Top Horse Racing Apps of 2019

We will start this journey with a look at the best horse racing apps available to players right now. These apps have been reviewed by our team of experts, who look at everything from the information delivered to a bettor through the app to the promotions being offered by the site to entice you to place a wager. Some of these companies are not just in the horse racing business, also offering a full suite of gambling options to users of their apps. What we can tell you is that each of these apps below has been given high praise by our team, and therefore we are happy to recommend them to any of our readers.

For the longest time, horse racing was very much a niche sport. Some big races were on TV and attracted a critical mass of viewers, but most of the races were limited in viewing to people who went to the track. As a result, betting on the sport was also a niche product, reserved mainly for those who followed and understood the business the best.

There are a couple of contributing factors to the growth of betting on horse races - internet betting and off-track viewing. First, being able to go to an off-track betting facility meant that people didn't have to travel to the track itself to bet on a race and also had access to racetracks from far away so there were more betting options. Internet gambling meant that potential bettors didn't even have to leave their homes to make a wager on a horse race. These two things in conjunction helped to bring a whole new group of bettors into the horse racing industry.

The move from PCs to mobile devices for almost everything we do add yet another layer of optimism to the horse racing world. With phones and tablets having the same computing power as laptops and PCs, horse racing enthusiasts could now stream the races on their devices. Add in the new horse racing betting apps, and you have a recipe for an explosion in the number of bets being placed.

However, this is still a niche market outside of the Triple Crown races, so operators and the horse racing community need to take advantage of the mobile penetration to give prospective gamblers what they need in the palms of their hands. This page is going to take a look at horse racing apps - what is out there today, what they may look like in the future, and some of our top picks for apps you can try from your mobile device.

Types of Horse Racing Apps

Today, the mobile industry is dominated by two platform providers: Apple and Google. Between iOS and Android-powered devices, we suspect the majority of our readers are covered by the information on this page. When it comes to the operation and management of apps on the platforms, there are some differences that could alter your decision on what app to download. Let's have a look at the different types of apps that we have encountered - each has its own page with more detail on it for you to explore.

iOS Horse Racing Apps

Apple has always been very conservative about what apps it will approve to be in its App Store. Gambling apps have historically had trouble being approved, but the pari-mutuel nature of horse racing has given it a little more wiggle room. Still, sites that offer more than just horse betting in their iOS apps are lagging behind in markets like the United States. This section of the site will look at what options are available for bettors in the US and around the world, and the best iOS horse racing apps that you can try.

Android Horse Racing Apps

While Google also took a hardline stance on approving gambling apps in the early days of their Android platform, the company has also loosened its approval process. This means that in most countries, you will find horse racing apps and sports betting apps readily available in the Google Play Store, and our Android horse racing apps page will cover the differences in these apps as well as which may be the best for the type of gambler you are.

Horse Racing Live Streaming Apps

Separate from the horse racing apps focused on betting are those that provide the live streaming of races from around the world. These apps may have links to betting sites but are for the most part dedicated to showing the races themselves. While some gambling apps are starting to combine the two (see below), we will still look at these live streaming apps on their own, reviewing what you should be looking for when searching for a place to watch a race from your phone or tablet.

More on Live Streaming Apps

The Future of Horse Racing Apps

With the rise of these native apps for mobile devices, the future of horse racing apps is really dependent on where the technology takes us next. Here are a few things we are keeping an eye on for our readers.

Augmented Reality

With the rapid growth of this market, we can see a real future for augmented reality when it comes to horse racing. Imagine walking up to a TV screen showing a race and having your device bring up the possible betting options without having to search for the race online. Or what about combining AR with the live stream on your phone? Both of these could be available sooner than later if the popularity of games like Pokemon Go is any indication.

Virtual Reality

Horse racing is one of the most exciting sports to watch in the world. For only a couple of minutes, each race provides drama right from the starting gun to the finish line. With virtual reality, you could find yourself on board the horse you have bet on, watching the race in real time from the jockey's eyes. This would bring a whole new level of excitement to the industry and would no doubt make it more interesting for a new demographic of potential bettors.

Virtual Horse Racing

This already exists - you bet on a computer-generated race that happens at a gambling site - but there is so much more room for growth on this side of the business. The best part about virtual racing is that there is no rest required for the horses. This means an operation could set up a year's worth of virtual racing to take place in only a couple of days. Artificial intelligence can build statistics on these virtual horses, giving bettors a real handicapping system to work with that is similar to the actual races.

Virtual Reality Horse Racing

All of these potential avenues for the industry are very exciting, and they all tie back to one common fact - these would all be best delivered via mobile apps. We are very bullish on where the horse racing industry is headed, and we know we will be updating this page often with news and innovation as the growth curve continues upward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some horse racing apps not have the track I am looking for?
While horse racing is popular in many countries, there are some sites that don't like the idea of taking wagers on tracks they aren't familiar with. To protect themselves, some horse racing apps will limit the maximum bet at a particular track, while others will simply remove them as a betting option. Our reviews of the horse racing apps for both iOS and Android will let you know if any track, in particular, is missing that catches our eye.
I am living in a remote area. Can I use a horse racing app?
For sure you can! Apps like horse racing apps are perfect for people who don't live anywhere near a track. The only potential issue is with connectivity - if you don't have a WiFi signal or a strong cellular connection, you may find delays in updated odds and in making bets, which can mean a lot when we are talking about races where horses get scratched on a regular basis.
Where can I find the best handicapping information on horse racing?
There are lots of great handicapping websites online, and you can access both free information as well as paying for more details via a subscription. Many of the sites you are betting at through the horse racing apps will also offer handicapping information, although it is always good to check with an independent source as well.
I don't understand all the bets in horse racing - how can I learn more?
Well, here is something we can help with! We have a team that includes a bunch of degenerates...uh, we mean experts in all kinds of sports betting, and as a result, we have created a series of sports betting guides for you. Our horse racing betting guide covers everything from basic strategy and definitions of all the different bets to how to use the information you are given in a racing form to make the most out of your betting dollars.
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