James Sullivan

James is a veteran of the online gambling industry. He goes all the way back to the days when the online sportsbooks and casinos started in the Caribbean in the late 1990s, but his history with gambling goes even deeper than that. James spent most of the 1990s traveling to casinos around the U.S. and Europe making a living trying to beat casinos. Along the way, he has developed a keen sense of what works and doesn’t, especially when it comes to how a casino should treat a player.

Aside from his love affair with casino games and sports betting, James is also an avid fisherman – he claims the time spent alone in his tiny boat gave him time to decompress after extended runs at the craps table, although these days he plays online more than in land-based casinos.

James does a lot of writing about the online gambling world and combines his vast knowledge of the operators, suppliers, and history of the business with his own sarcastic tone to give readers a very honest take on the industry. Not known to pull any punches, when you read something James has written, you know it is coming straight from the mind of a gambler.





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