Top iPhone Gambling Apps of 2019

The smartphone has changed the way we live. That statement is as clear as one can be - almost everything we do today can be done with an app on our phones. It is hard to believe that the iPhone has only been around for 10 years because trying to remember a time when we didn't have these devices seems harder and harder.

The one type of app that took the longest to make it to the iPhone was the real money gambling app. Apple had a very strong stance against using their devices for vice-related activities. However, after some time, they relented, and now you can see hundreds of apps for casino games in the App Store.

With the mobile phone quickly taking the lead as the delivery method for gambling, and the iPhone being the most popular phone on the planet, we thought it would be good to bring you an entire page dedicated to betting on your iPhone. This will give you all the information you need to weed through the sea of options you will find in the App Store and select the ones that best suit your gambling needs.

The History of Gambling Apps on iPhone

As we mentioned, it wasn't an easy road to get gambling apps to be approved for the iPhone. When the devices were first released 10 years ago, Apple had a very strict stance on gambling. Steve Jobs never wanted any of his products to be used for the purposes of vice. While that was a noble stance, the fact was that if he was going to offer a way for players to access the internet, then players would find a way to gamble.

The early days of iPhone gambling was restricted to play via the mobile browser. That came with its own set of issues as sites scrambled to reconfigure their web pages to be mobile-friendly. Then, software developers had to make sure that the no-download games would be compatible with the iOS platform, without much help from Apple itself.

Someone Playing Poker on their iPhone

It took some time and a lot of lobbying on behalf of the gaming industry, but ultimately Apple started to shift its feelings on gambling apps. The bottom line is that they wanted the devices to be sticky with users, so offering more native apps made more sense as a whole. As a compromise, the company decided to restrict gambling app use to the countries where online gambling was regulated. This meant shutting out several prominent nations, but the rest of the gambling world was thrilled. Companies scrambled to get developers to create these new apps, and within a matter of months, there were many options available for download by iPhone users.

The Best iPhone Gambling Apps

While we are going to go into far more detail about iPhone gambling apps, we have already done a lot of the heavy lifting by reviewing all the apps we can find. These reviews can be found as part of our overall gambling site reviews, and from this exercise, we have been able to pull this list of our most recommended iPhone gambling apps. These apps cover a wide range of products, and as you will read below, there are subtle differences depending on what game you are looking to play via an app. Regardless, these apps have received excellent ratings from our team of experts, so they are a great place to start.

Attributes of a Great iPhone Gambling App

In performing all of these app reviews, our experts use a very detailed set of criteria to determine the value of each app for each type of player. As we start to dissect the types of apps that are available, we thought it would help to let you in on what our team looks for when reviewing them. This way, if you want to do some research on your own, you will be able to look at an app through the same lens that we do. Here are some of the more common characteristics that we look for across the board.

Graphics and Design

This is critical no matter what type of gambling app you want to download to your iPhone. The whole point of developing these apps is to give you a reason to download them and a design option that is better than trying to access the games from the browser. However, not every gaming company looks at the design the same way. We review each app to see which look the best from a graphical standpoint, as well as which have the cleanest navigation - having a good-looking app means nothing if it is cumbersome to find what you are looking for when you are in the app.

Customer Support

For many of you, this will be a new way to gamble, and with that will inevitably come many questions. We take customer support very seriously when we review a gambling site. With so much competition in the market, it is too easy to lose a player forever if they don't get the best service possible when they need it. When it comes to support in a gambling app, the best operators have given players the most options from directly in the app without having to move them to a browser.

This can take the form of a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions in the support section of the app or a live chat window that can be accessed from within the app itself. It's even better if a site gives you a direct link to email or telephone customer support that links to those apps on your iPhone. The attention to detail in this area can make or break an iPhone gambling app, in our opinion.

Bonuses and Promotions

Downloading and playing a gambling app on your iPhone is relatively simple, but getting the maximum value for your deposit is far more complicated. The promotions offered by a site are typically what makes each site unique, and we spend a large portion of our review time breaking down each component of a marketing department.

There are all types of bonuses and offers that you can receive when gambling via your iPhone - we have a full page dedicated to all the different types of online bonuses that exist.

For iPhone users, we look not only at the general deposit bonuses and the ability to actually convert the bonus cash you receive, but we also look for any offers specific to mobile devices. Some sites offer a bonus to players simply for going to the App Store and downloading their app, while others use the push notifications to communicate directly with iPhone players for time-sensitive offers. No matter what a site offers, every promotion is a chance to add to your chances of being a profitable player at the end of a session, which is our hope for everyone who gambles!

Loyalty and VIP Programs

If a casino uses bonuses and promotions to get you to become a real-money player, then it should be using loyalty and VIP programs to keep you one. The best iPhone gambling apps are the ones that offer both of these types of programs, which offer slightly different types of rewards. Traditionally, a loyalty program will award you cash for earning a certain number of points while playing real-money games. This would be the same no matter if you are playing from your iPhone or from a PC, but these extra dollars go right to your bottom line.

In turn, the VIP program should take those loyalty points and apply them to a tiered system of rewards above and beyond the cashback. This can include anything from better bonus rates to tangible gifts. We think many sites have lost focus of their VIP programs in recent years, but the new app world gives them a chance to revamp their concepts for a brand-new delivery method. Each of our reviews has a comprehensive overview of an app's VIP and loyalty programs.

Games Offered

Of course, none of the above matters if the app you are looking at in the App Store doesn't offer the games you want to play! This can mean many things, from having access to a full-blown casino app or having the sportsbook app you download offer betting on lower-level leagues and matches. We will go into each game type in more detail in the next section, but each of our reviews offers you an extensive list of the games that are available, so you aren't disappointed when you download the app to your phone and create an account.

Types of iPhone Gambling Apps

Now that you have a sense of what we believe makes an iPhone gambling app excellent on a general scale, it's time to take a look at all the different types of apps that are available. Now, some of these products may not come in an individual app format today, but that is likely to change as more apps are developed and approved. The most important thing for us as reviewers is that an app offers the most options for each of the disciplines we are covering in this section.

iPhone Betting Apps

Those of you who love to make sports bets know the value of speed. Being able to find odds and make your wagers right from your iPhone is an excellent way to ensure you get all the bets in on time. We have looked at all the betting apps in the App Store, seeing which ones offer the most games to bet on, as well as how easy the betting interface is to use. Some are far better than others, and this can make a big difference in the overall betting experience. We also look for betting apps that offer in-game betting, which has become very popular in recent years.

iPhone Blackjack Apps

Blackjack has grown a lot in the last decade, coming a long way from the standard game of 21. Today, there are dozens of variants of the game available online, and we look at each iPhone app to see which are offered by individual companies. While many of you are satisfied with the classic rules of the game, many players like the added bonuses and slight rule changes that come from variants like Lucky Ladies or Blackjack Switch. The best blackjack apps not only offer these exotic variants but also offer explanations of the rules.

iPhone Baccarat Apps

Baccarat players are an interesting bunch. For a game that requires no effort from the player (the game is played by the dealer based on a particular set of rules), there is a lot of tracking of previous hands that goes into selecting the next bet. We look at baccarat apps and see which offer the most statistical data to players in real time. We also look for sites that offer variants on the game which have different betting options and rules. Offering baccarat in an iPhone app will make it even easier for players to access the games and lengthen their sessions.

iPhone Roulette Apps

Roulette is one of the more social games in a casino, and even though you may be playing via an app on your iPhone, we think it's important to give you the same social benefits as playing live. As a result, when we look at roulette apps, we are not just focused on the variants that are available like European, American, French, etc. We also consider which apps have the best multiplayer functionality and chat options so that you can feel like you are sitting next to the other players even from the comfort of your own couch.

iPhone Video Poker Apps

Video poker is a perfect game for delivery via an iPhone. The screen fits perfectly into the dimensions of the phone, and being able to tap the cards you want to hold with ease makes it a very user-friendly experience. What you may not realize is how many different types of video poker exist today. We want you to be able to access as many of these games as possible, and if you haven't played the game before, we think that using your iPhone to start will make you a huge fan! The best video poker iPhone apps not only offer you the most variants but also reveal the pay tables for each game, so you can use our strategy guide to improve your chances of winning!

iPhone Slots Apps

Perhaps the best game for a gambler to play via an iPhone app is a slot machine. First off, there is so much more detail to the graphical components of slot machines that having the guts stored locally on your device will allow for much cleaner gameplay and much more rich colors. There are also thousands of different slot machines available to choose from, so we look for the apps that have done the best job compiling the most popular games in a way that is easy for you to navigate. Add in the potential of becoming a multi-millionaire with one spin of a progressive jackpot game, and it becomes clear that iPhone slots apps will continue to grow in popularity.

iPhone Craps Apps

Craps is the type of game that requires concentration and patience. There are so many bets that can be made that it is critical that a craps app gives you a clear picture of how much money you have on the table during any throw. Some apps allow for multiple players to be at a table, which means there is a finite amount of time between each throw. In this case, an app needs to be intuitive so that you can make your bets easily in the time allotted. We look at all of these factors in each case so that you can put yourself in the best position to pull lots of chips off the table!

iPhone Lottery Apps

iPhone Lottery apps take many forms, so it is important that you select the right one for your needs. In many countries, you can download an app that allows you to make your local lottery picks and purchases, while there is an entire subsection of apps dedicated to mirroring the lotteries from around the world. Some of them run individual pools based on the outcome of a lottery being held somewhere in the world, while other apps facilitate the purchase of tickets from a remote location. Regardless of what you want, there are now dozens of iPhone apps dedicated to lottery players.

iPhone Keno Apps

While keno may not be of interest to many gamblers, there are many casual gamblers who love the game. These days, this bingo-style game can be found in app form, so iPhone users can download the game, make their selections, and wait for the balls to drop. We look at the keno apps to see which offer the highest number of game options. Also, we look to see which apps will allow you to select numbers for a certain number of games at once, so you can set your choice and come back to see if you are a winner after a period of time.

iPhone Horse Racing Apps

Horse racing has a lot to benefit from with the release of iPhone apps. First and foremost, it extends the betting sphere past the track and the OTBs that offer betting today. The best apps are those that offer the most races and racetracks from around the world and even offer virtual horseracing for those who need more of a fix. Also, iPhone horse racing apps that offer live streaming of races from around the world are the ones that receive the highest reviews from our team, as these allow bettors to feel more of a part of the action as the race takes place.

iPhone Poker Apps

It's possible that no gambler has had a more positive impact from the introduction of iPhone gambling apps than poker players. With the ability to play from a phone, players are no longer stuck in front of a desktop for hours on end. As many of the top poker tournaments can take up to 12 hours to complete, being flexible with location can mean the difference between winning and losing critical hands. Our reviews of iPhone poker sites take into consideration what games are available to play (cash games, tournaments, sit and gos), as well as how closely the app mirrors the schedule of the desktop version. There aren't nearly as many poker apps as there are for other games, as player liquidity is crucial to the success of a poker network.


As you can see, the addition of gambling apps to the iPhone has expanded the potential for many of the companies offering these games to players. Whether it is because of convenience, access, or speed, there are many reasons players would choose to download a gambling app from the App Store, and with each passing day, new apps are being added to the fray. Our job is to make sure each new app is given the Panoramacity treatment, including a fair, comprehensive review to determine which apps we think are the best for our loyal readers.

We would love your feedback on iPhone gambling apps you have used before. Any information, positive or negative, goes a long way to improving our reviews, which is a benefit for our entire gambling community. We encourage you to send us an email with any thoughts you have on apps you have played with or any of our reviews.
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