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While the sport doesn't have the same level of popularity in the United States, tennis has been a mainstay for viewers and gamblers on a global scale for decades. From the Grand Slam events all the way down to the satellite tours, if there is a match happening, you can usually find a site that is taking some action on it.

Access to betting on tennis matches has drastically improved over the years with the introduction of mobile betting sites and more specifically tennis betting apps. Gone are the days of trying to locate a random site that offers bets on an event happening in Asia.

Now, with the help of the apps we are going to discuss on this page, you only have to open the app, scroll to the match you are looking for, and you will see the odds. We are going to look at tennis apps from all angles here, as well as give you a primer on how tennis betting works.

The Best Tennis Apps

There are hundreds of tennis betting apps currently available for download on Android and iOS devices. These apps are all of varying quality, which is why sites like ours exist. We have an entire review section dedicated to telling you everything you need to know about all the gambling sites that exist today. This includes a look at the mobile and app options for each and every site.

When our team reviews a site, we assign ratings to each section of the review. From those ratings, we have pulled together a list of the best tennis betting apps. If you look at the list below, you will see a cross-section of the entire industry, from sports-specific apps to those that offer a full-service online gaming experience. One thing that all these sites have in common is that our experts think they offer tennis bettors the best features and functionality in combination with the best promotions.

What to Look for in a Tennis Betting App

With so many to choose from, our list of recommended tennis betting apps is an excellent place to start, but we know that many of you are more curious and want to do your own research as well. We want to help you here, and this is why we have decided to pull back the curtain on our reviews a bit so that you can see what our reviewers use as criteria for ranking these apps.

There are dozens of items we are looking at, but many of you won't need that level of detail, so we have narrowed down this section to the top few pieces of information you should be seeking when searching for an app on your own.

Match Streaming

Today, there are several levels of tournaments happening every week, and this means that far more players are in action in events around the world than ever before. You may be an avid follower of players coming up the ranks or just know that your favorite top-ranked player has chosen to play an event in their hometown rather than a bigger event. In either case, finding a way to watch these matches is important, especially if you are planning to make a bet or two.

When we look at tennis betting apps, we look for sites that offer a live streaming service of matches. Top marks are given to apps that have streaming without having to leave the app itself, and also to those that offer the most match viewing options.

Live Betting

Live streaming of matches and live betting on them go hand-in-hand. The advent of mobile betting has made in-game betting much more accessible and therefore more popular with players. This is especially true for people who bet on sports like tennis, which feature matches that could go on for hours.

People Betting on a Live Tennis Match

Tennis matches offer a lot of opportunities to bet during play, as the ebbs and flows of a match can change the odds many times over the course of the match. The best tennis betting apps are those that refresh the odds very quickly so you can get the most action at the best prices.

Types of Bets Available

Tennis is the kind of sport that gives bettors so much more to bet than just the outcome of the match. There are loads of prop bets to pick from, like the number of aces or double-faults, the length of the match, the speed of the fastest serve, and so on. However, not many sites offer this level of detail, so when searching for the best tennis betting apps, we are always on the hunt for those that give you the most chances to make money per match.


Sports betting bonuses are a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to a player's potential for profit at a sportsbook. Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, from the deposit bonuses given to new players to the match play bets given to players who may come up short on a wager. From a tennis betting app perspective, companies tend to focus on players using an app for the first time (which is why we always suggest you use many apps to take advantage of these free bets). Also, you may want to search for apps during the lead-up to the Grand Slam events, as sportsbooks like to take advantage of casual bettors who may only be betting on the major events.

Tennis Betting Basics

There are a lot of nuances when talking about the different bets on tennis. If you are considering making a move into this type of gambling, it is always good to know what bets are available, as well as some strategies used by professionals to maximize your betting potential.

We have created a guide to tennis betting that we think is a great read for novice bettors and veterans alike, but for now, let's talk about some of the general concepts.

The most popular bets on tennis matches are of course on the winner of a tournament or of a single match. Depending on where you are making your bets, you may find loads of additional bets that you should consider. One of them is betting on the detailed outcome of the match. For example, if the top seed is playing a first-round match, the odds are going to be so far in their favor that betting just on the outcome isn't worth it. However, there will be odds on whether or not a player will win in straight sets or by another score. This is very similar to picking the exact score of a soccer match, which typically pays much better than just betting on the favorite.

Another interesting set of bets to make are head-to-head bets on the results of a tournament. An example of this could be betting on who will make it farther in an event - Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal. These bets are similar in nature to the head-to-head bets available in golf betting.

As you will read in our full guide to tennis betting, there really are so many more fun ways to bet on the sport that your overall enjoyment watching matches is sure to increase!

How to Find and Download a Tennis Betting App

The easiest way for you to find a great tennis betting app is, of course, to click on any of the sites we have recommended above. If you want to look for apps in other ways, then the best bet is to search for them in the app store for your device. All you have to do is open the App Store for Apple or Google Play store for Android, and you'll be able to search for tennis betting. You will be returned a list of apps that are the most popular for each operating system.

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However, this is where your research needs to kick in - you shouldn't just base your decision on how many people have downloaded an app. You can quickly double-check the name of the company in our database of reviews and easily determine if it is an app that we would recommend to our readers. From there, its as simple as installing, creating an account, and making a deposit!


We are thrilled that tennis has continued to flourish globally, and with the ability to bet on matches from all over the world from your phone or tablet, there are even more reasons to check out events happening from your country.

We hope that you have gained some valuable knowledge from learning all about tennis betting apps, and if you decide to play with one of our recommended companies or another one you have found, please send us your feedback about your experiences. Information from our readers is invaluable in keeping our pages up-to-date and ensuring that everyone is armed with the most knowledge when it is their turn to make a decision about where to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wasn't there an issue with matches being fixed in the past?
Yes, you probably read about some incidents of lower-ranked players fixing matches in tournaments. Thankfully, these players were exposed, and the result is that matches and betting sites are being monitored more than ever before. While that doesn't guarantee that this won't happen again, it means that you likely won't see this happen again anytime soon.
I am looking for these apps, but I can't seem to find them - why would that be?
Those of you who are reading this page and currently live in a region where online gambling is either illegal or in a gray area may not find these apps available for download. Both Google and Apple have always had a conservative stance on allowing gambling apps on their respective platforms. In recent years, they have started to approve them but restrict access to countries where the games are legal.
How do in-game match bets get paid out?
This depends on each individual company. Some sites will pay out an in-game bet as soon as a result is decided, which means the money will be added to your balance on winning bets while the match is still going on. This gives you a chance to perhaps make another live bet on the same match. However, some sites just wait until the match is complete to close out all the bets. It is a good idea to the support department of the site you plan to bet with to find out its rules on in-game betting.
Speaking of support, what is the best way to a betting app if I have an issue?
The best betting apps have both a frequently asked questions section and links to them within the app itself. Search the navigation for a support tab, and from there, you may find a live chat option, which is our recommended way to get in touch with the customer service agents. If you want to call them directly from your device, most apps have a support telephone number listed as well.
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