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Gloria MacKenzie, an 84 year old woman who currently resides in Florida won the largest single Powerball Jackpot in history after a courteous stranger let her step ahead of her in line at the supermarket.

As a result, MacKenzie is now a multi-millionaire who generously dispersed her money to her children. She didn't leave herself out of the deal though, as she recently has purchased a 1.2 million dollar home in Jacksonville, FL.

Life Prior to Winning

MacKenzie was previously a teacher at East Millinocket in Maine before moving to Zephyrhills, Florida, a popular hotspot for elderly people after retirement. She moved there by herself after the death of her husband, Ralph, a World War II veteran.

She lived in a modest, gray duplex that she was renting at the time. It was small, out-dated, and located across from a cow pasture.

Life Changing Jackpot

MacKenzie was in line at a Publix Supermarket for her daily purchase of a single quick-pick Powerball ticket, which keep in mind contains randomly generated numbers. She always bought her tickets here and never took part in choosing her numbers.

The people ahead of her in line graciously let MacKenzie slip ahead of them, unaware of what that could mean for their future. We later find out that those well-mannered people ahead of MacKenzie in line were Mindy Crandell and her 10-year-old daughter, both of which reside in Zephyrhills.

MacKenzie bought four additional Powerball tickets prior to that winning one, for a ten dollar total investment into the jackpot. The Powerball numbers were announced on Wednesday, May 19th, 2013. MacKenzie stayed up late that night to wait for the results. As soon as the numbers were drawn, before even looking at her ticket, she knew she had won.

MacKenzie, filled with excitement, immediately started ing different lawyers and financial advisers, asking them questions and filling out all of the necessary paperwork. It wasn't until June 5th, that MacKenzie came forward to claim her prize. She wanted everything ready ahead of time.

She wore a pink blouse, white pants, and large black sunglasses to hide her face the day she visited the Florida State lottery offices. MacKenzie clasped tightly to her son's arm, refusing to answer any questions asked by the reporters that surrounded them.

MacKenzie was advised to take the money in a lump sum, due to her age. This meant a total of nearly $371 million which amounted to $278 million after taxes. She agreed to split the money with her son, Scott, who was with her the day she claimed her prize.

MacKenzie quickly moved out of her apartment in Zephyrhills and went on to purchase a 1.2 million dollar home in a golf-centered gated community in Jacksonville, FL close by to where her son lives.

As a retired teacher, MacKenzie had a true passion for education, and that's why she donated $2 million to repair the roof of Schneck High School in East Millinocket, Maine. This school holds a very special place in her heart, not only because she taught there, but because her daughter currently teaches High School Science there as well.

Gloria MacKenzie doesn't like confrontation with reporters and would prefer to stay out from the eyes of the public. She did give one public statement though which she ended by thoughtfully saying, "We are grateful with this blessing of winning the Florida Lottery Powerball jackpot."
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