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I've been a contributor at Panoramacity since February of 2017. I help out with a little bit of everything, with a focus on sports writing. I also dabble in news, game picks and video content. I started sports blogging recreationally in college and liked it enough to want to start doing it for a living. My primary area of focus is on the NBA, but I'll also touch on the following:

I like to try and take an analytical approach to writing about sports, specifically when it comes to betting. I don't have an extensive history as a bettor, but you can glean quite a bit of information and get an edge by crunching the numbers. Baseball in particular is a sport in which statistics are king. While there is no perfect science when it comes to sports betting, my goal as an author is to try and break things down in a way that is useful and easy to understand.

I currently live in Long Beach, California, with my fiancee and a couple of cats. The fiancee and cats run the household, I'm really just along for the ride. In my spare time I like to try and strike it rich by playing daily fantasy sports, and I also like to take advantage of the numerous beaches nearby. Running, biking, reading, playing basketball and watching sports are other activities that occupy most of my downtime.

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Fun Facts:

  • I've lived all over the place. My family had to move quite often when I was younger because of my dad's job, so I've been just about all over the country. I was born in California, but I've also lived in Alaska, Northern Virginia and Texas.
  • Unfortunately, I've broken a number of bones. The most notable injury to date came in high school when I broke my orbital bone in my face playing basketball. I've also broken by left elbow and left pinky finger. Fun, right?
  • I've never gone skydiving, nor would I.
  • We went on a cruise during spring break of my senior year in high school. We were supposed to dock in Mexico for a few days, but the ship had mechanical issues, so we never docked anywhere. We just floated aimlessly around in the ocean for about a week.
  • I got my start in writing doing freelance work at Bleacher Report. Another BR writer noticed me, and he actually wound up being my connection that helped get me a job here at Panoramacity.
  • Queso is the best food on the planet. If you don't think queso is a food type, you're sadly mistaken.


How Many Hot Dogs Could You Eat at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest?

10? Depends on how long the contests lasts, I guess. If I was hungry enough I could definitely get to double digits, especially if I'm allowed to cheat by washing it all down by gulping outrageous amounts of water like they do at the Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Will You Be at the Area 51 Raid?

No. I believe in aliens and all, but I don't feel the need to have to encounter them in person.

What is in Your Fridge Right Now?

Milk, eggs, some hot sauce, a stick of butter and a water filter. My fridge is shameful in its simplicity.

Would Gordon Ramsey Approve of Your Cooking?

Absolutely not. Unless he has an affinity for basic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I'm a legitimately terrible chef.

Is Cereal Soup? Why or Why Not?

No. Soup is trash. Cereal is good. Simple as that.

What Secret Conspiracy Would You like to Start?

Apparently there's a conspiracy theory out there that says the real Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966 and that the Paul McCartney we know today is a fake. I didn't make it up, but let's go with it.

How Do You Feel About Putting Pineapple on Pizza?

I'm in favor of pineapple on pizza. People can eat whatever they want. You want ketchup on your mac and cheese? Go for it.

Screenshot of Why the Raptors are a Legitimate Championship Sleeper Blog

Favorite Blogs:

In September of 2018 I made the case that the Toronto Raptors would win the 2019 NBA championship. Considering the Raps did, indeed, go on to win said title, I feel the need to point this out whenever the opportunity arises. I felt that the addition of Kawhi Leonard was enough to put the Raptors over the top, and that the Golden State Warriors would see their dynasty come to a close. Congrats if you took my advice, considering they were listed at +1600 to win it all at the time.

I have also enjoyed writing numerous articles about Donald Trump. Regardless of what you may think of him, his presidency has presented ample interesting betting props and writing opportunities. One of my favorite articles to write discussed whether Trump would reveal whether aliens exist.

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