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Pavo Jurkic

My name is Pavo Jurkic and I'm a freelance esports author at Panoramacity. I've been a part of the esports betting industry for half a decade, watching its rapid development and expansion that won't be stopping anytime soon. As far as esports betting experience goes, I guess I'm like the main boss you have to beat to finish the game.

My freelance writing experience is almost entirely based on esports. I did have a few gigs in the tech sphere, mostly related to UAVs. However, as soon as I got the opportunity to start working in the esports betting industry, my passion for drones disappeared into thin air.

Fast forward to August 23rd, 2018, I got in touch with Panoramacity, did a few test articles, and got hired as an esports betting author. That's how my Panoramacity story starts. . . A full year has gone by and I have to admit it I love my life here.

As far as my workload goes, I'm not tied to a specific type of article. I'm doing a little bit of everything - blogs, picks, news. Whenever there's something urgent on the to-do list, I'm the man to call!

Even though I got hired to fill the esports writer position, I expanded my coverage to soccer. After all, I'm from Croatia. We breathe soccer here. . .

How did I become an esports betting author? Well, I guess it all started way back when I couldn't even talk straight. Growing up in post-war Croatia with both parents working hard to put food on the table, video games practically raised me. My good old SNES, to be precise. I spent hours on end in front of my good old CRT TV, beating countless bosses and enjoying every second of it. Good Lord, life was so carefree back then. . .

Fast-forward to high school; I was already following several esports scenes in the making. The betting aspect and the esports industry itself weren't anywhere near their current exposure. They were making their first steps into the mainstream, and I felt like one of the chosen few that gets to understand the true beauty of professional gaming.

Shortly after the end of my freshman year, I got my first esports betting gig. That's where all the craze began. I couldn't believe I was getting paid to watch esports matches and analyze teams' performances. It seemed so crazy at the time.

In 2018, the year I started working for Panoramacity, esports betting industry was already a well-established behemoth. With a massive wave of up and coming esports titles on the horizon, the betting aspect was going through a renaissance. 2019 seems to be bringing more of the same. Even though most "new" esports titles' bubbles already popped, the holy trio (LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO) is going strong and I'm here to bring you guys up to speed on all of their notable events and betting opportunities.

More About Pavo Jurkic

Fun Facts:

  • Self-proclaimed esports betting expert
  • Soon-to-be married with children
  • Representing Croatia
  • Lost a ton of money on women's soccer in 2015
  • Won even more money on CS:GO in 2018


Favorite TV Series?

As the second fun fact implies, my favorite series is Married with Children. It's the perfect reflection on the way I currently live my life. With one exception, though - Al Bundy works in a shoe store while I work for the best company in the world.

Favorite Video Game?

I'm a big sucker for indie games. Just recently, I found a proper gem called Dead Cells. It's a Metroidvania Roguelite kind of game with a permadeath system and outright gorgeous pixel graphics. If you love a challenge and easy to learn but hard to master game mechanics, give Dead Cells a try!

Favorite Thing to Bet On?

Pretty much the only thing I bet on these days is CS:GO. CS:GO specials, to be more precise.

Will You Be at the Area 51 Raid?

If I manage to polish my Naruto running skills by mid-September, sure, why not?

What Is in Your Fridge Right Now?

I gained 30 pounds in the last two years, which is in direct correlation with the amount of Coca Cola I got stashed in the fridge.

Would Gordon Ramsey Approve of Your Cooking?

Heck yeah, he would! My pasta carbonara and Bolognese making skills are unheard of in this part of the Balkans. My cleanliness, on the other hand, leaves much to be desired. Let's just say Gordon would need a bunch of swear words to describe it.

How Do You Feel About Putting Pineapple on Pizza?

If you're a homeless dog who hasn't eaten in two weeks, pineapple pizza is going to taste like heaven itself. If you're a human, throw that abomination away and order a capricciosa! Don't embarrass yourself!

Screenshot of Can FaZe Clan Go All the Way and Win IEM Katowice Major 2019? Blog

Favorite Blog:

My favorite article that I've written up to this point would have to be "Can FaZe Clan Go All the Way and Win IEM Katowice Major 2019?" back in February of 2019. For those of you who don't know, I'm a big fan of FaZe Clan. Needless to say, writing about their pros and cons ahead of such a gigantic event was the perfect opportunity to show off my vast FaZe Clan knowledge.

My favorite blogs are all related to CS:GO. Mainly, I'm talking about event previews and stage predictions. That's the sort of articles I love working on since they heavily revolve on watching the actual games and crawling through heaps of stats to find the stuff that can make a difference to bettors. This process is extremely time-consuming, I know, but the masochist inside me just can't get enough of it.

Timeline Header Image

Stayin' alive since nineteen ninety five


Won a PES 6 event in my hometown


Started working in the esports betting industry


Had a son shortly after graduation


Had a second son shortly after starting my Panoramacity career


Got my first console


Fell in love with LoL and CS:GO esports


Became a Business Management Bachelor


Started working for Panoramacity


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