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Michael Stevens

I've been an author for Panoramacity since early 2016, with a concentration on gambling. My expertise on all things casino and sports betting hail from my humble beginnings in my home state of New Jersey. I first got into writing during my college years at Rutgers. While I started as an Accounting major, I switched to Journalism during my sophomore year, and it was only a matter of time before my betting interests and writing skills converged.

While I currently reside in middle-of-nowhere California, I'm quite glad to be within a closer vicinity to the entertainment and gambling mecca of the country-Las Vegas. I currently live with my wife, our dog, and two cats that we rescued. Most days, you can probably find me slumped at my IKEA desk with a cup of coffee, or planning my next trip to the Sin City.

Currently, my favorite topics to write about for the site include football betting, casino sites, and casino games like:

Once in a while, I do like to write about video games and esports. I guess you can say that my interests cover a pretty wide range, and I like to wear many different hats.

I'm pretty eager to share a lot of my gambling experiences with those who love it as much as I do. Sometimes, I'll share a thing or two about cryptocurrencies and how they fit into the gambling world. The Accounting major in me hasn't entirely left!

As someone who has been writing professionally since 2011, I do think that my writing is informative and delivers a lot of helpful information for other online gamblers. My writing style will vary depending on what I'm writing that day, but it always comes from a place of passion and enthusiasm for both gambling and sports betting.

Apart from writing, I am also very passionate about traveling. Some of my favorite places I've visited include Big Sur in California, Montreal in Canada, and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. And while it's not the most popular, I still consider Atlantic City a piece of home and recommend everyone to go at least once.

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Fun Facts:

  • My wife and I have recently rescued a Red Heeler named Bowie.
  • Coffee is my lifeblood and I'm not a fully-functioning human without it.
  • One of my life goals is to visit all of the football stadiums in the country.
  • The Office is my all-time favorite show.
  • After living on both sides of the country, I would say that the west coast actually is the "best coast." Sorry, New Jersey.


Favorite Thing to Gamble/Bet On?

I love betting on the NFL. If I'm at a casino, it's hard to resist a good game of Texas hold'em.

Will You Be at the Area 51 Raid?

I've already RSVP'd, so it would be rude not to show up...

Would Gordon Ramsey Approve of Your Cooking?

Let's put it this way: He would call me an "idiot sandwich."

Is Cereal Soup? Why or Why Not?

Obviously. Cereal is a type of "chilled summer soup," with main ingredients being sugar and sugar.

If Life Were a Video Game, What Would Some of the Cheat Codes Be?

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start. And never chase your losses.

Screenshot of 7 Sad Realities of Blackjack Blog

Favorite Blogs:

7 Sad Realities of Blackjack

Blackjack used to be one of my favorite casino games as a young gambler and it was fun to revisit it for this article. It felt like a harsh expose on a game I once loved. Not to mention, I had the chance to drop some serious knowledge and a few opinions I've had on blackjack for a while now.

Low-Risk, High-Reward Gambling

Isn't that what everyone wants? In this article, I draw the parallel between gambling and business as an experienced gambler myself. Learn how to make smart choices while you're either betting on sports or at the casino.

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