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Kevin Oldroyd is an international gambling news and sports author for Panoramacity. While studying in college, he got his roots in professional writing while working for the ARVC as a marketing specialist. Eventually, he was offered a role as a content creator for a significant affiliate marketing company in Budapest, Hungary. Here, he shifted his focus to the gambling industry and began writing pieces on gambling news and sports betting predictions. Today, he has thousands of articles published, most of which focus on internet gambling.

Having lived in several different countries, including France, Croatia, and Hungary, Kevin enjoys writing about updates to international gambling laws. He's also a hardcore mixed martial arts fan and enjoys offering expert betting predictions for fight cards taking place in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Kevin has an informative, upbeat style of writing that helps readers understand changes to gambling laws in the easiest way possible. He focuses on finding information that major media outlets ignore so that readers always know what's happening in the gaming industry. As someone who's worked in the marketing industry for years, he's also interested in offering the best gambling deals and betting tips for fans of both casino and sports gambling.

As a resident of Northern California, Kevin loves spending time exploring and hiking through the mountains. When he's not spending time outside, you can probably find him reading up on the latest MMA news and watching big fights. He's also known to play a few hands of blackjack from time to time inside the many tribal casinos spread around California.

Kevin also takes any opportunity he can to travel. When he has the time, he'll jump on a plane to visit (and perhaps write about) different cities around the world.

His goal is to continue working as a content creator with a focus on the gambling industry. Online gambling is growing more popular around the world. Many countries are beginning to embrace the gaming industry, including the United States, where sports betting is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Make sure to check out some of Kevin's articles today. If you're interested in changes to gambling laws in your state or country, he'll probably have information on it.

More About Kevin Oldroyd

Fun Facts:

  • I spent three months backpacking through Asia by myself.
  • I lived in Europe for three years, most of which was spent in Budapest, Hungary writing for
  • In my early days of freelance writing work, I wrote on just about everything you can imagine including stock predictions, dating advice, and obscure travel recommendations.
  • I got so sick in Vietnam that I almost died.
  • I've seen every Marvel movie... A few times.
  • I (unsuccessfully) attempted to start a business exporting craft beer to China.


Favorite Movie?

Braveheart has always been my top movie pick.

Honorable Mentions: Avengers: Endgame, The Count of Monte Cristo, Midnight in Paris.

Favorite Thing to Bet On?

If I'm going to gamble, I tend to stick with blackjack and betting on MMA.

How Many Hotdogs Could You Eat in a Contest?

If I was really, really hungry I think I could post some solid numbers. I'll say six before the ol' stomach gives out.

What Secret Conspiracy Would You Like to Start?

I think starting a conspiracy that the government hides the hidden health benefits of eating lawn grass would be funny. How many people might actually start eating their lawn...

How Fast Can You Throw a Baseball?

As a successful little league pitcher in 3rd grade with absolutely no practice since then, I'd say faster than a bolt of lightning.

Screenshot of Top 3 Strangest Bets Available in 2019 Blog

Favorite Blogs:

Strangest Bets Available in 2019

This was a fun one to write about because it was so different than traditional sports betting blogs. Finding odds on which company to charter the first humans to Mars was a surprise to me and made me curious what other things there are betting odds for.

Best Sites to Bet on Golf in the UK for 2019

The UK has one of the biggest golf fan bases in the world. It was fun to talk about some of the different PGA betting sites available in this country. I also enjoyed the SEO aspect of the article.

Best 3 Brexit Bets to Make in 2019

Brexit is a huge topic right now and has major geopolitical implications for the rest of the world. It was fun to talk a little bit about how this historic event could play out, and what betting odds are available on it.

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Content Creator at GoCampingAmerica for ARVC

2013 - 2014

SEO Strategist and Content Creator for

2017 - 2019

Studied Journalism at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo

2011 - 2015

Lead SEO Strategist and Writer for

2015 - 2017

Author for Panoramacity

2018 - Present

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