it to pay anybody else in the world almost instantly. Bitcoin transactions don't have to move through a third party, such as a bank or credit card company: the transactions are person to person with no middleman.

When it comes to online casinos, Bitcoin is a universal currency that can be used by anyone in the world to gamble at any website that accepts Bitcoin, no matter where it's based. This is, of course, regulated by your country's online gambling laws. Make sure you're up to speed on your local laws before you place any bets.

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Bitcoin Wallets

Before you can gamble with Bitcoin, you'll need a wallet. Your Bitcoin wallet will function the same way as your bank account that you will deposit funds from. There are a few different types of Bitcoin wallets:

  • Digital Wallet: Your basic Bitcoin wallet. Best used as your regular wallet: keep some cash in there for spending, and choose one of the options below to store large sums of digital currency
  • Paper Wallet: A paper printout with the necessary information to store and send Bitcoin from. Provides great security against digital theft
  • Hardware Wallet: A hardware solution with built-in security that can be used to receive and send Bitcoin and other digital currencies
  • Cold Storage: For those looking for the utmost security for their Bitcoin. The cold storage wallet requires an advanced setup but provides the best security for large sums of digital currency
Bitcoin Denominations

BTC is the universally recognized abbreviation for Bitcoin. But you may have also seen some other abbreviations such as mBTC and uBTC.

Since Bitcoin has grown in value, people have needed a way to describe smaller and smaller denominations of the currency. How to talk about fractions of Bitcoins, then?

In true programmer and cryptography nerd fashion, the developers and community behind the digital currency chose to use the metric system and its prefixes to help talk about small denominations. Even better, the prefixes can scale along with the currency itself, so no matter how how high the value goes we will have a convenient and easy way of describing fractions of the currency.

mBTC stands for milli-Bitcoin and uBTC stands for nano-Bitcoin. The milli refers to one thousandth of a Bitcoin and the nano refers to one hundred-thousandth of a Bitcoin, just like millimeter and nanometer.

Those might seem like really small numbers, but if we take one of Bitcoin's highest values to date, $4,800 per coin, as an example, it will make more sense. At that value, one mBTC equals $4.80.

If you're placing small bet on a blackjack or poker hand, it's much easier to say one mBTC rather than .001 BTC.

Making Deposits

Each online casino functions differently, but fortunately, they all provide easy instructions. Most of the time those instructions cover how to get your hands on some Bitcoin as well as how to deposit it to the online casino.

Transferring Bitcoin, whether between yourself and a friend or an online casino or anything in between, is extremely simple. With the deposit address in hand, it only takes a few clicks and a couple keystrokes to transfer the Bitcoin.

Deposit Times

Bitcoin transactions are super fast and reliable. The developers that maintain Bitcoin routinely update the software to improve the network to be able to handle more and faster transactions.

The same goes for withdrawals, putting Bitcoin at the head of the pack when it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods.

Deposit Bonuses

Bitcoin deposits offer some of the best bonuses on online gambling sites. They can often stack up to a hefty dollar amount, but you have to be careful to read any fine print.

Most casino sites offer welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses. These give you a percentage of your total deposit for free to gamble with. Some online casinos even offer bonuses that you can take advantage of multiple times.

The percentages and total dollar amounts of the bonuses are different from site to site, but it's not uncommon to see thousands of dollars on offer.

One popular online casino, for example, offers a 150% bonus, up to $1500, that you can use up to three times. That means you can collect up to $4500 in bonuses from your Bitcoin deposits. The deposit bonuses for Bitcoin are some of the best around, and the smart bettor should definitely be taking advantage of these.

One thing to watch out for is the stipulations in how you can use the bonuses. Some say you can only withdraw the winnings that you earn using the bonus money, and not the bonus money itself. There are other ways online casinos will limit the use of the bonus funds, so be careful to read the fine print.

Bitcoin deposit bonuses can be huge and the wise bettor will use them to their advantage. It's also important to remember to know what you're getting and not simply assume the bonuses operate like free money. A good rule of thumb: If it seems too good to be true, .

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Safe and Secure Gambling with Bitcoin

Picking a Safe Casino

Just like gambling with any other currency, it's important to do your homework and only use a site that you trust. The online world of gambling has its fair share of blacklisted and shady sites.

If you have a trusted online gambling site that you use frequently, odds are they have already started accepting Bitcoin as a deposit currency. And if not, they probably will very soon.

If you're looking for a new outlet, we have just the guide for you. It gives you a great rundown of everything you need to think about when choosing an online gambling site.

As mentioned, one thing that's different when it comes to gambling with Bitcoin: you can find a lot of casino sites that are unlicensed and unregulated. While the traditional gambling industry is heavily regulated, Bitcoin gambling is relatively new and unregulated.

This means there are more and more sites out there that haven't been verified, licensed, or certified by any third party.

Understanding Provably Fair

One way the Bitcoin community addresses the above is called "provably fair." If a site offers provably fair casino games, it means the process they use to generate randomness in their casino games is on display for anyone to verify.

Anyone playing a provably fair game can take the information provided by the casino to make sure the game is on the up and up. In fact, you can do this for every single roll of the dice, card flip or spin of a roulette wheel.

But even so, the methods for verifying the fairness of the games are relatively advanced and most users just take the site's word for it. If you are an advanced user and intend on verifying the games you play independently, then by all means you should feel safe and secure.

For those of us who aren't as technologically savvy though, we recommend sticking with the licensed and regulated online gambling sites that service millions of customers and have good reputations.

Safety and security are important, but there's another equally important feature to think about: what games they offer.

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Bitcoin Games

Most traditional online gambling sites that accept Bitcoin deposits will convert your Bitcoin deposit to a traditional fiat currency, like USD. You'll then be able to use it to make bets on any games they offer.

When you're done betting, you can then withdraw your funds as Bitcoin back to the wallet of your choice.

Casino Games

Casino games are wildly popular for a few reasons: they are fun, exciting and easy to play. They offer something for everyone. Advanced gamblers can find games that challenge their skill, and even the most casual bettor can have some fun playing some of the more basic games.

Luckily, you can place bets using Bitcoin on everything from roulette to slots to craps. There are endless options for placing bets on casino games. For any casino game you can think of, there's a legit site out there offering you the chance to bet on it using Bitcoin.

Many of the casino games for Bitcoin betting are provably fair. You can use information provided by the website after each random occurrence--dice rolls, slot machine rolls, where a roulette ball lands--that you and other players can use to spot check the true randomness of the occurrence.


Online poker players are often faced with long deposit and withdrawal times. On top of that, the methods can be overly complicated and, if we say so ourselves, completely unnecessary.

With Bitcoin, online poker players have gained an instant and secure deposit and withdrawal method that beats others by a long shot. This makes it more convenient for players all over the world to have fun playing online poker.

Card shuffling provides the randomness that makes poker such an exciting game to play. It's one of the key elements of the game, and with provably fair online casinos you can verify each and every shuffle to make sure it is truly random.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of online gambling. It offers the excitement of betting on your favorite sports team.

It also offers the greatest variety of bets. With the sheer number of wagers available, the smart bettor can find a good edge against the house for some good winnings.

Most of the popular sports books online that accept Bitcoin offer extensive sports book services, allowing you to place bets on your favorite team, boxing and MMA matches; almost every sporting event imaginable.

What's more, they offer a variety of proposition bets, wagers that can be placed on things other than the outcome of a match. Number of fourth down conversions, what round a fight will end, and which team will score first are all common "prop" bets. Sports books even offer bets on everything from political races to the Academy Awards. The possibilities are endless!

Bitcoin Specific Games

Since Bitcoin's debut, Bitcoin gambling has been there by its side. One of the earliest Bitcoin gambling games is Satoshi Dice, a website where you can place high/low wagers on dice rolls.

Since then, hundreds of Bitcoin specific games have cropped up. You can bet on anything from a Minesweeper game to dice games to board games made specifically for wagering Bitcoin.

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There are countless outlets for gambling with Bitcoin, including traditional online casinos and specialized, Bitcoin-only casino sites. No matter who you are and what you like to bet on, you'll be able to find a reputable site that lets you make wagers with Bitcoin on your favorite games.

If you do your research and choose safe, secure, and reliable casino sites, you're sure to have a good time gambling with Bitcoin. Get to it!
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