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You know when you see something and just know it fits perfectly? This is how we felt when we first saw video poker being played on a mobile device. The game is the perfect size for a screen of a phone or tablet, and the intuitive touch functionality of the devices made the game feel as though it was the sole product held on the device.

Now, video poker has had a history of being a niche game only enjoyed by the most degenerate of gamblers. We are here to dispel that concept. The game is incredibly fun, takes aspects of other games in a casino and puts them together in a tidy package, and you can win a lot of money! Add in the advent of video poker apps, and you have the perfect combination to create a massive growth in popularity.

This page is going to give you loads of information on video poker apps. We will be talking about what goes into a great app in the opinions of our experts, as well as a look at the apps we think you should be trying immediately after reading this page.

The Top Video Poker Apps Today

We will start this page with the end result of all our hard work here at Panoramacity. Our team of reviewers has combed through the entire internet and the app stores of both Apple and Google looking for all the sites and apps to test on your behalf. While sometimes we hit a brick wall with a site that doesn't have an app, these days that number is dwindling. Here is a list of all the apps that we consider to be the best for video poker. You may recognize some of these sites from our other recommended lists - some companies just do everything a little better than others.

Here is what we can guarantee - if you try any of the following apps for video poker, you'll be hooked!

Types of Video Poker Apps

Android Video Poker Apps

With over half the mobile phones on the planet now using the Android operating system, you can imagine how much gambling operators wanted to get their products onto these devices. While Google took some time to come around to the idea of having real-money gambling apps on their system, now you can find hundreds of options, including many that feature video poker.

Video Poker on Android

The trick with Android video poker apps is finding the right app for your particular device. With so many manufacturers building phones and tablets using the platform, you can only imagine how many different screen sizes there are. This means a lot of work for developers trying to ensure their apps are dynamic enough to have video poker fit the screens properly. When we review the apps, we look for any abnormalities on certain Android devices.

iPhone Video Poker Apps

While the issue of screen size is far smaller for Apple users, there are other factors at play when talking about video poker apps for the iPhone. The most important of these is the number of apps that have been approved for use. Apple has been even more conservative when it comes to accepting real-money gambling apps in its App Store. While it seems like they have turned a corner, today there are still many countries that cannot access these types of apps, which can cause major headaches for both players and operators.

What Makes a Great Video Poker App?

Now, when you spend all day long researching and testing gambling apps, many things start to look the same. It would be easy for us to cut and paste information from one review to another, but that isn't the reason we started this site. We wanted to bring our readers the most up-to-date, honest information about an app and its owners so that when you clicked on one that we recommended, you could do so feeling confident that your experience would be a positive one.

To give you a sense of what goes into one of our reviews, here are just a few facets of the business that we consider when coming up with a rating for each app.

Number of Games Offered

Video poker is based on a game of 5 Card Draw Poker. In fact, every variant of the game uses this game as the backbone. It wouldn't be surprising to hear that many of our readers had no idea that there were different versions of the game - in fact, there are over 20 of them!

Keep in Mind

Not every software company has produced all the different variants of the game, and operators also get to pick and choose the games they offer clients. With that in mind, finding a video poker app that offers the most choice to players is crucial for our team. We look for apps that have more than a handful of variants, as well as multi-hand options (we have seen games that allow you to play up to 100 hands at one time!).

Progressive Jackpots

In every variant of video poker, the goal is to try to deal yourself an elusive royal flush. Now, what you get paid if you hit the lucky hand is different for each game, and some games take a piece of each bet and put it towards a progressive jackpot. If you hit the royal flush playing the maximum number of coins, it triggers this jackpot, which can easily reach into five-figure totals.

We rank the apps that have progressive jackpot video poker games higher than others, so when you see our reviews, you should be able to tell which sites are in that category.

Promotions and Bonuses

The best video poker apps can also be the ones that offer great promotions and bonuses to their players. When you download an app, you have the option of turning on push notifications from the operator, and we always recommend that you keep those on. The app tracks your play, and sites that are good at what they do can send you a very targeted, time-sensitive offer right to your device.

These offers are an integral part of your return on investment at a casino, so make sure you scour each site and our reviews for the sites that give you the most return for your deposits, as these are very important in our eyes.

Payout Tables

Now, within each game, there is also a set of payout tables that can have a dramatic impact on your odds of coming away a winner. Most players don't pay any attention to this, but when you read our guide to video poker strategy page, you will see that the most subtle difference in payout will hugely change the odds.

When you look for video poker apps to play, you should try to find information on each game's payout table.

Sometimes, they can be found in the app itself, but you may have to revert back to the website for complete details. Don't sluff this one off - you can actually find tables that, if played correctly, can put the odds every so slightly IN YOUR FAVOR!!


There are some casino players (including people who work for this site) who rave about video poker. Look, we understand if it seems confusing that someone wants to play hands of 5 card draw over and over again in a slot-machine style of game. However, if you look at the different variants, betting styles, and jackpots available, you can make a case that video poker is the best game to play in a casino!

When it comes to playing video poker on a mobile device, we are thrilled that there are so many great app options for our readers. Whether you use an Android or iOS device, we are sure you will find one of our recommended video poker apps to be well worth your deposit and play. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play video poker for free on an app?
That depends on the app that you have chosen to download. Most real-money video poker apps don't offer the game for play money through their apps, but you may be able to try the desktop sites. You can find apps that offer play money versions of video poker, but you should be careful to look at the payout tables even for the play money games, because some may be set to pay differently than the real-money version of the same game.
What options are available for tablets?
We know that most of this page was dedicated to video poker apps for mobile phones, but most of the information is relevant for tablet users as well. Many developers have created tablet-specific versions of their video poker apps, while others simply offer you the chance to download the iPhone version. In the latter case, the graphics won't be the same size as the tablet, although you may be able to stretch them (with some quality loss).
Why are there no video poker apps in my app store?
We mentioned above that Apple and Google do not yet universally approve real-money gambling apps, including those that focus on video poker. Americans, for example, won't find any of these apps available for download because of the government's stance on online gambling. This is the same in many countries, so if you are living in a region where online gambling is considered taboo, then you may not have a chance to use the video poker apps we are discussing on this page.
How can I tell if I am being scammed by a video poker app?
While you are taking a risk sending your money to anyone online, there are ways to limit your exposure as well as lower your stress levels. First, you should be looking for sites that are licensed by a proper online gambling jurisdiction. Countries like Malta and the UK take a hard line with their licensees, forcing companies to disclose business practices as well as making operators keep player funds in segregated accounts.

Software companies also need to be audited, and the good ones have no problem with regular checks of their systems. It isn't good for business if their software is found not to be playing to the right math, so look for software companies that employ the services of one of the top third-party auditing firms. You will see all these logos proudly displayed on the homepages of operator and vendor websites.
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